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I live in chennai and need to replace my inverter battery 150AH, which lasted for 4 years. The existing battery make is Amaron, Highway 150AH Automobile battery.
The inverter is of a local make (made in Pondicherry) and is 850VA square wave. So far I have not faced any issues till date with the inverter for the past four years.
The power cut in Chennai is not more than two hours nowadays and I would like to go for a good make budget battery. The load is 2 fans, 3 tube lights (36W) with occasional use of two 14W CFL’s in the bathrooms.

Please suggest a good battery in a budget price with a price range and genuine dealers in Adyar, Thiruvanmiyur area.


Dear Venkat,

If you find your existing battery make and model more compatible with your inverter, then go for the same. If you want to try some other brand, then we would recommend ‘Exide invertor plus 150 AH’ battery for you. It would last  long for comfortably 4 years in low power cut areas  like chennai city.

The battery model”FEI0-IN1500PLUS” could cost Rs.11000 to 11500/- at any exide dealers store in chennai. You can discount up to Rs.2000 for exchanging your old battery.


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