Mahindra Powerol Pure Sine Wave Inverter Models Available in Market

Mahindra powerol has named their Pure sine wave inverter series as ‘HI SPEED’.

‘Hi SPEED’ Pure sine wave inverter/Home UPS model is available in 6 variants, ranging from 600 VA to 5KVA to fulfill the market demand.

Mahindra powerol Pure sine wave inverter model

#Mahindra Powerol ‘HI SPEED’ – (For Home and small store use)

1. 600 va

2. 800 va

3. 1400 va

mahindra pure sine wave inverter

Above three variants are best suitable for normal home use.

The 600va inverter is safe for computers, tube lights, Fans and CFL’s. Not compatible with Kitchen mixers.

Both 600 and 800 Va inverters operate with single battery. The 1400 va inverter needs two batteries to operate.

With 800 Va inverter, kitchen mixers and ½ hp water motors can be operated flawlessly. Some high power mixers like 600 watts are not compatible with 800 VA inverters.

1400 VA inverter is little bit costly, but best suitable for 3 bedroom homes. With this inverter, some refrigerators can be operated safely, but heavy loads will reduce the back up time drastically.

LCD and LED Tv’s can be operated safely with all variants.

#Mahindra Powerol ‘HI SPEED’ High power (For Commercial & Homes with A/C)

1. 2.5kVA

2. 3.5kVA

3. 5kVA

powerol high power - pure sine wave

These high power series inverters are designed to for running power hungry gadgets like A/C and geysers in Home.

This high power series are suitable for commercial usage likesmall hospitals, restaurants, Browsing centers, Xerox centers etc,

The other models like “Eco series” and “intelli” are square wave inverter models, be sure in buying pure inverter models.

Pure sine wave inverter is the best available inverter for running any type of sensitive loads LCD, LED TV’s, Laptops, Computers, Small motors and A/C’s.

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