Reasons to Choose Sukam Tall Tubular Battery & Inverter

It’s a Big debate, that choosing an inverter and battery from same brand is good or not?

Let us discuss about the on-ground situation on choosing right inverter and battery from same brand.


Some Facts

Some companies make good batteries, but bad inverters.

Some companies are best in inverters and bad in battery manufacturing.

Here I didn’t want to point out any particular company, but I hope the readers would understand the fact.

At the same time we cannot ignore the convenience of buying battery and inverter of same brand. In such situation, the dealer couldn’t escape from taking responsibility, in case of any battery or inverter failure problem.

So, the warranty claim process could be little bit easy and smooth. But we cannot blindly trust any companies’ manufacturing both inverter and battery together.

Very few companies are out there in the market with good inverters and reliable batteries.

Su-kam is undoubtedly on the top of this list.

Sukam has really wide range of models available in both modified sine wave and pure sine wave inverters.

We should admit that the quality of Sukam Pure sine wave inverter is exceptional and way better than its competitors.

Why Very few battery models?

In addition with considering all above advantages, we wonder why Sukam has only limited number of models in batteries.

Sukam has

Four models in Regular deep cycle batteries – 135 ah, 150 ah, 165ah and 190 ah. (Recently discontinued 100 ah model)

Two Models in Tall Tubular series – 150 ah and 180 ah

(Sukam has 10 models in its SMF – Sealed Maintenance Free – Battery series – From 50 ah to 200ah) (I don’t want to include SMF models here, as it is not a big seller in domestic market)

Advantages of Sukam Tall Tubular Battery

Inspite of Limited availability of models in Tubular range of batteries, we are really impressed with the exceptional performance of Sukam Tall Tubular batteries.

It performs even under very arduous conditions and prolonged power cut situations.

Less expensive than Exide IT500

Warranty and Life Expectancy

It has 36 months warranty.

As per our experience, it has 4 years life expectancy. We have seen some sukam Tall tubular batteries which lasted for 4.5 years comfortably. But it all depends on the power cut situation on ground.

Sukam Tall Tubular’s specification matches the Market Leader IT500 battery in many ways, particularly we can expect 1200 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. In simple words – it matches the life expectancy of IT500 Exide.


If you plan to buy inverter and battery from same brand, we would like to recommend Sukam Pure sine wave inverters and Sukam Tall tubular Batteries (150 ah and 180 ah)

sukam falcon sukam shiny

Some Fast Moving Models:

Sukam Falcon 800 VA Pure sine wave

Sukam Shiny 850 VA and 650VA sine wave

Sukam ‘Big’ Tall Tubular Battery Models available in Market

1. SBT 1500 – 150ah

2. SBT 1800 – 180 ah

Price Guideline

Sukam shiny 850 va inverter and Falcon 800 VA would cost around Rs.5500

Sukam Tall Tublar 150 ah battery Price would range between Rs.10500 to 11,000/-

Sukam Tall Tubular 180 ah battery would cost between Rs.11800 to 12300/-

Readers who own this models post your experience and prices – it would be helpful to your fellow readers. Dealers also welcome to post their competitive prices with your contact details.

  • I am planning to buy a solar inverter for my home. Below are the usage details. Please help me in choosing correct inverter, battery and solar pannels capacity

    Tube Lights 4
    Celeing Fans 3
    LED 32inches TV 1
    CFL Bulbs 2

    Estimation Usage 4-6hrs/Day

    I have gone through the information provided in the website its really helpful

    Please guide me with load capacity, cost and brand of all the three solar panels, battery, inverter

  • Eldim

    Hi Admin,

    I am planning to buy Sukam Shiny 1500 VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter (7500/-) along with Sukam Big Tall Tubular Battery 150 AH (12000/-). Is this a good combination for 3 Fans + 3 Tube lights + small Amplifier(100VA/9V) + 3 mics. Or Should I go for combination of Sukam Inverter + Exide IT500 Tall Tubular Batteries 150 AH (15000/-) ? Please advise.

    • admin

      Dear Eldim,
      Go with Sukam Inverter + sukam tall tubular battery combination.

  • shaanyes

    Dear Admin(s)
    A Sukam dealer I contacted quotes 18500 rupees for Shiny 850 VA and Sukam Tall Tubular in Chennai. Based on the price you have quoted, the dealer’s quote looks very expensive.
    A combination of Microtek 850 VA + Exide iT500 is costing 20000 rupees.
    What is your recommendation? Any dealer recommendation in Chennai is also appreciated.

    Thank you

    • admin

      Dear Shaanyes,
      I don’t know from which area you are from in Chennai,

      Microtek Pure sine wave UPS SEBz 850 VA inverter – Rs.5000 in Chennai (make sure you are buying pure sine wave model)

      Exide IT500 150 ah Inva tubular Tall battery – Rs.14,000 in Chennai (You could get it for 13.5 k if you bargain and inquire more dealers)

      Normally Installation would cost Rs.1000/- (including electric wire cost)

      So, the 20,000 rupees offer seems okay for me, confirm whether it is pure sine wave or square wave with your dealer. Ask for free installation.

      Inquire some more authorized dealers through phone and try to get best price quote.

      visit this link for some authorized dealer outlets in chennai.


      Sukam Shiny 850 VA and Sukam Tall Tubular 150 ah Pack should cost Rs.17500/- Ask for free installation.

  • shaanyes

    One more – looks like Sukam has two tall tubular battery models – Big Warrior and Big Conqueror. Both available in 150 AH and 180 AH capacities.

    This is confusing. Which model is better and what capacity is recommended – 150 or 180 AH (for 850 VA Sukam or Microtek or 875 VA Luminous inverter), if there is a load shedding of approximately 2 to 4 hours everyday.

    Thank you

    • admin

      Dear Shaanyes,

      Sukam Big Conqueror 150 AH – Model SBT 1500
      Sukam Big Warrior 150 AH – Model SBW 1500

      and the third model is

      Sukam Bazooka 150 AH – Model HPT 150


      All the above models are Tall tubular models – Bazooka is little shorter than other two models, 36 months warranty

      Let us see about Sukam Big conqueror and Big Warrior tall tubular

      Both batteries share exactly same specification and warranty period,

      Both models have 36 months replacement warranty and 12 months Prorate warranty, same charging current & same height and weight.

      We prefer SBT 1500, you choose SBT(Conqueror) or SBW warrior according to availability.


      180 ah batteries also available in Sukam, buy 180 ah only if you face power cut less than 8 hours per day.

      • shaanyes

        Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Since the specs were exactly same I was confused. Why two models with same specs? How does it help?

        As you suggested, let me insist on SBT 1500.

  • shaanyes

    Thanks Admin for your reply to my first question.

    The wiring is already in place. They just have to install and connect. I am inquiring for Velachery area.

    One dealer is pushing for Luminous 875 VA UPS. From your site I understand it is also a good one. But I am doubtful on the service compared to Sukam and Mircrotek.

    Your suggestions are very much appreciated and needless to say it greatly helps confused buyers like me.

    • admin

      Dear Shaanyes,
      Luminous sine wave 875 inverter is also one of the best inverter in market, no doubt about it!

      Oh you don’t need to hesitate for service availability, as you are from Velachery Chennai.


  • mohan

    thanks its very usefull

  • Pradeep

    I have decided to purchase the Sukam Shiny 850 VA inverter and Sukam 150 AH tall tubular battery but the dealers whom I spoke with said that there were a lot of problems.
    Amongst inverter which one will you recommend over Sukam Shiny 850 VA or Microtek Sebz 850 VA.
    You have also mentioned not to go for Exide inverter as they are expensive and newer as compared to other established ones. The exide inverter has more features as compared to the other ones and is available for 5000 rs. It has been 2-3 years since exide inverter has been in the market any reviews now since it has been some time as to how the product is?
    I would also like your view about Amaron Current 150 AH tall tubular battery and OKAYA 150 AH tall tubular battery model(HT 7048) if it is at par or better than Sukam 150 AH tall tubular battery. Any preference if I am not able to get Sukam though I am trying.
    Thank you for taking out time and answering the query.

    Thanks and regards,

    • admin

      Dear Pradeep,
      If a dealer don’t want to market a particular company’s product, they will say that particular model has lots of problems….blah blah blah…Don’t believe their false statements, do a research for your self.

      At present, SU-Kam is the no.1 company in power backup solutions industry, they continuously upgrade their micro chips and other internal components to make the product even better.

      You can see in this website, we often suggest sukam shiny pure sine wave inverter to our readers, that because of the reliability and advanced technology used in their product.

      Sukam is the only company continuously introducing really innovative inverters in Indian market.

      Sukam smiley 850 is the most advanced pure sinewave inverter in its class, you can monitor the inverter using a software by connecting it to your laptop using wireless technology.

      No other company is not even close to sukam’s wide range of product lineup.

      At the same time, i should admit the sukam batteries are not up to the quality level of Exide’s IT500 like premium batteries. But it equals the quality of Luminous batteries comfortably.

      This is the real situation, some dealers who have very limited stock of batteries and want to make more profit by selling some second grade brands often make some foolish statements about top brands like Exide and Sukam….Don’t believe their false propaganda.


      Exide is continuously making changes in its inverters to making it better and compete with other players. You can choose Exide inverter if it is available at affordable price near your location. Make sure you are buying Exide Inverter , not Exide Ceil inverter, both are different products.

      Coming to Amaron
      Amaron Current Tall tubular CRTT150 (150ah) battery is one another best model in Tall tubular series, doing good in the market.

      Price range – Rs.12000 to 12500/-

  • srinivasan

    Thanks for a lot for information about inverter batteries.I want purchase Exide IT500 150 AH battery or su-kam SBT1500 150ah and Sukam shiny 850 VA inverter , is this a good combination ?

    one of the authorized dealer told me that Exide IT500 price is more than RS 17,000. One sukam dealer said that there is no stock, price also more than Rs 14,000, is this right information ?

    I asked the dealer about IT500, he told Exide IT500 150 AH price is no more than 14,000 and su-kam 150 ah tall battery is 11,000. He told me price is not fixed, it increase on demand. please kindly explain this, want to know the price in Karaikudi and karaikudi exide dealers list.
    Provide su-kam SBT1500 and shiny 850 VA inverter price also.

    • admin

      Dear srinivasan,
      Exide IT500 Price in karaikudi Tamilnadu,

      Exide IT500 150ah Tall – Rs.13500 to 14500/-

      Sukam shiny 850 va pure sine wave inverter – Rs.5500/-

      Sukam Tall Tubular SBT1500 150ah – Rs.12000/-

      • srinivasan

        Thanks for your answer. But of the dealer told me Exide IT 500 more than RS 17,200 .I try to find Exide Dealer locater server error.please want know Exide Dealer in karaikudi.

        • admin
          • srinivasan

            Dear Admin, I asked some Exide dealer Exide IT500 price above Rs16,000 . one of the dealer told me you give me how many battery also he can get Rs 14,800 .some Su -kam dealers told me stack no have. Su -kam Tall Tubulur also above Rs14,300. where can I purchase this your reply please.

          • admin

            Dear Srinivasan,
            Seems like your town has huge demand of Batteries right now. So all the dealers are telling the same story, try to get it from your near by city.

            Why you stick with Tall tubular ones? Try Exide Mega Inva 150 ah with 3 years full warranty. This one costs Rs.12500, but your town dealers may charge 15 % extra due to high demand.

            Mega Inva has 3 years full replacement warranty just like IT500, Life expectancy is 4 years. Best battery it its class.

          • asim

            I buy sukamfalkan 1050 +sukam talltubular sbt1800 total price-19770/- at rourkella tell me price is right

  • Ram Babu Sharma

    Dear Admin,
    i am from sohna gurgaon. we have total 12~16 hrs power cut. what would you suggest? i have total load-3 cfl 20W each, 01 fan & 01 color TV videocon 21 inches. what would be the total cost of solar pannel with inverter.
    i have microtek 1500va invertor & base terminal 150ah battery. can i get any loan for this purchase of solar pannel. who is the authorized distributor for this solar pannel in my reion.
    i am from sohna, dist gurgaon haryana. could i get the list of authorized distributor in delhi NCR region.

    • admin

      Dear Ram
      You can install 500 watts solar panel with 24v 30 amp solar charge controller with your existing 1500 va normal inverter and batteries.

      So, you can use all the gadgets with solar power (only the gadgets you listed) during day time without grid support. Night time use the grid power to charge the battery.

      Easily handle 12 hrs power cut.

      500 watts solar panel – Rs.22500/-
      24v 30 amp solar charge controller – Rs.2000/-
      Installation – Rs.3000/-

      Contact your nearest solar panel dealer and get his best price quote for the above configuration. Save money on your electricity bill.

      You can get up to 30 % subsidy on your solar panel purchase, make sure it is MNRE Approved panel, so that you can apply for subsidy, bank loan also available for the same.

  • srinivasan

    Dear Admin, I asked some dealer near city one of dealer say exide IT 500 price 15000 .But Battery this get transport charge and next time any falut also he how come to do repairing ? other dealer don`t interest this matter i am right .
    Karaikudi all su-kam dealers told me su- kam tall tubular 150 A H price 14000& su-kam 850 va pure sign wave inverter price 6500 ,this is right price .su- kam dealer say now 12% increase price so high .
    Amaran tubular 150 A H price 13600 only.this battery + microtek 850pure sine wave how this compination please you answer.!

    • admin

      Dear srinivasan,
      As prices in your town are not reasonable, its better to purchase battery and inverter from your nearby city Madurai.

  • nvrao

    Solve my confusion
    Sukam 850VA + Sukuma tall tubular 150 Ah
    Luminous 850 VA + Exide 150 Ah
    Microtek 850 VA +Exide 150 Ah
    lumnious 850 VA +Luminous tall tubular 150 AH

    These are my best possible combinations .Choose one for me which is best .

    • admin

      Dear NVroa,
      All the above combinations performs well, we prefer

      Sukam shiny 850 va + Exide Mega Inva 150 ah

  • nagarajan

    Today I bought a Sukam pure sine wave Shiny 850 VA and Sukam SBT 1500 Tall Tubler Conquror model 150 AH Rs.19200 (total) and Installation Rs.1500. Is this right price? Urgent reply please.

    Nagarajan, Chennai.

    • admin

      Dear Nagarajan,
      Overpriced by ₹1000-

      But in chennai, this is normal , the reason is summer demand and heavy power cuts.

  • pbchandran

    Dear Admin,
    Please suggest me a solutions.
    I am from Namakkal, Tamil Nadu. We have frequent power cuts.
    Its miracle if we have power continuously for more than 2.5 to 3 hrs. Please suggest a Inverter and Batteries for our situation. I also seen plenty of Models and Ideas. But I want to put everything on your head, please suggest.
    My budget is approx. Rs. 20,000 +/- 2000. My doubts are, Whether batteries will charge in the time given max of 3 hrs. I may run, 4 Tube lights, 3-4 Fans, a Laptop, a Desktop computer,a Cordless Phone,a Router.

    Please reply ASAP.

    Thanks in advance.

    • admin

      Dear PBchandran,
      For bad power cut scenario in Tamilnadu, a single battery inverter with 150 ah battery won’t help you to tackle the problem. Installing bigger battery with single battery 850 va inverter won’t help you during 13 hours + power cut situations.

      For solving the battery charging problem, you need to go for 24v double battery inverter with two lower ah batteries. This configuration works well even under 14 hours power cut situation. You need to invest little more on inverter, not on battery.

      If you trust our experience, go with our suggestion.

      We recommend

      Sukam shiny 1500 va sine wave inverter – Rs.7500/-
      Microtek sinewave UPS SEBz 1500 va Inverter – Rs.7000/-
      Exide Original Inverter 1450 va with LCD display – Rs.7500/-


      Two Exide Invertor Plus 88 ah batteries – Rs.6700 x 2 = Rs.13400/-

      Total cost including installation does not exceed Rs.22k


      For inverter, choose any one of the three models suggested according to availability. Exide Inverter has LCD display to monitor the battery and load.

      • pbchandran

        Thank you very much Mr. Admin. One general question, what’s difference between 12V battery and 24V, you mean 12V * 2 Batteries?
        More over i will definitely i will fellow ur advice.
        One more with regard to exide, how do i know its original Exide inverter, and in one place in your blog, have mentioned about exide that they bought a Inverter company and changed the name. And in one more place, do not go for same companies Inverter and Battery. This is just for my clarification, please do not mistake me.
        Since I planed for Exide Inverter with LCD and Plus 88 ah.
        With regard to the charging time, does it get fully charged in 2.5 to 3 hrs? What is the maximum load it can take?

        • admin

          Dear PBchandran,
          If you plan for buying Microtek inverter and Microtek Tubular battery, we would recommend you better battery than Microtek.
          When it comes to Exide, recently Exide Inverter has been updated with more stable technology and components, it is out of Beta status now, so that we are recommending Exide Inverter for our visitors.

          Moreover Exide Inverter has better charging current than other leading brand inverters.

          Sukam shiny 1500 va is also a good choice,

          Exide ceil inverter brand is also in the market now, Some dealers are selling it as Exide Inverter, ceil inverter does not have LCD display or advanced features like Original Exide Inverter, to avoid this confusion we always mark it as Original Exide Inverter with LCD display.

          Exide Inverter has LCD display whereas ceil inverter has no LCD display.
          The 1500 va inverter will definitely charge the 88 ah batteries in 3 hours time, don’t worry. So that we recommend 88 ah batteries for 1500 va inverter.

          1500 va with two 88ah batteries could handle 1200 watts of load flawlessly.

  • oinam7

    Dear Admin,
    I purchased Sukam’s shiny sine wave inverter 850va and tall tubular BATTERY Big conqueror of 150ah and it is in one month.I used it with 1 or 2 CFL of 14 or 8 WATT, internet modem adapter of 100-240V, 50/60Hz,0.4A connected and sometimes charging my laptop with 65 watt of adapter.After one or two hrs it started warning of battery low (backup hrs is too short). If charging done then it takes only 2 or two and half hrs to completely charged the battery. So, I want to know whether there is any problem in my battery or inverter. And one more things is that in there Sukam’s battery product Catalogue it mention 50 percent load can give 3 hrs and 20 min backup and fully load can give only 1hr and 20 min. why is it so?

    • admin

      Dear oniam7,
      Make sure that your inverter is on high charge mode and wide voltage mode.

      Take your battery to your dealer and ask him to put the battery in bench charge.

      This would solve your problem.

  • jsooraj

    Dear Admin,

    Please provide me the price of below listed items in Bangalore

    Exide IT500 150ah Tall – Rs.

    Sukam shiny 850 va pure sine wave inverter – Rs.

    Sukam Tall Tubular SBT1500 150ah – Rs.



  • rohit


    which model i go for SUKAM tubular battery (Jumbo tt or Tall tub 150 Conqurer or Tall tub 150 warrior)
    And what is expected life ?

  • manova

    Dear Admin,
    What is the rate of sukum 180 tall tubular

  • Admin

    Dear Reader,
    SF Home UPS also has digital display like Original Exide UPS, but it lacks some features of Original exide Inverter,

    SF Home UPS has two charging modes whereas Original Exide Inverter has 3 modes for charging.

    It also lacks some advanced features,

    SF is close to Exide , but not equal to Exide Inverter.

  • Admin

    Dear Abhishek,
    I would recommend

    Exide 1450 VA inverter – Rs.7000 to 7500/-
    Two Luminous ILTT 500 (150ah tall tubular) Price range Rs.10000 to 11000

    Total cost of two batteries – Rs.22000 approx.

    Inverter + 2 batteries = 7500 + 22000
    = 29,5000/-

    Luminous ILTT 500 150ah tall tubular batteries has 2 years full replacement warranty + 6 months prorate warranty.

    Battery Life expectancy – 3 years+

  • Admin

    Dear Mohammed,
    Price is reasonable!,

  • Admin

    Dear Harshad,
    For Sukam shiny 850 va sine wave inverter, better you go for Sukam SBT 1500

  • Hts

    Got a sukam battery 150ah tubular replacement today. I could successfully avail the warranty as battery started showing issues for the past 3 months. It worked well for the last 2 years .One of the cells acid level was going down to the bottom level in 30 to 40 days. Realized that it’s an issue with cell and reported to sukam. The service engineer in Bangalore visited my place and convinced with the issue and without any hesitation he processed the replacement request and was approved by his manager. I felt it was a better deal with them and they treated me as real kudos to the service engineer Ankaiah from Bangalore .Really a good young gentle man.thanks

    • Admin

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  • hemant_u

    Hello, I want to know about
    Microtek UPS Hybrid HB 1650VA as it is the latest model and gaining highlight very fastly ….
    Microtek says it’s Based on Hybrid Technology which is a combination of Digital and Sinewave Technologies for Better Performance and High Reliability
    in my area electricity condition is very bad.. 10 – 15 hours supply in span of 2 or 4 hours ..
    The shopKeeper advised me not to buy Tubular Battery .. Instead of it the technician recommend me to use Flat Plates Luminious 150 Ah set of two batteries because of electricty conditon .. it costs 9000 Rupees each with 18 month of gurantee
    Sir , Please make a review as soon as possible , specially on this model of Inverter .. and compare it with MICROTEK UPS SWE2+ 1625VA
    because i have heard about it , and the company person told me ,
    Normally SineWave inverters consumes more battery than that of Digital square wave inverters …!! so the back up time of DIGITAL (Square-wave ) inverters are more than sine-wave inverters

    In this model , company has solved this problem …. and one more feature than it can even charge to degraded batteries.. means batteries that is discharged for months and have low gravity ..!!
    thanks for reading…

    Hemant …!! from Gaziabad .

  • Antony

    Hello All, I have purchased Sukam Shiny 900V for Rs. 5600 & Sukam Tubular Conqueror 150aH Battery for Rs. 10500.. Just installed today.. I hope made a reasonable cost and quality product. Will keep posted on performance as well…

    • Admin

      Thanks for sharing the price details.

  • M Rajesh Babhu

    I have a microtek make UPS EB600. Which battery is best suggested in 135ah range.

    • Admin

      Dear M Rajesh,
      We recommend Exide INVAMASTER 7500 – (135 AH) – Short
      Tubular battery

      • M Rajesh Babhu

        Dear Admin, Is Exide INVAMASTER 7500 – (135 AH) – ShortTubular battery available in the market? If unavailable what would be next best option in 135ah range? Please let me know.

  • Admin

    Dear Bijay,
    You didn’t mention your load preference.

    How many fans and tubes are you planning to use with UPS?

    Normally 900 VA Pure sinewave inverter with 150 AH tubular battery is best choice for Home use.

  • Balraj Saini

    We had installed Su Kam 3kW solar PCU in June 2010 with 4x12V 180AH (SBT1800) BUG TUBULAR batteries. A few days back, one cell in one of the batteries developed a “short” and so, today, I replaced all four (three still working well, with Sp Gravity above 1.2 in all cells) after a period of 74 months! No regrets at all on performance of Su-Kam batteries. The replacement comes in the form of very cost-effective Su Kam Bazooka (Solar Compatible) 150AH (C20) Batteries, which cost just Rs. 6000 per piece after deducting the scrap value of old batteries. Proud to have a Made in India product!