SF and ST are second grade batteries from Exide?


Dear Sir,

I found the solutions you have been providing very useful and informative. Please continue the good job.
I stay in Bangalore and have a Crompton Greaves 800VA sine wave inverter and a SF 100 AH battery. Off late, the backup time has reduced to less than 2 hours and the SF guys have asked me to change the battery to a SF Sonic 135AH and quoted RS.8200 as the price after exchanging my current battery.
I have the following questions:

1) Is there any restriction in using only a SF battery with CG inverter?
2) Can you recommend the correct battery as a replacement? Reading through your answers above, SF does not appear to be really good.
3) If SF is still the best option, is the price quoted by the dealer reasonable.

-Lakshmi narasimhan


Dear Lakshmi narasimhan,
As i already said, SF and ST are second grade batteries manufactured by Exide under different name. If you want real good battery with long life, better go for Exide Invertor Plus 135 AH.

It would cost Rs.9000 to 9500/- (Price of Single Battery- NO exchange needed). It has 2 years replacement warranty.

You can get Rs1800 to 2000/- for your old battery.

Your dealers quote is absolute cheating.

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