Mahindra Powerol Square wave Inverter Models Available in Market

Mahindra has two models in their square wave inverter series; each model is available in different VA ranges.

Mahindra Powerol square wave Home UPS/inverter Models

1. Eco series

2. Intelli series

‘Eco Series’ square wave inverter

eco series - mahindra powerol

This is the famous model of Mahindra inverter series, you may have noticed this model in many advertisements. This model is available in 6 different VA range

1. 250 VA

2. 400 VA

3.600 VA

4. 800 VA

5. 1000 VA

6. 1500 VA

250 VA inverter – Affordable Inverter for Poor People

In most shops, the 250 VA and 400 VA are not available because people are more interested in inverter models above 400 VA, but the fact is 250 VA inverter with 65 AH Exide Invertor plus semi tubular battery is good enough for powering up one ceiling fan +  one CFL + One Tube light. The total cost of 250va inverter + 65 ah exide Battery will be around Rs 6200/- (excluding installation charge) which is affordable for lower middle class people. The backup time would be 2.5 to 3 hrs for full load and 4+ hours for single fan.


‘Intelli’ series square wave inverter

mahindra powerol intelli

Intelli series inverter is available in three different VA ranges.

1. 600 VA

2. 800 VA

3. 1500 VA

This model has a unique feature to sense the remaining backup time, the front panel LCD display shows you the remaining hours by sensing the battery voltage. Mahindra claims that they were the first company to introduce this feature in Home inverters.

Mahindra also claims that their inverters charge the battery two times faster than other brands, but they have not revealed the charging amps of their inverters, so there is no proof for their claim.

For Pure Sine wave model, please check this out

Mahindra Powerol Pure Sine Wave Inverter Models Available in Market

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