Exide Mega Inva Official Price List – Aug 2013

Exide “Mega Inva” model battery is non-tubular deep cycle battery specially designed for inverter applications.

Available in 3 variants

Exide Mega Inva is available in 3 different AH ranges to suit the customer requirement.




Note: The 150 AH model in Mega Inva seems to be discontinued in few months, however an improved version of Mega Inva 150ah is introduced in the market with the name “Exide Inva Smart 150 ah”, so no worries folks.

Exide Mega Inva

3 Years Full replacement warranty

This is the catchy thing about Exide Mega Inva battery,

Yes, it has 3 years full replacement warranty, only Exide is offering 3 years warranty for a non-tubular Lead acid battery, you could not find such a long replacement warranty for a non-tubular battery in any other brand.

The battery has 3 year full warranty and the life expectancy is 4 years+ under proper maintenance.

If you face power cuts only during summers, the battery will last long for one more year than expected.

Exide Mega Inva is best alternative for tubular batteries; it is built with very thick positive plate which could not be damaged easily with corrosion. That’s the secret of its long warranty.

Price after discount

Exide announces Price hike for Exide Mega inva and all other models. You could find the official prices from Exide at the bottom of this post. Here we give you the guideline price for Exide Mega Inva and Inva Smart batteries after discount.

Every battery dealer will give you some discount from the official price list from Exide, and the discount would be 10 to 15% approximately.

So, Do not buy for the same price listed in official price list published here, ask for discount to your dealer and get the best deal.

Our guideline Price after discount

Exide Mega Inva 88ah –Rs.8400/-

Exide Mega Inva 100ah –Rs.9200/-

Exide Inva Smart 88ah –Rs.8400/-

Exide Inva Smart 100ah – Rs.9200/-

Exide Inva smart 150 ah –Rs.12800/-

Don’t get confused with Exide Inva Smart Model; it’s a new improved version of Mega Inva model, don’t worry price tag and warranty of Mega Inva and Inva smart are exactly same.

Exide Inva smart

Exide Official Price List for Mega Inva and Inva smart –Updated Aug 2013

Model AH Rating warranty Official Price
Exide Mega Inva
88 ah 3 years full replacement Rs.9,826
Exide Mega Inva
100 ah 3 years Full Rs.10,728
Exide Inva Smart
150 ah 3 Years Full Rs.15,082


Note: Battery dealers will offer 10 to 15% discount from official price, beware and ask for discount and get the best deal.

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