How to buy solar panels online

Many of our visitors are technically qualified persons or persons interested in “Do it yourself” type of solar projects.

So, if you don’t want to hire a technician or if you want to install your simple solar panel setup for your home by yourself, it is better to buy solar panels online.

Solar panels are available at different price range; quality of panels also differs according to the price.

Best online shopping site to buy solar panels

In my experience, I would recommend Ebay india site to buy affordable solar panels with better quality.

But, most solar panels sold in are manufactured by Chinese companies,

No need to panic, Chinese solar panel manufacturers are the leading companies in solar panels sector worldwide.

All you need is to confirm the quality of the solar panels before purchase, ask the seller about the quality and make before placing your order in

Microtek solar panels

Most sellers offer long term warranty for their panels, but I am sure those ads are just a marketing tactic. Let as assume you are from Andhra and you are buying a panel from Delhi seller through Ebay, and he is offering 10 years warranty on panels (Chinese make),

How could you claim your warranty in case you face a problem in the middle of the warranty period? You could not find the seller after one or two years and the obviously the panels is also a Chinese make,

So don’t expect long warranty on solar panels when you purchase solar panels of unknown brand through online purchase, it is just a use and throw product. But still we recommend this kind of panels for people who want to install solar panels at low cost. These panels are available from Rs.40 per watt

If you want long term warranty, just go for branded solar panels like Tata solar, Moser baer , Sukam, Luminous etc. These panels are little expensive than Chinese panels but you will get 10 to 15 years warranty for sure.

Branded panels and Panels with MNRE approval are also available at

You have to search for it properly with patience,

How to Buy

First you need to register with eBay, make sure you submit correct Name, Postal address and phone number during registration.

Then search eBay with the keyword “solar panels”

Select the search option “Price + shipping lowest first”

Slowly read one by one and select a right panel with right voltage that suits your requirement

Both 12 volt and 24 volt panels are available; you need to pick the right one the suits your requirement.

Choose 12v panels, if you want to add solar panels to your existing single battery inverter.

Choose 24 v panels, if you have double battery inverter.

Check the feedbacks received by the seller, if you find so many negative feedbacks, better you avoid that seller.

Choose the best seller who offers best price and quality; make payment through net banking, debit card or credit card. Don’t worry it is very safe, I have tried it so many times and I recommend it.

Cash on Delivery – COD

If you are from the same city of the seller, just choose cash on delivery option, you no need to pay online, just place your order with correct address, the product will be delivered at your doorstep.

You check the product and pay!

COD is Very useful option for buyers from cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.

online solar panels

What if I receive solar panels in broken condition?

The chances are minimal, courier companies will handle this stuff with great care like LCD and LED TV’s, so no need to panic.

In case you find any damage in received product, just make a photograph of it and go to and submit your claim describing the problem in detail,

I am sure you will get full refund to your bank account with in 10 to 15 days.

I find no other online shopping site with such fair e-guarantee policy; I recommend for buying solar panels, charge controllers and other accessories for solar panel installation in your home.


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