Exide Inva Queen 500+ Battery – Review

inva queen 500 plus

Exide Inva Queen 500+Battery with 150 AH Rating is not a Tubular battery, But it is built with extra thick strong plates compared to normal flat plate batteries.

Additionally, the InvaQueen is stamped as “Maintenance Free” battery, which means No Distilled Water Toppings required for two years. This is a big advantage for busy people those who struggle to find time for regular battery maintenance.

Life expectancy

This queen has a life expectancy of three years; it may last long for few more years under proper use.

Warranty – 2 Years

Special Features

This battery has a specially designed electrolyte level indicator to facilitate easy maintenance.

Inva queen 500+ is specially designed for Inverters.

Battery Filled with Extra electrolyte to avoid frequent water toppings.

Polyethylene envelop separator technology is used between cells to protect it from internal short circuit. This ensures long life for the battery.

Thermal management technology ensures InvaQueen Battery to work even in high temperature conditions

Battery Looks beautiful with good light weight plastic housing.

Battery Back up Chart

load chart

S= Series connection

P= Parallel connection

4S X 2P IQ500+ = > A string containing 4 nos. IQ500+ batteries in series and 2 nos. such string in parallel.
IQ500+ stands for INVAQUEEN500+.


Exide Inva Queen 500 + battery are good for normal home use. It suits 600 to 850 VA Inverters. We recommend using it with pure sine wave inverters to avoid unnecessary damage to your costly LED’s and PC’s. Can expect 3 years life from this battery, for 5 plus years life expectancy, you better go for Exide Inva Tubular IT500 (150 AH) with 4 years warranty.


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