Microtek SOLAR Inverter – Pre Launch Review

Microtek, India’s leading inverter manufacturer is now all set to launch its innovative new solar inverter.

Microtek has officially announced that the company is going to launch solar inverter in 850 and 1400 VA ranges; the product specification is now available on their official website. Though the exact date of launch is not yet finalized, the expectation has been growing pretty much.

Here we come with some interesting features of Microtek Solar Inverter.

Microtek solar inverter will be a Trapezoidal wave inverter (square wave inverter).

It Carries 2 years manufacturer warranty, just like their other products.

Microtek solar inverter

solar panel calculation

The solar panel wattage should be 75 to 120 % of the AH rating of battery connected to it, which means you should install 70 to 120 watts solar panel for charging a 100 ah battery.

Two solar models are planned and names as ‘UPS SLB 850’ and ‘UPS SLB 1400’. The outlook of new solar inverter simply resembles the microtek classic inverter model ‘UPS SEB’, which is a massive hit among microtek inverter models.

UPS SLB 850 is a single battery inverter system and the other model ‘UPS SLB 1400’ is double battery inverter system.

Both models are ‘Square wave Inverters’.

These Hybrid solar inverters come with dual charge technology, which uses both grid and solar power for charging the battery. It charges the battery with solar power as primary source and grid power as secondary source.

Reportedly ‘Microtek’ has a plan to launch 600 VA solar inverter model (UPS SLB 600) after the launch of 850 and 1400 VA inverters, but not yet officially confirmed by microtek, though the model name can be found on their solar inverter catalogue.

No details about solar panel purchase are provided in microtek website and product catalogue. Sukam has a solar inverter model called ‘brainy’ (Cost around 30k)and it is available as bundled package with solar panels and battery, but microtek has not disclosed any information about product pricing and whether the product is available as a bundled package with battery and solar panels or just a inverter alone.

  • binod

    sir, will microtek sebz 850 make noise, please tell me?

    • admin

      Dear Binod,
      Microtek sebz will not make any noise, very mild fan sound during full load.

  • Ranjith

    Dear Admin,

    First i would like to thank you for your great support.

    I am planning to buy a Microtek 1050VA Inverter and EXide IT 500 Battery.

    Price is 5000 + 13800.

    Now i would like to know is there any other Microtek model has Solar charging option (future) and what will be the price in Tamil nadu.

    My requirements is 3 fans + 3 tubes + 1 Pc + 1 32″ LCD TV + 1 Mixer for minimum of 3 hours.

    Please suggest. Thanks a lot.

    • admin

      Dear Ranjith,
      Make sure your dealer is offering Pure sine wave inverter.

      Your selection is good, price quote looks reasonable and competitive, could you please share the city and dealer name ? That information will help other readers from the same city.

  • phani

    hi sir, i’m phani from vijayawada i would like to buy microtek solar system for my railway quatres it is 2bed room flat i want to know its performance even it works on aircoler,pc,tv,2fans,4lights, or not pls send details on this for above query and its price

  • nand singh

    dear sir, i want to purchase solar system for home approx. 800w load at my home, pls suggest me about cost and model etc.

  • ktsaravanan05

    Dear Admin,

    I bought Microtek SEBz 850 pure shine wave inverter.

    In future, can I add solar panel with this SEBz model or else i have to purchase another inverter ???

    • admin

      Dear saravanan,
      You could add solar pv panels to your existing inverter with some tweaks, we are preparing a special post on this, keep reading our blog.

  • Vijay prabakar.s

    Dear admin,
    I would like to purchase the solar inverters of Microtek sebz850 and sukam solar inverter. Which is best and affordable prices??? I would be more glad if you give the both price list.

    • admin

      Dear Vijay,
      Post your load requirements and budget. We will suggest best configuration with price guideline based on your load requirement and power shedding hours.

  • Sooraj


  • rakesh

    I hav shell solar system. I have problem in inverter .i contact sell solar they’re telling shell solar system is discontinued . so can I use microteck ‘UPS SLB 1400’ .I have 24v panal

  • chetan

    Hello Sir,
    I live in a small village with at least 10 hrs of power cut.
    I have been looking into batteries and inverters for past 15 – 20 days but after spending so much time i’ve got more confused about the things.

    Sir, My requirements are

    1 – lcd (100w) – (6 – 7hrs)
    1 – mixer(750w motor) (may be 15mins)
    1 – fan (at least 6 hrs)
    2 – cfl’s(20W) (may be 1 -2hrs)

    I just want to know about what to do in my case???
    whether to go for solar or grid based power storage thru inverter+batteries.

    I also want to know abt the kind of batteries to be used whether AGM(gel) based or tubular batteries, i mean in terms of cost and life span.
    My budget may be around 40k – 50k.

  • Elango

    I want solar system for home what is the cost
    requirements :all house hold articles included

  • Admin

    Dear Selva Kumar,
    Microtek HB 950 hybrid inverter is a normal sinewave inverter with good overall performance and it cost only Rs.4200/- , one of the lowest priced inverter of its class.

    The model name ‘Hybrid’ in this model is little bit misleading and actually it should not be confused with hybrid solar inverter.

    So, the inverter is good and the battery selection is also super good.

    All you need is an automatic hybrid solar charge controller.

    Microtek also has released one hybrid charge controller, but i am not sure whether it is available at all microtek dealer outlets.

    So, I recommend Sukam solarcon 16amp 12v solar charge controller (hybrid and fully automatic)

    It would cost around Rs.3000/-

    check the online price here


    sukam solarcon charge controller


    Sukam solar panels online Price


    Hope this helps!

    • Selva Kumar

      Thank you for the valuable information regarding the hybrid inverter. I thought the inverter was both solar and grid. In such case, can i go with sukam brainy hybrid inverter? Thank you for your timely response..

      • Admin

        Dear SelvaKumar,
        Sukam Brainy is a good choice though, we would also
        recommend* sukam solarcon hybrid solar charge controller* with sukam shiny 900 pure sine wave inverter, as the solarcon has more advanced features compared to sukam brainy.

        *sukam brainy* – max solar panel capacity – 240 watts
        *sukam solarcon *12v 16 amp max solar panel capacity – 250 watts

        Solarcon is recomended for customizing the battery voltage settings and enjoy the maximum benefits from solar energy.

        *sukam shiny 900 Inverter – Rs.4600/-*

        *sukam solarcon – Rs.3000/-*
        *Sukam Brainy 850 – Rs.8000 to 8300 *