Buying UPS Inverter Battery – 5 things to consider

batteriesWhen you purchase UPS inverter for your House or small office needs, you would be purchasing two items separately, one is Inverter and another one is Battery. Choosing a right battery is equally important as choosing inverter. In other words, Battery is the heart of UPS system, if you attach a non-branded low cost battery with High-end branded inverter, then you might be risking your Branded inverters life.


1) Non-branded batteries may fail at any time even within the warranty period.

2) Non-branded batteries may give low or excessive voltage to inverters; it may burnout your ups system.

3) Equipped with low-quality battery plates.

4) Low-cost batteries won’t give long backup during power failure. The AH rating in the battery may be Fake.

High maintenance cost

5) These batteries need extreme care maintenance. Distilled water top-up should be done frequently, if you fail to top-up the battery with distilled water then immediately the battery’s back up time will reduce drastically.

How it identify Non-branded batteries?

Somebody ask me “what do you mean by Branded Batteries?”

They assume themselves that Branded battery means “EXIDE”.

Of course EXIDE is the largest battery selling company in India, at the same time we should not ignore the fact that there is more number of genuine battery manufacturing companies in the market. I will list out some of leading battery manufacturing companies in upcoming posts.

In general, Batteries with ISO certification are reliable. In addition, largest selling batteries like EXIDE are more reliable.


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