How to Buy Solar charge controllers for Converting home Inverters

There are so many ways to install solar panels for our home use, but the most preferred method is ‘Converting our existing home inverter into solar inverter by adding solar panels and charge controller to it’

Before converting your inverter, consider some points listed below for trouble free performance of whole setup.

We recommend our visitors to read our previous article

How to install solar panels for Home‘ before reading this. Some readers asked about availability of automatic switching between grid power and solar power in Charge controllers. This article will clear their doubts about converting existing inverter into solar.

Buy solar charge controllers with auto switch over function

Normally solar technicians use ‘Solar charge controllers without automatic switching between mains power and solar power for charging the battery. You need to manually switch off the power supply from grid to your inverter during day time, so that your battery will be charged with current generated by solar panels.

If you forget to switch-off the grid power supply to inverter during day time, your battery will be charged by two different sources concurrently, though some batteries are capable of accepting this double charge, we would not recommend that. It would reduce your battery life if you have solar panel setup of 250 watts or above.

Some home inverters may trip frequently, if this kind of double charge happens.

Solar charge controllers with auto switching function is available in the market, ask your dealer to install such kind of solar charge controller.

Those solar charge controllers automatically cut-off the grid power supply when power from solar panels is available. It automatically switches back to grid power supply to charge the battery during the absence of current from solar panels.

This is the best suitable way to convert your existing home inverter into solar inverter.

This can be used with pure sine wave of square wave inverters.

Solar charge controllers – Buy online

For those who want to try this on their own, we recommend for purchasing your solar charge controllers for your project.

As I already said, both automatic and non-automatic charge controllers are out there in the market, choose only solar charge controllers designed for converting normal home inverters in to solar inverter.

Charge controllers are available in different variant, select the right voltage and ampere according to your battery bank and solar panels.

Post your questions in comments section, let us discuss about this in detail.

Normal solar charge controller picture – Needs manual switch-off

charge controller close

Automatic Solar charge controller – for converting existing home inverters – No need to switch off grid power manually

charge controller


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