Exide Inverter battery Online Price list for Maharashtra – Price hike announced!

Exide has released its price list for online purchase of battery from their website exidereachout.com, significant amount of price hike noticed in all models; anyways normal store prices are 10% lower than online prices announced by Exide.

Online Battery prices for Maharashtra are bit higher than other states of India.

These are price guideline from exide, so if you are going to purchase a battery from your nearby dealer, then the price would be 10% less than the Online price list given below, make sure you that your dealer is offering you the best price.

For the First time, Exide has announced the Old Battery Exchange (Resale) value for all its battery models. So, refer the rebate price for old dead batteries and ask for best exchange price from your dealer. NO MORE CHEATING!

NOTE: Normal store Prices are 10% less than the online prices. Bargain and get the best deal!

Exide Inverter Battery Models available for online purchase

mega invaexide invertor plusexide little champ


  • Exide Mega
  • Exide Invertor Plus
  • Exide Little Champ


Model Price Old battery Rebate price Battery Name AH Rating Free Of Cost Warranty -Months
FLC0-LC150(IN) 8,831.00 INR -2,150.00 INR Little Champ 150 AH 12
FCP0-CP150(IN) 10,067.00 INR -2,150.00 INR Champion 150 AH 18
FEI0-IN2000PLUS 17,808.00 INR -2,645.00 INR Invertor Plus 200 AH 18
FEI0-IN1800PLUS 16,962.00 INR -2,475.00 INR Invertor Plus 180 AH 18
FEI0-IN1650PLUS 16,250.00 INR -2,355.00 INR Invertor Plus 165 AH 18
FEI0-IN1500PLUS 12,104.00 INR -2,150.00 INR Invertor Plus 150 AH 24
FEI0-IN1350PLUS 11,004.00 INR -1,970.00 INR Invertor Plus 135 AH 24
FEI0-IN1000PLUS 8,643.00 INR -1,500.00 INR Invertor Plus 100 AH 18
FEI0-IN880PLUS 6,944.00 INR -1,320.00 INR Invertor Plus 88 AH 18
FEI0-IN800PLUS 6,768.00 INR -1,250.00 INR Invertor Plus 80 AH 18
FEI0-IN650PLUS 5,843.00 INR -1,015.00 INR Invertor Plus 65 AH 18
FEI0-MEGA1500 13,486.00 INR -2,150.00 INR Mega Inva 150 AH 36
FEI0-MEGA880 8,787.00 INR -1,320.00 INR Mega Inva 88 AH 36
FEI0-MEGA1000 9,593.00 INR -1,500.00 INR Mega Inva 100 AH 36


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