Exide Battery Price for Swift Desire (pet) and Swift Diesel Vdi

Exide car batteries are more reliable and people prefer Exide batteries for their expensive cars.

Here we come with Updated price list of Exide batteries for

Maruti Suzuki

Swift Desire (Petrol)

Swift Diesel –DSL

Swift Diesel vdi – DSL

Note: Normal Swift Petrol car model is equipped with 35 ah battery, do not confuse it with high end models. High end models have 65 ah batteries.

These car models are expensive and equipped with multiple electronic devices that needs enormous power, hence these cars comes with 65 ah powerful batteries to handle the entire load flawlessly.

Two battery models are available from Exide for these car models

Official Price List – Updated August 2013

Model AH Rating Price Old battery Rebate
FMA0-DIN65(LH) 65 Rs.10,821 -1,020.00 INR FMA0-DIN65(LH)
FEM0-DIN65(LH) 65 Rs.7,259 -1,020.00 INR FEM0-DIN65(LH)


Note: Battery dealers will offer 10 to 15% discount from official price list, ask your discount and get the best deal.

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