Sukam Solar Home UPS/Inverter – Pros and Cons

Solar energy is the only solution for rising power crisis in India. Installing normal inverters for power backup in Homes is becoming inevitable even for middle class families.

Many states in India are suffering more than 14 hours power cut per day. Normal inverters which charge the battery with power from grid actually gives back only 80 percent of energy it saves from grid power, the balance 20 % energy is wasted during conversion process. No inverters are 100 percent efficient.

In each end every home where normal inverter installed, the 20% energy is wasted during conversion process. The numbers would be very high if the calculation is carried throughout the country.

So, charging the battery with solar power is the only solution to stop this power loss and to generate green energy from sun light.

Sukam the leading power backup solution provider in India has wide range of Hybrid solar Inverter models for Industrial purpose. For Home use, Sukam has one successful solar inverter model called ‘Sukam Brainy’.

brainy solar inverter package


sukam solar

Sukam Brainy Inverter – Home inverter – Package

Capacity: 850 VA

Battery: 150 va sukam battery

Waveform: Pure sinewave

Charging option: Solar and Grid

Solar Panel: 80watts

Price: 30,000 Rs


Why they call ‘Hybrid Solar’ instead of ‘Solar’?

‘Sukam Brainy’ model inverter is hybrid solar inverter. It charges the battery with solar power and grid power as well, so it is named as Hybrid Solar inverter.

# Sukam Brainy inverter – Pros

Sukam Brainy inverter charges the battery with solar power as primary source and grid power as secondary source.

When the battery is fully charged, the inverter automatically switches to battery power even when the grid power is available. This facility is not available on other normal brands. So we can save some money on our electric bills by maximizing the usage of solar power.

If installed as additional inverter for home, solar power would be Very helpful during long and frequent power cuts where minimum required power for charging the battery is not available from grid.

Saves electricity bills even under zero power cut situation.

It generates power from solar; no noise no fumes, green energy!

# Cons

Charging is not possible when the inverter is in battery mode. Not useful during power cuts more than 12 hours. Useful under situations like 3 hours power cut per day.

This inverter uses the battery daily even under zero power cut situation, so the battery gets old in 2 to 3 years and needs replacement.

High cost- Total cost of the normal 850 VA solar inverter package costs around Rs.30, 000/- which is double priced compared to normal inverter package without solar option. The costs of solar panels are high and not affordable to middle class people.

  • Kalyan


    Sukam Brainy is a pure sine wave inverter and not a modified sine wave.

    Please correct the post.. but otherwise great article.

    • admin

      Dear kalyan, Thanks for your information.

      • Kartik Sachdeva

        hi admin
        i am a dealer and i am installing atleast 3-4 brainy every week in delhi. it is a highly reliable product and it is available in delhi market at a cost of 23-24k. the feedback is very good here mostly due to
        a. it saves the cost on charging the battery from grid
        b. battery is being charged by DC so the life increases by atleast 30 %,thats what company claims.
        c. once the battery is charged it will easily take up the load so the electricity is free for those loads.

        you will easily recover your investment in 1-2 years.
        for any solar installation in delhi please contact me at 9811897315.

        • Admin

          Dear Kartik,
          Thanks for your valuable comment in this thread.

          Hope our readers will call you for solar inverter installations.

  • Karthik

    how much time 80 watts solar panel takes to charge 150 ah battery ? [i suppose grid power takes 1.5 hrs to charge 20% so ~7.5 hrs for 100%]

    • admin

      Dear Karthik,
      It depends on weather condition. Approximately an eighty watts solar panel would take 2.25 hours to charge a 150ah battery to 20%.

  • Kishore Kotni

    Hello Admin, I”m planning to buy 850va interver and came across Sukam Briny Hybrid Solar Inverter. i’ve read ur review regarding it and i called the concern sales people, but they are suggesting three solar panels instead of the provided one solar panel which is 80watts. they say it needs 240watt panel to use optimum solar energy. i’m totally confused with these options. i was convinced with Microtec inverter with exit battery, but this solar inverter is bit motivating. Please help me…

    • admin

      Dear Kishore,
      What you heard from technicians is partially true, three 80 watts panels can give you optimum performance, but installing extra two panels is ‘optional’, you can install it anytime. If you are budget conscious, we recommend to go for it with one 80 watts panel initially, after watching the performance you can install more panels in future.

      We recommend solar hybrid inverters for our readers than any other conventional inverters. Solar hybrid inverters can be installed without solar panels, they perform in the same way as normal inverters, you can install solar panels later.

  • dr.raju

    is there any special battery for solar energy now i have a new exide 150ah battery can i use the battery for your solar panel and sukam home inverter

    • admin

      Dear Raju,
      Some companies are taking advantage of people’s growing interest on solar energy and trying to label their normal inverter batteries as specially designed batteries for solar power, it is just a marketing strategy! We recommend semitubular and tubular batteries for solar hybrid inverters.

      One Example

  • Ashish Joshi

    Hi Admin,

    I have Purchased I KW panels, but in search of good Solar Inverter, which after charging the battery completely, can supply the solar Energy Directly for Use,Does the SU-Kam Brainy has this Facility.
    Also is it avialble in 1KW option or more than that.
    Please Advise

    • Ashutosh

      If you have 1KW Panels & if you want to buy this inverter then use 12V 240VA panels with this inverter & use rest panels with solar charger(which is available in market) to charge battery directly.

  • murali

    Hi Admin,

    I read ur article it was super. Can u pls help me out
    in my village around 12hrs power cut there. I am planning to buy Sukam Brainy inverter. Could u pls give a proper quote for 8 hours backup

  • panch

    I want Sukam pannels to attach to my inverter . I am using su kam batteries N sukam Inverter . Then what would be cost of pannel per each watt . I am planning to install 250 watt pannel

    • admin

      Dear Panch,
      Normally dealers would charge Rs.55/watt for solar panels with some additions installation charges.

  • S. Mohanakumar

    I am going to buy an inverter of 850 VA, Sukam make. Can I convert to solar inverter at a later stage? Only the Solar panels required to convert it to solar inverter?

    • admin

      Dear Mohankumar,
      Better you go for Hybrid solar Inverter now itself, it has inbuilt charge controller to regulate the current from solar panels.
      For normal inverters, you have to purchase it separately and you may face some compatibility issue too.

  • kala

    Hi, I’m planning to buy Su-Kam 850VA invertor,150AH battery and 240 solar panel @ coimbatore. They says it cost 48K including installation . Can you suggest me to get the correct product and best price.

    Thanks 🙂

    • admin

      Dear Kala,
      An 850 va Pure sine wave sukam normal inverter would cost Rs.5500/- (Hybrid inverter would cost more)

      Sukam 150 ah deep cycle battery would cost around Rs.10000 to 11,000 /-

      Some Info about solar panels,

      230, 240 or 250 watts , 24 volt Poly crystalline solar panels would cost around Rs.13000 or Rs.55 per watt.

      There is an another type – MONO crystalline solar panels , which is superior to poly crystalline solar panels.

      Mono crystalline solar panels are more energy efficient than polycrystalline panels, which means you get more current. So, naturally it is bit expensive than polycrystalline solar panels.

      250 watts 24 volt MONO crystalline solar panel would cost around Rs.20,000 to 21,000/-


      So, you got price quote of Rs.48,000/- , this is way expensive than the present market. People know nothing about solar panels and prices, so this is looting time for solar dealers.

      The cost of whole configuration(inverter, battery and solar panels) should not cross
      Rs.32,000/- (for polycrystalline solar panels)

      Rs.38,000/- (for Mono crystalline solar panels)

  • kala

    🙂 Thanks for your valuable suggestions.Let me check it again before buy the product .

  • Arasa

    Hi, first I appreciate all your answers and suggestions!
    Am trying to get a proper quote & configuration for 1KW Solar Inverter. Local dealers say its more than 1.4lakh!,

    Please let know if I install Su-kam Brainy, can it supply 1kw? I suppose 1kw is more than enough for normal usage,

    Please let know the minimum no. of solar panels initially required, so that I can go for additional panels later

  • Raman

    Hi admin,
    Having gone through the features of Sukam-Brainy 850VA Hybrid inverter, I am inclined to get one installed at my home in Kerala, where power cuts are now more frequent, both day and night.
    However, I have some concerns regarding its feature of automatic switching to battery mode and start feeding the load, disconnecting grid supply, once the battery is fully charged. Thus, if the accumulated charge is used up, say by sun-set, how would it help us during scheduled power cuts during the evening hours?
    Please let us know of your expert opinion on the above.

    • admin

      Dear Raman,
      Good question!

      It won’t use the battery power continuously, it stops drawing power from battery when the battery charge level reaches 50% and starts feeding the load with grid power, and charge the battery with grid or solar power according to the availability.

      So, install three 80 watts panels for sukam brainy 850 va solar hybrid inverter to enjoy its full potential.

  • Naiyer alam

    Hi sir
    i want purchace su-kam briny highbrid inverter,please clearify that cgarging not possible when inverter mode, it means in day time when soler charging on i can’t use inverter.
    Please reply.

    • admin

      Dear Naiyer alam,
      You misunderstood the concept of solar inverter, it is different from the most popular ‘inverter cum charger’ design in Indian Market.

      With Sukam Brainy, You can use the solar power for your utilities even when the battery is getting charge from solar energy.

      But we recommend to install sukam brainy with three 80 watts panels to enjoy the maximum backup.

  • Naiyer alam

    Hi admin sir
    can i get subsidy on purches of brainy solar inverter?
    Officers of gramin bank in azamgarh are saying that su-kam representative not contacted us about solar brainy inverter,and they are not send any booklet to our branch.
    Plz guid me for banking process.

  • Brijesh

    Dear Admin

    Does the Sukam-Brainy 850VA Hybrid inverter have option of charging with the Grid ? During Night time the battery get charge with Grid or it just during the day time only battery get charge with solar ?

    • admin

      Dear Brijesh,
      Solar inverters and Solar Hybrid Inverters are not same.

      Solar inverters operate only with solar power

      Solar Hybrid Inverters use both Grid Power and Solar Power for charging the battery, Gives priority to solar power.

      During night time it charges the battery using grid power.

  • Brijesh

    Dear Admin

    I m trying new project with 850VA sukam inverter with 150AH battery + 20amp Charge Controller + 12v 150watt 2nos of solar panel.

    Hope it will work !! and i will able to go Green

  • sahild

    Thanks to all. After reading all- I have installed su-kam solar inverter Brainy with three panels. As of now going good. During day time it hardly uses grid power and for night battery is always full.

    In terms of saving- these days appt backup cost Rs.18/unit- this is where I am trying to save.

    • Admin

      Dear Shahid,
      Happy to hear your comment on Sukam Brainy

      Could you please share the price of the whole setup, it could be useful for other readers who like to go solar.

      • Sahild

        Dear Admin,
        I bought it in NOIDA-UP for 37K- Three pannels (80×4 W) + 150 amp hour battery and solar inverter, installation was free. (bought wires and some fixtures 1K)

        Last two days, tried to use it on only solar power, it went on complete day- taking the load (may be around 2 fans + 2 tubes) and also kept battery almost full (80%) for evening.

        • Admin

          Dear Sahid,
          Thank you very much for sharing the price and your experience with Sukam solar hybrid UPS (brainy)!

          • sahild

            Just to share some more observations, today morning battery was full and not charging, the instance it detected solar rays in the morning around 7am, it started supplying some current from battery+solar, and through out the day it does the same.

            Even if, I switch of mains, – it will supply current to load and also charge battery. As the days are sunny, it is working fine.

          • Admin

            Dear Sahid,
            I appreciate your interest on sharing your knowledge and experience with others.

            This could help more people to make right choice during their solar inverter purchase.

          • Rana

            Dear sahild,
            what type of panels you bought(with in 37.5k). weather all 3 panels are poly crystalline or mono crystalline. I recently procured one brainy package with Rs.35k,in which I asked for 850VA inverter + 150AH LA battery + 3*80 watts pannels(mono crystalline). distributor delivered and installed the same and said all 3 panels are mono crystalline only. But after installation I found that 1 is monocrystalline(little black in colour) and 2 are poly crystalline(blue in colour) panels. Now what to do. Please guide me

  • Admin

    Dear Chintu,

    1. Sukam Brainy Solar UPS package (ups + 80 watt panel + 150 ah LA normal battery) costs around Rs.24,000/- , price may vary in some states.

    2. One additional 80 watt panel would cost around Rs.6000 approximately. Panel comes with stand and no more cost for mounting structures. wires would cost more, it depends on the place of installation.

    3. Sukam Brainy comes with Mono crystalline panel which is expensive than poly crystalline panel.

    You could add any other brand panels later with brainy UPS, but the warranty may be void if you mix other unbranded cheap panels with brainy ups.

    Sukam offers 15 years long warranty on its solar panels, so it is wise decision to go for su kam solar panels.

    Sukam Brainy solar UPS package with three 80 watts panel is recommend for better performance, so that you could use the full potential of the UPS and save money on your electric bill.

    Package with three 80 watts panels would cost around Rs.35000 to 38,000/- excluding wire cost and installation.

  • Admin

    Dear Chintu,
    9k for wires and installation seems something expensive.

    We expect 5k for that.

    Be careful in choosing correct size of wires,

    for 12v system, a undersized wiring from panels to UPS may cause excessive energy loss and may create more heat.

  • Kartik Sachdeva

    Hi dilshaw,
    Sorry for the late reply,ive been really busy these days creating awareness about solar energy in delhi.
    Sir if you want to buy brainy 850va ups only then it will cost you around 7800-8000. We provide 150 ah lead acid battery in this package. For further querries you can contact me on 9811897315

    • Dilshaw

      Thanks Karthik! Does the ‘Brainy UPS only’ has a built in charge controller?

      Can you give the pricing of the entire package w/o battery?

      • Kartik Sachdeva

        dear dilshaw

        Yes SU-KAM BRAINY ,850VA has a built in solar charge controller of 15 amps. Recently i have installed brainy with 2 150 watt sukam solar panels and it is working just fine ..Lets say it has a tolerance limit of +- 5%.

        entire package without battery would cost you around 14000 and it is available with me.
        contact me 9811897315s

  • tutu

    one more question that when rainy season then any problem of thundering

    • Admin

      Dear Tutu,
      Solar panels will be installed with proper fuses and junction boxes, so no need to worry about lightning attack.

      Hire a good technician who is experienced in solar panel installation.

  • Admin

    Dear Tutu,
    You could add solar panels and charge controller to your 850 va normal inverter and save electricity.

    we recommend 250 watts panels (12v) for 850 va inverter.

  • Rana

    Dear admin,
    I recently procured one brainy package with Rs.35k,in which I asked for 850VA inverter + 150AH LA battery + 3*80 watts pannels(mono crystalline). distributor delivered and installed the same and said all 3 panels are mono crystalline only. But after installation I found(through internet) that 1 panel is monocrystalline (little black in colour) and 2 panels are poly crystalline(blue in colour) panels. I asked the distributor about the problem then he said that the package comes like that only. Now what to do. Please guide me.

    • Admin

      Dear Rana,
      Polycrystalline panels are not inferior to mono crystalline panels,

      All you need to check is the brand and warranty details of the panels installed.

      Sukam has both Mono and poly crystalline panels.

  • Admin

    Dear Rakesh,
    We recommend 1 Kva Su-kam solar power conditioning unit for hassle free performance.

    You could connect up to 1300 watts solar panels to this solar inverter model.

    Power conditioning unit is different from normal sine wave inverter,

    Solar PCU has inbuilt solar charge controller and grid charger, it gives priority to solar power while charging the battery. It’s a complete fully automatic solar inverter.

    Inquire your nearest sukam dealer about Sukam solar PCU model: PCU 1K24

    It’s a 24 volt system, need minimum two 12 v batteries to operate.

  • Varun

    Sir, Could you please suggest a good solar inverter model of capacity 850VA -1000VA ? My budget is 50k -75k. Thanks in advance.

  • Admin

    Dear Varun,
    We recommend Su-Kam Solar Inverter model for Home and small office use – Sukam Brainy 850VA.

    Install this Solar UPS with three 80 watts panel (total – 240 watts)

    This configuration would cost less than your budget.

    Brainy-The most reliable solar inverter model available in market.

    • Varun


      I Inquired about the inverter model you suggested and here is the dealer quote from hyderabd.

      SUKAM Make 850VA/ 12V DC Brainy Series Solar Hybrid Sine Wave Home UPS with SUKAM Make 150AH Low Maintenance Lead Acid Battery for 4 hour’s backup on full load with Battery Trolley and 80WP Solar Panels 3 No’s with Panel Mounting Structure.

      Load: 1 TV or 1 Computer + 4 Lights + 4 Fans

      Note: The above price including electrical labour charges for wiring and

      Total RS, 54,000.00

      I would like to have your suggestions on this. Thanks in advance.

      • Admin

        Dear Varun,
        Sukam Brainy solar UPS with 150 ah battery and three 80 watts solar panels would cost around Rs.35000 to 42,000/- (including installation)

        Installation would cost more if the distance between the solar panels and UPS exceeds the normal limit.

        12v system needs extra thick wires compared to 24 volt systems, obviously wiring cost goes up when the space for solar panel installation is far away from the UPS.

        But, i am sure, Rs54000/- is overpriced.

        Better you search for any other dealer or buy the package online and install it with local dealer.

        • varun

          I contacted directly with Su-kam marketing department and they said they provide the su-kam brainy package for 36000/- with 1000 extra for installation. They too agreed the previous quote from one of the sukam dealer is too over priced. I suggest our friends who are planning to buy a new inverter to contact the customer care directly to know the correct prices instead of contacting local dealers. I hope this will help.Thanks.

  • Admin

    Dear Vinod,
    Make sure your dealer is offering you genuine sukam products.

    An 80 watts sukam panel would cost you Rs.5000/-
    Sukam 12v 10amp charge controller – Rs.800/-
    So, panels and charge controller would cost around Rs.11000 approx.

    wiring and installation cost depends on your location and place of installation.

  • gulam

    dear admin

    A – if im getting hardly six or 7 hrs supply n i want to run min a fan of 150 wt during day n night , 3*15 wt cfl for 6 hrs a night 3 hrs laptop during night how much panel n battery will required for above mention power consumption.
    B- if i want run 1 kv submersible motor for 15 minute during day including all above requirements
    please reply in details abt all requirement of panel n batteries n lump sum expenditure

  • Admin

    Dear Akskhanbl,
    We recommend
    Sukam Solar PCU 3KVA/48V (PWM based)

    You could add more solar panel capacity above 1500 in future.

    For this setup, your load requirement and power backup time requirement, we would recommend

    Min- Four Nos. of 200 ah Solar Tubular battery (C10)

    If you choose 8 Nos of 200 ah solar batteries, it would add more reliability to the whole setup.

    If you want to use your existing battery, no problem go with it. If you find any low back up problem, better you replace your battery and go with above recommendation.

  • Admin

    Dear AmmaMuddin Ahmed,
    It is easy to convert your normal inverter into solar hybrid inverter.
    We recommend Sukam solarcon – conversion kit for your 1600 VA double battery inverter system.

    Read this post for better understanding about solarcon

  • Upendra

    can I use two 150 ah battery in series with 900 va sukam inverter

    • Admin

      Dear Upendra,
      If you connect two 12v batteries in series, the output voltage will be 24v,

      A 900 VA inverter is normally a 12v system, so if you want to use two batteries with 12 v system, you need to connect the battery in parallel.

      Search Google about how to connect batteries in parallel.

  • Admin

    Dear Raju,
    Brainy + IT500 with 200 watts solar panel

    It will work fine, go for it!

    Make sure to use correct gauge of connecting cables.

  • Admin

    Dear Raju,
    Though Sukam recommends not to connect solar panels above 240 watts to sukam brainy solar hybrid inverter, we have tested it with connecting solar panels up to 300 watts. works well! No problem

    Instead of InvaGo, we recommend IT500

  • T.L.Sharma

    Dear Admin,

    What is the solar controller type of SU-KAM brainy? is it PMW or MPPT
    If it is PMW, will it not be better to buy normal sukam sine wave inverter model and use it with Sukam MPPT conversion kit. ?? Sukam inbuilt solar controller can only take a safe pv load of 240watts. However if you buy a 20 Amps MPPT controller we can connect upto 300watts ..
    The main advantage is MPPT converts 30% more energy to the battery even on cloudy days. The 150A battery is better equipped for over night discharge without depending on grid power when it gets 30% more power during the day from the solar panel. I have never seen brainy completely charging the battery even on a sunny day with a minimum morning load.(less than 40 watts)

    It is high time sukam upgrades brainy model to MPPT.

    Please let me know your views on this

    • Admin

      Dear Sharma,
      Sukam Brainy solar hybrid inverter is equipped with PWM
      charge controller.

      Brainy is designed to operate with maximum 3x80watts (240 watts) panels, For this much solar panel capacity, PWM charge controller is good enough and MPPT is recommended for Solar panel installation more than 500 watts.

  • Admin

    Dear Sivaram,
    Sure, we will refer your store. Thank you.

  • Shifaz Ashraf

    Hello admin,
    I would like to go for sukam hybrid inverter and the following is the quote i received from a nearby distributor.:
    Sukam brainy solar ups 850va,
    Luminous battery 150 ah/12v lt500n
    Plastic trolley,
    Sukam solar panel 80w
    Plus installation: the cost given to me is : 28000.

    Please let me know if the rate is fine

    • Admin

      Price quote seems OK, but we recommend you to go for 3×80 watts panels for better result.

  • Nitesh verma

    Mere pass 150ah exide solartubular battery h. Exide 150+150 panel h.
    Aur aaj hi maine microtek 1130 va hybrid inverter liya h ..
    Ye sabhi mujhe installation krna h.
    Sir mujhe ye btaye ki ye inverter kya mere battery ko damage kr skta h jab ye solar+gride se charge krega mere battery ko tab. Kya 20A se jyada current se ya charge krega jo sahi nhi h.
    Kya aisa hone par mai sukam solarcon use kr skta hu is inverter pe mai ya fir mujhe inverter change kr dena chahiye.
    Kya solarcon mppt charge controler h

    • Admin

      Dear Nitesh verma,
      Let me translate your query to English first.

      He is saying that he has 150ah exide solartubular batter and exide 150+150 panel. And today he bought Mictotek 1130va hybrid inverter. He wants to intall everything

      He wants to know if this inverter can damage the battery as the current will come from both solar panels and grid. Is it going to give more than 20amp of current which is not good for the battery?

      If yes, then can I use sukam solarcon or shall I buy another inverter? Is solarcon MPPt or PWm controller?

      Our recommendation

      It would be better if you buy sukam solarcon solar charge controller.

      It will protect your battery from overcharge and also help you reap the full benefits of solar panel you use.

      Read this article

      • nitesh verma

        sir how can i installe this solarcon on my hybrid 1120 va microtek inverter