Sukam Brainy Solar Inverter – Price with Panels

Dear Sir, I inquired about  Sukam Brainy solar hybrid inverter in Hyderabad.

They provided me with a price quote of Rs.45,000/- which includes three 80W solar panels (total 240 watts), 150ah Lead Acid battery and trolley.

I have a power cut of 3 hrs (1.5 hrs in the morning and 1.5 hrs in the afternoon).

The dealer says it can support 5 Fans + 5 Tubelights for 2-3 hrs backup.

My requirement is

3 Tube lights or CFL

3 fans

40 inch LCD Tv with set top box.

Please confirm me that this price quote is reasonable or I can go with any other option?




sukam solar inverter



Dear Ravi,

The price for brainy hybrid inverter + 150ah sukam LA battery + 3×80 watts panels (240watts) should be below 40K including all wiring and installation charges.


Brainy is the most advanced hybrid inverter in the market with long warranty, the price guideline given in our previous post is for brainy inverter with 150 ah battery and one 80 watts panel.

we should admit that, with only one 80 watts panel we could not enjoy the benefits of solar energy and it won’t give enough charge to battery.

For your limited power cut situation, we would like to recommend three 80 watts panel (240 watts) and 150 ah battery, with this configuration you could use 2 fans and one CFL (25watts) from 6 am to 6 pm even without the support of grid. Eventually you will be saving money on your electricity bills.

It doesn’t mean that you could use only 2 fans and 1 CFL with this configuration, you could run all your preferred loads listed in your query with and without support of grid, the inverter will automatically switch to grid power when solar power is not sufficient to meet the demand.

After all you could save money on your electricity bill.


You could install sukam brainy without solar panels and operate it with grid power, if any budget constraints is there, we would recommend to install brainy without panels for now and plan to install panels in future.

Sukam Brainy inverter + Sukam 150 ah LA Battery – Rs.17500/-

240 watts polycrystalline panel (other brand with MNRE approval ) – Rs.14500/-

Installation charges extra.

sukam brainy solar 1

sukam solar brainy

  • Ganesh

    Nice article, Looking forward for more articles on solar from you.

    Thank you

    • Viswanath

      Hi Sir,

      i want to purchase Solar inverter for my Home.

      My requirement is
      sukam brainy 850 v

      80Watt 3 panels
      150Ah battery…
      Could you please let me know the cost of above product and warranty of above product.i want this product in Andrapradesh Anantapur Dist

      • Admin

        Dear Viswanath,
        The package would cost around Rs.35000/- (including installation charges).

        Contact your nearest su-kam dealer.

  • Valli

    Is this sukam battery tall tubular one? I heard tall or semi tubular is best for solar inverters. Also, can we claim subsidy on MNRE approved solar panels being bought for Rs.14,500?

  • hisujanbro

    i have use 2 panel of 80 watt and my brainy solar inverter always dis pv-hi at day time instead of solar on why? And does it charge 150 amp battary from solar panel while displaying pv-hi.

    • admin

      Dear sujan,
      Sukam Brainy is a 12 v system, when using more than one 80 watts panel with sukam brainy, make sure that both panels are 12 v and connected in parallel,

      check the voltage output of solar array (total output of two panels) with multimeter, it should be like 17v approximately.

  • hisujanbro

    sir then is their any difference in between using one 80 watt panel in brainy solar ups instead of two 80 watt panel in parallel combination.

    • admin

      Yes, with total of 160 watts panels your battery will be charged more efficiently using solar power compared to single 80 watts panel.

  • gslalwani

    As you suggested above, we can install the BRAINY without PV panels in case of Budget constraints . Please let me know where can I get the system without PV panels. As I contacted the Sucam dealer locally in Bhopal, they say that the system can not be sold without PV panels.

    • atara_r

      This is shame to say something cannot be sold separately. I know only living beings cannot be sold in parts or in full. If the Dealer want to clear his stock , he can suggest that he has stock to clear that will help out and then he can say with solar i prefer to sell.

  • Kartik Sachdeva

    dear admin,
    as you said that 1 fan and one cfl would run for free with solar that is true but the important point is that after battery is fully charged which will be like for the first day and after that battery is also getting discharged automatically and it will run load approx (850 va= 680 watts) easily.
    so its like battery is getting charged and discharged constantly, so in a day taking a case of 1 80 watt panel.
    1. 80 watt for atleast 10 hours we will get for free
    2. battery is also getting discharged which was charged from solar so it will run 680 watt laod for atleast 3-4 hours depending on the battery back up.
    3. battery is getting charged with solar so further savings

    so no 1 + no2 + no 3 = toatal savings in a day

    0.8 kw * 6 + 2.2 * 6 + 0.5 *6 = rs 15-20 savings per day

    rs 450-600 savings per month.
    so like in 2-3 years you can easily get back what you’ve invested.

    admin please correct me if i am wrong and please i want to talk to you personally as well.

    • Admin

      Dear Karthik,
      will send you mail with my contact details, Thank you for your interest.

  • Ramesha

    I recently procured SUKAM brainy hybrid inverter and it is not up to the mark. It has some problems

    1. Every day inverter charges battery in day time and with that charge, 20% load runs till 8.30pm(to 50% of the battery) then switches to mains and charges battery to full. —- This cycle happens every day

    When there is no sun light for solar then the inverter should stop the load from ups and connect the load to mains directly. Why to discharge the battery and charge it through mains?

    2.during night time through grid power the battery is charging fully that is 100%(five poles) and when it detects sun light in the morning the charge indication of the LCD display immediately falls down to 60%(three poles) and inverter fan automatically starts running even in no load and this fan makes hell of noise

    3. the starting of the inverter fan does not depend on the temparature inside inverter that means it does not have any temp sensors and it depends only on the load that is if load is more than 7% it starts running fan(noise hell)

    4.battery is fully charged(100%) and if I connect a load of 1 fan then with in 5 minutes my battery charge level falls to 60%(14.2 to 12.6) and inverter starts taking power from grid mains and not from solar.

    5. Recently I went to my home town for 3 days. during this period I
    1.switched off grid power
    2.switched off ups output
    3.battery is fully charged(100%)
    4.Rs saved is 120
    when I was back LCD displays
    1. charge level is 60%
    2. Rs saved is 143
    How it is possible?

    Please clarify me regarding above thanks

  • Dr. M S Kaddi

    I am from Belgaum. Scheduled and unscheduled power cut is 2 to 3 hours. My requirement is for 5 CFL lights + 4 Fans + 42 inches LCD TV. The quotation given to me by a local dealer for a 1kv hybrid (solar + electrical) power generation system is Rs. 105000 lac to 118000 lac for a Luminous system. Is the price reasonable? Can i go ahead with the installation?

  • Hello, I am from Nigeria and am looking to procure the sukam brainy (850v 12v ) same one you reviewed. However I have 4 240Watt 24V solar panels and am at a lose on what to do. How can I use my panels with the brainy? It is said that the max panel the brainy can take is a 240 watt however mine are 24V panels. How can I use them with the brainy without damaging the device? I read somewhere that the PWM charging on the brainy will work with 24V but it would take just half of the power rendering the rest useless.. I really don’t know how to go about this. Kindly advise


    None of the salesmen, marketing men are aware about ground realities and just
    they are interested in dumping their products to gullible clients by giving false information. In on grid system, rate fixed by ESCOM companies is same for selling and buying units from companies. But these salesmen are not aware. When there is no power supply from the grid, power supply to home also gets disconnected if there is no battery. This they are not aware. No of panels, batteries etc required if there is no power from the grid for more than a day nobody knows.( In Bangalore disruption in power supply for more than 20 hours is common during rainy seasons, tree falling etc-(SEE BESCOM reactions in FACE BOOK).
    In a nutshell, UPS( UN INTERRUPTED POWER SUPPLY) has no relevance.
    As far as cost factor is concerned, Rs 60000-90000 may fetch monthly interest of Rs 4,500.00 which is sufficient to pay our bills, keeping our money intact.
    Still, from protection point of environment, people are interested to have solar system as an additional facility. But there is no guarantee that this will ensure uninterrupted power supply if power supply goes for days together.