Exide Mega vs. Inverter Plus Batteries


One of our reader has asked us to compare Exide Inva tubular and Inva Red  with Exide Mega series battery.

Here we go,

  • Exide Inva Tubular and Inva Red are Tubular Models with life expectancy more than 4-5 years.
  • Exide Mega 1000, Mega880 and Mega 1500 are Semi tubular batteries for inverter application with 3 years full warranty. This Model is superior to ‘Exide inverter Plus’ Models available in market.
  • Exide Inverter Plus series has only 1 to 2 years Free Replacement warranty on certain models, But Exide mega series batteries has 3 years full replacement warranty.
  • Exide Mega series batteries should be compared to Exide Inverter Plus batteries only, they should not be compared with Tubular batteries like Inva red and Inva tubular.


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