Sukam Vs. Luminous–From User Point of View



I am from andhra pradesh. I would like to buy an inverter. Load is

3 fans
3 tube lights
1 tv or 1 computer

I zeroed in on Sukam inverter 850 VA (Shiny series) or Luminous inverter 875 VA.

I have contacted the dealers. They have quoted the following prices:

Sukam 850VA(Shiny or falcon) + Sukam battery (100 AH) + installation —> 13,000 rupees

Luminous 875 VA + Luminous battery (100 AH) + installation –>
13,000 rupees.

Dealer has suggested luminous is better compared to sukam as it has
1. MCB technology i.e the fuse gets switch off during overload. While sukam has fuse which may burns out during overload

2. Luminous 120 AH battery is of tubular technology and it is more reliable. With luminous 120 AH battery he quoted the total price (inverter + battery + installation) as 14000 rupees.

Also service wise they are both same.

I have the following doubts:

1. Is sukam batteries are reliable. I found in internet they are not so reliable and doesnt have good battery life

Can you please suggest. I was very confused which ones to take. Can you please reply me soon. Its urgent for me. Thanks in advance.

Finally I thought of going to Exide invatubular IT 500 battery. But for inverter may i know which one to take.

Is it

1. Sukam 850VA(Shiny or falcon or smiley etc)

2. Luminous inverter 875 VA

or Is there any other inverter brand good compared to both of them.
Can you please suggest. I am totally confused

– Rohit


Dear Rohit,

Microtek, Sukam, Luminous, APC – all these companies make best inverters, but their batteries are not in standard to compete with Exide Inverter Batteries. So, as for now, choosing Exide IT500 or IT500i would be the best choice for you.

As I already said, all the four companies I have listed above are the best brands to choose. Microtek inverters are widely available and has good service network. Buy Pure sine wave inverters only.

Thank you.

  • Ajay

    Dear Rohit,

    You should go for UTL. I found it best in inverter range. You can view more detail on their website

  • Vijay

    Hi ,
    my self vijay from Vishakaptnam iam planning to buy inverter with battrey so can u pls advice me which one to buy i want to use 2 tube light 2 fans with refergator

    • admin

      Dear Vijay,
      Though a 850 VA Sine wave inverter could handle the load for 165 liters fridge, it could drastically reduce your battery back up time. So, avoid connecting refrigerator with 850 va inverter.

      A 850 VA Pure sine wave inverter with 135 ah battery will a sufficient for your load preference.

      we recommend

      Microtek sine wave UPS SEBz 850 va model – Rs.5000/-

      Exide Invertor plus semi tubular battery (2 years full warranty) – Rs.10,000 to 10,500/-

  • unnati

    dear admin.

    please help me to buy a good inverter. my home load is 3 cfl,2 fan, 1 computer, 1 cooler.

    • admin

      Dear Unnati,
      We recommend

      Sukam shiny 850 va Inverter + sukam 150 ah Tall tubular battery for your load preference.

      If you want to run all your load simultaneously, better you go for Exide 1450 va inverter (not ceil inverter) with two IT500 Exide Tall tubular batteries.

  • shaktimaan

    Right now I have a load of 8 CFLs, 3 fans, 1 TV, Mini-Desktop with LCD,
    Laptop, and different mobilechargers. Here in rural Karnataka Area we experience daily shortcuts of 8 hours.I like to have an inverter system
    which I can extend in the future by wind or solar energy.
    My question is:
    What is the advantage of a (Hybrid-) solar-inverter vs. a normal Inverter?
    thanks in advance for your good service

    • Admin

      Dear Shakthi,

      For 8 hours Power cut and your load preference, we would recommend

      1500 VA double battery Pure sine wave inverter with two 150 ah batteries.

      Exide Original 1450 va pure sine wave inverter – 7.5 k

      Two exide mega 150 ah batteries with three years full warranty and 4 years life expectancy

      You could use 100ah Exide mega batteries instead of 150 ah, if you have any budget constraint.


      For handling 8 hours power cut, the above setup is good enough, but we would recommend to install a hybrid solar inverter instead of normal sine wave inverter as it is capable of handling 15 hrs power cut per day.

      solar panels would be the additional gadget you need to purchase.

      Buying a solar hybrid inverter with inbuilt charge controller is better that converting a sine wave inverter into solar hybrid inverter.

      automatic switching between grid and solar charging is the most useful feature.

      We recommend 1400 VA genus solar hybrid inverter with 400 watts solar panels and two 150 ah solar tubular batteries for best performance.

  • Admin

    Dear Naveen,
    One should understand the context of our recommendation about selection of different brand inverter and battery

    Microtek inverters are one the best sellers and top quality product in the market, but microtek batteries are not the best sellers in the battery market.

    So, in such case, selecting Microtek inverter and Exide battery would be the wise decision.

    Exide won’t blame you for using Microtek inverter when you go for exide warranty claim.

  • Admin

    Dear Krishna,
    As your daily power cut duration is little longer than normal, we would like to recommend double battery pure sine wave inverter for better backup and quick battery recharge.

    Just go for 1500 VA Pure sinewave inverter with two 88 ah batteries, you could also choose two IT400 batteries, if you dont have any budget constraints.

  • Admin

    Dear Arjun,
    If you want to run this all gadgets simultaneously with your inverter during power shedding, we would recommend 3.5 KVA pure sinewave inverter

    If you plan to limit your usage by excluding your 1.5 HP pump from load preference, we would recommend 2.2 KVA inverter pure sine wave.

    A 2.2 KVA inverter will require minimum 3 Batteries to operate.

    Our recommendation

    Sukam Fusion series 2.2 KVA and 3.5 KVA pure sine wave inverter

  • Admin

    Dear Arjun,
    You cannot operate Microtek UPS SEBZ 1500VA inverter with one single 12v battery

    It’s a 24v system, which needs two batteries to operate.
    If you want to buy 1500 VA inverter with single battery system, you could choose Luminous Rapidcharge 1500 model square wave inverter.

    But it is not pure sinewave. 🙁

    But best suitable for normal use with tube light, fans and other non sensitive household electronic gadgets.
    About Battery charging system

    Not only APC, but also all other leading inverter brands in India uses latest battery charging technology to ensure better battery life.
    Sukam shiny 850 va
    Microtek UPS SEBz 850 va
    Luminous Eco volt 900 va
    Exide 850 VA

    All these models are best performers and most suitable with IT500.

    IT500i is not recommended

    Hope this helps!

    • Arjun

      Thanks for ur valuable suggestion Sir. First of all “Happy 68th Independence Day” to u & ur family. So far I hve decided to buy Microtek UPS SEBz 1000VA. So finally I want to ask will it be ok to use with Exide IT 550 or shoul I go for UPS 24×7 SW 900VA which looks after specific gravity of battery. Ip possible reply quickly sir. Coz I m planning to place an order to buy within few days. There are frequent power cuts going on in our area. I was just waiting ur reply only till now. One second thanks.

      • Admin

        Dear Arjun,
        Microtek UPS SEBz 1000VA + Exide IT550 (165ah) tall tubular is ok,

        Do share the price details and location after you complete your purchase, it will be useful to other users.

        Thank you

        • Arjun

          Sorry again I found Microtek UPS SEBZ 1100VA + 1 battery system in of the online shopping site. I think that one will be slightly having more out put wattage.

          • Admin

            Dear Arjun,
            Both Microtek SEBz 1000 VA and 1100 VA are new models, their long term durability and reliability is yet to be proved. 850 VA model SEBz is right there in the market for long period of time.

            You can choose any one of the three models listed above.

            If you plan to choose IT500 or IT550 Exide, then choosing an inverter above 1000 VA (12v) will not be overload to battery.

          • Arjun

            Ok Sir I understand. But 850VA will be providing quite low output and it won’t suffice my requirements. Bcoz I m planning to run 1 CRT Tv of 21″ during power shadding along with 2 or 3 nos CFL bulbs of 15 & 11W. Also I may run 1 or 2 fans (celling) sometimes. So finally I hve decided to buy UPS SEBz 900VA, the upgraded one to use with EXIDE IT550. What do U think Sir? Also I hve limited budget now. In future I’ll go for 1500VA categories.

          • Admin

            No Problem, go for it!

            UPS SEBz 1000VA is available at Amazon for Rs.5600 (cash on delivery)

  • Kapil Mungekar

    Hi, I have just installed a Pure Sine wave inverter which makes an irritating buzz/ humming noise. The technician told me that all sine wave inveters do make that noise. Can you please advise if that’s true.. And if so, can you please recommend the most silent sine wave inverter available in India (800-1000 VA)… Thanks in advance…

    • Admin

      False Information.

      All inverters are equipped with fan and transformer which makes some humming noise intermittently.

      If you feel the noise is unbearable, then you should complain to the manufacturer’s service center near your location. I most cases they will replace the faulty inverter.

  • Rajesh Kumar Singh

    Please suggest me about rooftop solar panels, which is the best among Su-Kam and Luminous in detail, efficiency versus price. Also suggest if any other brand as I have Su-Kam hybrid solar inverter 1100 va Brainy Eco

  • Arun V

    Can i buy zelio1700 with 1 battery of 150ah. Because zelio 1700 is 24volt 2 battery inverter.

    • Admin

      No, you cannot operate a 24 v inverter with single 12 v battery.