How to Install Solar Panels & Inverter for Home-Step by Step Guide

Question: I suffer more than 12 hours power cut per day, Normal inverters could not get full charge with this severe power cuts,

I want to go for Solar inverter,

My load preference is 3 Fans, 3 CFL’s and 1 LCD Tv during Day time.

Could you guide me on installing a Solar inverter set up at affordable cost?

My budget is 40k

Answer: I Appreciate your interest on solar green energy. Hopefully it will be the future of power back up industry.

For Your Limited budget of 40K, i could suggest you best possible and cost effective configuration.

I am 100% sure that SOLAR inverter is the only solution for growing power cut problems.

ups sebz850 batteries


Solar Inverter Setup

We recommend you to install

1) 500 watts solar panels (Poly crystalline PV Modules)

2)Luminous 1.5 KVA sine wave (double battery) inverter

3) Two 100 ah Exide Invertor Plus Batteries and

4) 24v, 40amps PWM Solar Charge controller


Solar Cost Estimation

500 WATTS Polycrystalline solar panels –> 2 x 250 watts panels

Based on Price of Rs.45/watts

500watts panels -Rs.45 x 500watts = Rs.22500/-

PWM Solar charge controller (24v, 30 amp)   = Rs.2000/-

Microtek 1.5 KVA SEBz1500va sine wave inverter = Rs.7000/-

Two 100 ah Exide Invertor Plus batteries = Rs.16,000/- (cost of 2 batteries)

Wires and installation of panels               = Rs.5000/-

Total Cost – Rs.53,000/- (approx)


Government Subsidy on Solar inverter & panels Set up

Note: As i already said, it is possible to get government subsidy up to 25 % of the total cost, so you could get up to maximum Rs.13,000 as subsidy for this configurtion, so that the final cost would come down to Rs.40000/-

Remember that, for subsidy you need to wait up to 6 months after installation, so the total amount you need to invest initially is approximately Rs.53,000/-

solar panels

How to Buy Solar Panels?

For this setup, we need 2 Nos of 250 watts (24v) panels

2 x 250 watts panel = 500 watts

Solar panels are widely available in cities and towns nowadays,
Price is based on Rs./watt

Types of Solar Panels available in market

There are two types of solar cells available in market,

Mono crystalline solar panels and Poly crystalline solar panels

Mono crystalline is expensive and little more efficient than poly crystalline.

Poly crystalline solar panels are affordable, widely available and best seller in market.

So, we recommend Poly crystalline solar panels.


At present Poly crystalline panels are available for Rs.45 to 50 per watt, which means a 100 watts 12v panel would cost Rs.4500 to Rs.5000/- (including all taxes and transport)

Bargain and get the best price deal.

When buying solar panels, ask for MNRE approval, so that you can claim 25 % subsidy from government (it would take 6 months time to get the money from govenment)

How To Use Solar Inverter

Here we are going to use normal sine wave inverter for our setup,

Few Branded solar hybrid inverters are also available in market, they have inbuilt solar charge controller, but they are too expensive and most solar technicians follow this method of using normal sine wave inverter with solar charge controller.

What is Solar Charge Controller?

solar max charge controller

The current we get from solar panels will not remain constant throughout the day, so many ups and downs will be there, so that we can not connect solar photo voltaic modules directly to charge our battery, it will spoil our battery over time.

So, we need a device called solar charge controller to control the current we receive from solar panels, the charge controller has inbuilt PWM (pulse width modulation) charger to charge the lead acid battery in three stages, which ensures long life for battery.

In this 500 watts solar setup, we will get 400 watts current for sure from solar panels in day time

which means 8 am to 5 pm

We can use the free current from PV modules during this day time by manually switching off the Input to Inverter (power supply from grid), so that the inverter battery will be charged with available solar power.

While the battery is getting charge from solar panels, concurrently we can use the battery power to power up our home.

So, with solar power, the battery will be get charge and on the other side the battery will deliver current to inverter for powering up our gadgets, this happens simultaneously.


As we have only 500 watts solar panel setup, we should not use more than 400 watts power from inverter during day time.

Lets see how many Fans, lights and TV can we use with this 400 watts power during day time.

3 fans – 240 watts

One 32 inch LCD – 80 watts

Total – 320 watts

(As we don’t use lights during day time, i exclude it from this list.)

So, we use 320 watts power during day time, then what happens to the excess 80 watts of current generated by solar panels?

The excess 80 watts will go directly in to your battery storage, not only that 80 watts, if you switch off the LVD TV for 5 hours in day time, that 80 watts used by LCD also goes to battery storage directly.

So, you can use the excess current during night time, as you have heavy power cut even at night time, we should limit our power usage to 300 watts/hr during day time, the excess 100 watts/hr will be stored in the battery. we can use it later during nightime.


power socket

In this whole setup, one thing you should remember is

Point No.1 –> Manually switch off the Grid power supply to inverter every morning 7 or 8 AM (according to the availability of sun light)

Point No.2 –> Manually switch on the Grid power supply to inverter on evening time, when sunlight goes off.


This is very simple process.

Now,13 or 14 hour power cuts could not interrupt your daily life. You could also save money on your electricity bills.

Using the above method, users can convert their existing normal inverter to solar inverter and beat the power cuts.

This Diagram would help you understand the whole setup!

Post Your questions regarding this setup, i will answer you within 24 hrs .




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