Advantages of Sine Wave Inverter – 8 Points to consider


I hope you know there are two major types of inverter.

1. Square wave or modified sine wave inverter

2. Pure Sine wave inverter.

In these two major types, Sine wave inverters are superior in quality and performance. It doesn’t mean square wave inverters are inferior, square wave or modified sine wave inverters have their own specialties. But the fact, all of us should accept is ‘sine wave inverters are better than square wave or modified sine wave inverters’.

In which way Pure Sine wave inverters outperform square wave?

1. Simple, the square wave inverters are built old technology whereas pure sine wave inverters built with State Of The Art Technology.

2. In Sine wave inverters, the fan or tube lights won’t make any humming noise.

3. Sine wave inverters gives the same current which you get from power grid whereas square wave inverters gives the current with different wave form that is not safe for motors, induction applications, sensitive electronic devices.

4. Output voltage from sine wave inverters is with in the 230 volts limit whereas square wave inverters output voltage may touch 290 volts.

5. Some branded stabilizers and compact computer UPS won’t accept the wave form of square wave inverters, in such case the TV stabilizers or computer UPS need to be bypassed or removed to continue using the TV or Computers with square wave inverter. You don’t need to face such a problem with pure sine wave inverters; they operate seamlessly with any type of stabilizers and compact computer UPS.

6. You don’t need to purchase a separate UPS for your desktop computer as Sine wave inverters take care of your pc like a dream.

7. Sine wave inverters gives extended power back up compared to modified sine wave of square wave inverters. It saves your current bill.

8. You can operate Mixie or Grinder safely with sine wave inverters. (850 VA inverters and above)


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