Difference between Exide IT500 and Exide ST500


What is the difference between Exide IT500 and Exide ST500?

The only difference dealer told me is warranty. IT500 is with 30 Months replacement warranty and ST500 is with 36+12 Months warranty and the price difference is around Rs 700 – 800. Please suggest if there is any other difference apart from warranty.

Also the dealer told me that ST550 and ST650 are not easily available and there will be issues in case I claim warranty because they are usually out of stock.

Fyi – The name he mentioned for IT500 was something “Exide Ceil IT500”

I am planning to have 2 battery with “Sukam shiny 1500”. I stay in Delhi and want to purchase this on urgent basis.

please suggest



exide st500




Dear Deep,

Exide is selling its batteries under three different brand names, Usually it’s a marketing strategy used by big companies to control the market.

“SF Sonic” and “SF Industrial” are other brand names used by Exide, But the batteries that carries the brand name Exide has more life expectancy and reliability.

Exide IT500 (INVA TUBULAR 500) 150ah battery is better than ST500 ( stanTubular500) 150 ah battery.

As far as Exide IT500 is concerned, it has 36 months full replacement warrantyand for next 12 months they will give some discount on new battery purchase.

(Exide Ceil Tubular CT500 is a different model, don’t confuse it with Exide Inva Tubular IT500)
(Exide CT500 would cost less than Exide IT500)

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