Exide Inva Red 500 vs. Inva Tubular IT500 Tubular battery


For inverter application, tubular batteries are always recommended by Exide dealers. Exide has different ranges of tubular batteries for different applications.  Here we discuss about two famous models



Inva Tubular IT500 model (150ah tall) is the best seller in tall tubular batteries.

Many potential customers get confused when choosing the right model tubular battery for their inverters. They want to know the difference between Inva Red and Inva Tubular, almost 80 percent of dealers won’t give proper explanation to the customer’s questions, and they simply say ‘tubular batteries last long for 5 years’.

Now let us compare the difference between two tubular batteries INVA RED 500 and INVA TUBULAR IT500,

INVA RED 500 (Tubular Battery) INVA TUBULAR IT500
Deep cycle battery with 600 — 700 cycles

Life Expectancy – 3+ years

800 to 1000 cycles – (More Life expectancy than Inva red)

Life Expectancy – 5+ years

20% extra electrolyte to minimize water loss and better thermal management 30% extra electrolyte
Normal Flat type design Tower type Tall design
Overcharge may lead to battery damage Can withstand Overcharge
Normal Tubular Technology Ironclad® Tubular Technology
Battery weight 50 kg Battery weight 60kg