List of Microtek “Pure Sine Wave” Inverter Models

One of the leading inverter brand microtek has introduced some new models in both sinewave and squarewave series. People seaching for Microtek inverters may end up with some confusion in choosing the right model for their need. So, here we go with complete details of Pure sine wave inverter Models of Microtek available in the market.

THE FAMOUS MODEL “UPS SEBz “ From “MICROTEK” mictrotek-ups-seb

“UPS sw E2” series From Microtek


UPS24x7 SW – Model – Newly launched Model


SOHO sine wave Inverter Model From Microtek




These are the Pure sine wave Inverter Models from Microtek in India.

  • Sohil


    I was looking to buy a (1400 – 1600 VA) Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
    Which one would you recommend – UPS SEBz or UPS sw E2 or UPS 24×7 SW
    What is the difference (in features/efficiency etc) between these 3 Microtek Models?

    Thanks for your Help.

    • admin

      Dear Sohail,
      Out of these three Microtek Pure sinewave Inverter models, “UPS SWE² – 1550VA” is better in Energy efficiency and Battery charging current. Go for it.

      Thank you for visiting.

  • Mangala

    I need a Pure sine wave invertor with approximately 850 VA capacity. Out of the three – UPS SEBz 850 VA, UPS SWE2 875 VA, UPS 24×7 SW 900, which one is recommended. What are the differences between the three?

    • admin

      Dear Mangala,
      All these three models will perform well under heavy power cut situations.
      UPS SEBz 850 VA is a classic sinewave model from Microtek.

      UPS SWE2 875 is little bit energy efficient than the other two models.

      UPS 24×7 SW 900 has inbuilt Byepass switch, an useful option in case of battery maintenance. This model inverter monitors the specific gravity of the battery and manages the battery better than other two models.

      You better go for the third model.

      Thank you,

  • rajesh pareva

    dear sir,
    i want to purchase 800VA invertor(Microtek or luminous)with battery.
    plz suggest me which invertor is good and which battery i shd use(exide Inva Tabular 550 or IN 1500 or other one) plz u suggest me. wat to do i m totally confused.

    • admin

      Dear Rajesh,
      We recommend Microtek pure sine wave inverter ‘UPS SEBz-850VA’ and Exide IT 500 ( 150 AH INva tubular) Battery. If you want to reduce the total cost, replace IT500-150 AH TUBULAR with 135 AH EXIDE Inverter Plus.

      UPS SEBz-850VA – Rs.5000/- to 5500/-

      EXIDE IT 500( 150 ah battery) – Rs.14000 to 15000


      Exide 135 AH inverter Plus Battery – Rs.10000 to 10500

  • Anuj

    I am planning to buy microtek inverter SW900. Is the DIGI POWER 140ah Tubular Battery ok for it? I live in delhi and power cuts are not frequent and long.

    • admin

      Dear Anuj,
      DigiPower Tubular batteries are manufactured by Microtek, as we already said in our post, Microtek inverters are reliable and perfect inverter with good service network, but Microtek batteries are not a leading product in market.

      DigiPower 140AH Tubular(2years warranty) would cost Rs7500/- to 8000/- in Delhi. Exide (semitubular) Invertor Plus 135 AH (2years warranty) would cost Rs8500/- in Delhi.

      We strongly recommend Exide Invertor Plus 135 AH for your Microtek 900 va Inverter. Both DigiPower and Okaya are Microtek batteries, Exide semitubular range inverter batteries will clearly outperform Digipower Tubular Batteries.

  • Anuj

    Is luminous better or microtek better for battery and inverter?

    • admin

      Dear Anuj,
      Both Luminous and Microtek are good at Inverter manufacturing.

      But when it comes to battery, luminous is way batter than Microtek. (FYI: Okaya and Digipower Batteries are Microtek Owned companies)

  • Chandra

    I want to buy microtek SWE2 875va and exide it500 150ah battery but dealer in my area is telling that SWE2 is not a successful model and suggesting to go with “microtek UPS SEBz-850VA”.

    As SWE2 is relatively new model, thought it is better than SEBz. is n’t it? please kindly clarify.

    • admin

      Dear Chandra,
      Your dealer is right. SEBz is better than SWE2.

  • Shashi

    Dear admin,
    My microtek sebz 850va inverter produce little buzzing on charging and ups it normal or is a defeat? Please clarify.

    • admin

      Dear Sashi,
      Little Buzz sound from inverter while charging and UPS mode is normal, Don’t need to panic.

  • vishal

    hello sir, I want to buy inverter for my exide IT500i battery.
    Please suggest which one is good microtek or luminous.

  • keenetcafe

    Is Microtek Model UPS24X7 SW HOW successful than other two models of sinwave about 1500 Va category? This model does have newly developed TRANSFORMER IN IT BY MICROTEK I.E. ONLY swE2 OR ALSO IN 24×7 MODEL VERSION, as I am planing to buy one for my self. to run 6 Dual core pcs with 17 ” LCD monitors??? I have calculated roughly 800 W load on, if have any suggestion other this manufacturer pleas suggest.
    Thanks in advance?

  • Ravi

    Hi Admin,
    Please suggest the recommend battery for microtek inverter 24×7 sw1600 model.
    I am planning to go for Invatubular IT500 – 2 nos with the above model.
    Shall I use the batteries?if not please suggest me the other models to use ..

  • admin

    Dear Ravi,
    IT500 is good choice for Microtek 24×7 SW1600 inverter.

    Go for it!

  • shashi

    Dear admin,
    1.My microtek sebz 850va ups fan is still running even in ups on mode(battery mode). Is it normal?
    2.Does thick wire (3.5mm) wiring for inverter reduces the battery backup time?

    • admin

      Dear Shashi,
      Inverter fan is supposed to run in battery mode when there is some load on inverter, it is normal.

      Switch off all load in battery mode, watch the inverter for some time, the fan will automatically slows down.

  • Arjun

    Please suggest 24×7 Model is success model or not. I am planning to buy that model. Because it is 900VA. So I am going for that . Please suggest. Thanks

    • admin

      Dear Arjun,
      We recommend Microtek Classic Pure sine wave model ‘UPS EBz850VA’, 24×7 model is also doing well, but our recommendation is more reliable than 24×7 model.

  • rameez

    sir i have bought exide it500,150ah tubular battery suggest me a pure sine wave inverter…my dealer is saying that microtek pure sine inverters have very less life and therefore u go for some another he said true to me..reply fast,thanks regarding….

    • admin

      Dear Rameez,
      We recommend Microtek Pure sine wave 850VA UPSEBz model inverter for IT500 Exide.

      Microtek inverters are market leaders and they work really long. If you still want to go dor another leading brand, we suggest Sukam shiny 850 VA inverter.

  • oni deori

    iam confuse about what is good inverter for me i have a option two inverter luminous bravo VX and microtek UPS E2

  • Arjun

    Many thanks for your suggestion and I purchased same as per your suggestion. I had a small doubt. I am using 39” CRT sony TV. When inverter is in UPS mode, If I switch on the TV, Inverter blinking with overload . But If I switch on the tv before power goes and it will continue to work on UPS mode without any issue.
    I found that starting power consumption of TV is more which inverter couldn’t supply. Any idea how much power CRT TV will take while starting? Thanks

    Inverter : UPS EBZ850VA
    Battery : Exide IT500PLUS

  • Ravi

    I have installed 1600va microtek sine wave inverter with 150 AH microtek batteries (two nos.) with 2 year warranty. The said batteries need to be replaced now. Please suggest suitable batteries with model number and warranty.

    • admin

      Dear Ravi,
      Exide has semi tubular range batteries specially designed for inverter use,

      Exide Invertor Plus 150 ah – 2 years warranty
      Exide Mega Inva 150 ah – 3 years warranty

  • Ram

    Dear Sir,
    Your website is very informative and I really appreciate the effort you’ve put to help people like us who dont know much about inverters and batteries..

    I have over 14hrs per day loadshedding here and need high backup..since i need sine wave, luminous shakti charge is out..but my dealer said that Microtek UPS E2 – 875VA is very efficient n charges very fast at 14.4 amps..does it really? It costs Rs.2185 more than comparable sukam n luminous it worth it? u’ve also mentioned that 200ah battery is overkill for 875va inverter and with that many hrs loadshedding..but with 14.4 amps charging, will it fully charge?

    Even if i put excide inva tubular 150ah battery, will it charge faster with E2 or am i better off with sukam shark or luminous 875va sine wave inverter?

    which inverter and battery do you recommend?

    The prices i got from dealer are:
    Microtek E2 inverter 875va Rs. 9060

    Luminous sine wave inverter 875va or sukam 850va Rs. 6875

    Excide Inva tubular IT500 150Ah Rs. 13250

    Excide Inva tubular IT750 200ah Nrs. Rs. 16710

    did i get a good deal?
    My apologies for long question.I am planning to buy tomorrow, so would really really appreciate a quick reply.. 🙂

    • admin

      Dear Ram,
      I read your mail completely.
      The price quote for all model inverters is absolute cheating, he is trying to loot your money. At the same time the price quote for Exide IT500 and IT750 is reasonable and competitive.

      we advice you to purchase battery from this seller and look for inverter from any other dealer.

      Price guideline for Microtek Inverter

      Microtek SW-E2 (Pure sine wave) 875 va – Rs5300 to 5800/-

      Microtek UPS SEBz 850 VA (Pure sine wave)- Rs4900 to 5300/-

      Sukam Shiny 850 VA (Pure sinewave) – Rs5000 to 5500/-

      Microtek E2 does not have special ability to charge bigger batteries at high amp, microtek specs clearly shows that information, more over Microtek E2 is a square wave inverter, SW-E2 is the Pure sine wave model.

      For 14 Hrs Power cut, 200 ah battery does not do any magic in extra back up time, don’t waste your money. IT500 is enough for 875 VA inverter. If you really want extra back up , just go for 1500 va inverter with two IT400 (115 ah) tall tubular batteries.

      If budget does not permits, then consider Two Invertor Plus model semitubular exide 100 ah batteries with 1500 va inverter.

      (Never buy 850 va inverter for Price more than 5500/-)

      • Ram

        really appreciate your reply..thank u.. 🙂
        apologies for sending twice..
        I will do the same as u have said..will buy inverter from somewhere else, either luminous 875va sine wave or sukam and battery IT500i 150ah..n there the dealer was going on about how much the eco e2 inverter would save electricity bill every month and would pay the increased price in few years! would surely have been cheated.. and dealers here seem to be trying to sell IT500 as IT500i as they are same.. i would be able to to diffrentiate them by their indicator, right?

        • Ram

          On second note, although my budget is stretched out for now as it is, would it be ok if i buy 200ah battery and 850va inverter for now which is maxm i can go for now and add 100W or 150W solar panel after a year when i can and charge 200ah by hybrid of solar and mains line both? or in that case too, would 150ah battery suffice? my requirements are 40″ LCD TV,laptop, 3*20W CFL, and occasional desktop but i can give up desktop if battery cannot handle it..
          thanks 🙂

          • admin

            Dear Ram,
            If you have 10 hours continuous power supply in a day or night without interruption, then you can consider buying a 200 ah battery.

            If you have any plans to add solar panels in future, we recommend solar hybrid inverter, which has inbuilt charge level controller and some more additional automatic functions to facilitate installing solar panels and use solar power as main source for charging the battery, Normal sine wave inverters can not handle this.

          • Ram

            my questions r getting very long..plz do bear with me..haha..when i asked for sukam 850va inverter and excide battery on another dealer but that guy went on to say that these days there r many duplicate sukam and they have only sukam name and excide too has very bad repair service, that i wud have to wait for weeks if theres any fault in battery..he strongly said that eucon 850va pure sine wave was original and that star plus tubular premium 150ah(6TP 150IT)was lot better with excellent service, that they wud replace battery without any hassle.. i’ve never heard of either r they? i know u told not to trust other unheard brands and that dealers prefer them for their that the case here? this one’s trying to rip me off too? but since that dealer said bcoz of their experience of long buisness excide battery r prone to failure with bad service headache, they wud not assume responsibility if anything goes i dont think im gonna buy there regardless..
            so my options r:
            luminous bravo this a pure sine wave? in ur page u said its square but in its box, it says sine wave..
            so that leaves sukam shiny or falcon..both r pure sine wave right?which is better?

        • admin

          Dear Ram,
          IT500i has led charge level indicators.

          • Ram

            thanks so much for ur reply.. 🙂
            but if i buy charge controller separately later, i can still add solar to existing normal sine wave inverters, right? besides for now adding solar is a bit out of my budget..

  • Ram

    Dear Sir,
    I wanted to replace by 850 va inverter with Microtek UPS SEBz-850VA but my dealer is recomending me to get the newly launched (Jan 15th) UPS SWE2 1025 VA. He says he attended the launch and was happy with the improvements withs this new model. Please suggest if its worth to buy this. he is offering at 5800 rs where as SEBz 850 is 5500rs.

    i have a Sonic 1500 battery with 3 yrs warranty.

    • admin

      Dear Reader,
      Reliability of Microtek UPS SEBz 850 VA model has already proven in the market, now your dealer is trying to test the newly launched model with some of his customers including you, its up to you to say yes to newly launched model either go for already proven model.

  • Ram

    Thanks for the reply admin. Do you have any info on this model?

  • Satish Bhutada

    Sir, I want to purchase an inverter requiring to run 3 tube light & 3 fans etc., so please give me details of Inverter suiting for Me 800 kv or more !!!! and tell me what is the difference between sine wave & digital inverter also its benefits and disdavanges & also tell me on which battery it would run most efficently… I also want extended warranty facility….

    Satish Bhutada

  • sureshkumar

    I want 800-900va inverter and suitable battery to my home.which brand is best and long life for inverter and battery with good warrenty and service,because many person confuse me luminus,microtek,mahindra etc.plz suggest me good brand and price for both battery and inverter.

  • sureshkumar

    I want 800-900va inverter and suitable battery to my home.which brand is best and long life for inverter and battery with good warrenty and service,because many person confuse me luminus,microtek,mahindra etc.plz suggest me good brand and price for both battery and inverter.reply as soon as possible to purchase the product very urjent.

    • admin

      Dear Suresh,
      we Recommend two inverter models which are more reliable and affordable,

      Microtek UPS SEBz850va pure sine wave – Rs.4900/ to 5300/-

      Sukam Shiny 850 va pure sine wave inverter- Rs.5000 to 5500/-

      Dealers may quote price more than above at first inquiry, you need to bargain for good deal.

      For Inverter Battery,
      We Recommend Exide IT500 Tall tubular 150 ah battery which is top selling and more reliable inverter battery at present, the price could be Rs.13500 to 14500 (again you have to bargain to get this deal, dealers may quote Rs.16000 initially)

      If you want to reduce your budget in battery purchase, you can go for Exide Invertor Plus model 150 ah or 135 ah battery which is semi tubular and last long for 3 years.

      Exide Invertor Plus – 135ah – Rs10,000 to 10,500/-

      Exide mega inva is also a semitubular with more warranty, it would cost little more than “invertor plus’ model.

  • Kanchanam

    Want to buy an inverter for my home. Which is best one btw these or pls suggest one which is better than these. I have short listed UPS 24*7 SW900, SEBZ 1500, SWE2 875 & E2 1025va. Thank u.

    • admin

      Dear Kanchanam,
      Post your load preference and budget limit, so that we can suggest a model.

      SEBz is a classic series in Microtek models and it is most reliable.

      • Kanchanam

        My requirments – 3 tubelights, 2 ceiling fans, 2 32 inch LCD tv & a mixie. My budjet is upto 25k. Pls suggest a suitable battery along with the capacity needed.

        • admin

          Dear Kanchanam,
          We Recommend

          Sukam Shiny 850 VA Pure sine wave inverter and

          Exide Inva Tubular model’IT500′ 150 ah Tall Tubular Battery for your load preference. This combination is most reliable and affordable, literally comes under 20k.

          Sukam shiny85va- Rs.5500/-
          Exide IT500 – Rs.13,800 to 14500/-

  • Kanchanam

    Suggest a suitable battery & capacity needed. Which one is best Exide or Amaron.

  • jeykumar123

    sir i am using the microtek 850va sebz model inverter with okaya semi tubular big yellow 150ah battery for it.even 3 months of buying it it becomes a weak…after i know that it is the time to topping.

    i add distilled water to it and also check s.g and i make the specific gravity as correct 1.250.after it it becomes working for next 2 it is complaint for backup time is less.plz tell me this battery is compatible for my application load 1 lcd tv,3fan ,4tubelight as well as cfl…these all are not working in even time….

    when it is in new it is working for a full day without battery low…now it becomes only for 1.45 hrs….some body tells microtek inverter which kills a battery…but i refused..

    i know that microtek 850sebz is one of best inverter selling brand….tell me any idea…customer service will not help in first time repair…now yester day this complaint is occured…..plz tell way to solve my problem…okaya battery is better or not….

    • admin

      Dear Jeyakumar,
      I wonder how did you measure the specific gravity of the battery? Seems like you have enough knowledge to understand the battery, Ok let me come to the point.

      Okaya is a low cost battery from Microtek company, i want to remind you that “you get what you pay for” , that doesn’t mean a low cost battery would die in 3 months time, but the reliability matters.

      We would recommend a bench charging for your battery which can be done in a battery service center only, take your battery to your dealer and ask him for a bench charge. Most Likely this would solve your problem. If the problem persists even after bench charge, it’s time to claim warranty.

  • jishnu

    Dear admin,

    I plan to buy an invertor for my home. i have short listed the following models.

    microtek sebz 850va
    microtek swe2 875va

    Exide Mega Inva-100AH battery (36 months warranty)
    Exide IT 400 -110AH battery(48 months warranty)

    I would like to know the combatability of the invertor with the battery and which combination will be more efficient? also the approx. price of this in kerala.

    Thanks in advance



    • admin

      Dear Jishnu,
      we recommend the following combination for optimum performance and long life,

      Microtek UPS SEBz850VA Pure sine wave inverter

      Exide Mega Inva Semi tubular 100 ah with 3 years full replacement warranty


      Best deal Prices

      Exide Mega Inva 100ah battery – Rs.8750/-

      Microtek UPS SEBz850VA pure sinewave inverter – Rs.5000/-

  • Sathyanarayanan


    I’m plannning to buy inverter and found about your post on inverterinfo. I would require 1000va with 150 ah battery. I have checked in microtek website there are few models in 1000va but they recommend minimum 165ah battery. Please guide me on what invereter and battery to buy.

    Thanks in advance

    Regards, Sathya

    • admin

      Dear Satya,
      If you want extra backup or more powerful inverter just go for double battery 1500VA inverter, if budget is a constrain and you want to opt for single battery inverter, we recommend you to go for 850 VA inverter,

      Few models are available in 1000va range, but a 1000va inverter imposes heavy stress on battery to produce such a large amount of current, 850 va model works perfect with single battery and no stress on battery.


    Dear sir/Madam,
    I want to buy a invertor with battery. My load is 6 Fans, 6 CFL light (20 Watt.) and a LCD TV with Tata Sky DTH. I have saw 3 models:- Microtek EB 1000VA, Microtek e2 1025VA, Microtek DG 900 and as per your older suggestion Microtek UPS SEBz850VA . And also i want to noise/humming free Invertor. Please suggest me which one is good for me.
    Also suggest me about Battery. Exide IT 500 or IT 500 super which one is good.
    Please give me raplay ASAP.
    Param Deo Prasad

    • admin

      Dear Param,
      An 850VA or 900 va inverter won’t handle your load preference, you should consider upgrade to 1500 VA Pure sine wave model with two IT500 Exide Tall tubular batteries.

  • Anoop Kumar Rai

    I need an inverter to handle 3 fans, 3 tubes, and 1 CRT TV for atleast 6 hrs.
    Can u suggest me the best inverter + battery combo for my requirement. Thanx in advance.

    • admin

      Dear Anoop,
      We recommend 850 VA Sukam and Microtek pure sine wave inverters for your load preference. Choose anyone according to the availability.

      Sukam shiny 850 VA – Rs.5500
      Microtek UPS SEBz850VA sine wave – Rs.5000/-


      For Battery
      We recommend

      150 ah Tubular battery

      Exide IT500 150ah Tall tubular – Rs.13,500 to 14500/- (36 months full warranty + 1 year prorata)

      Sukam Big Tall Tubular SBT1500 150Ah – Rs.10500 to 11,000/- (36 months warranty)

      Amaron Current Tall Tubular 150ah – Rs.12,000/- (36 months full warranty + 1 year prorata)


      Exide Semi tubular model Invertor Plus 150 ah – Rs.11000 t0 11500/- (24 months warranty)

      Amaron current semi tubular 150 ah – Rs.10000 to 10500/- (24 months warranty)


      Choose anyone of above according to the availability and your budget limit. You could also choose semi tubular model batteries which could costs less than tall tubular models. Tubular batteries last long for 4 years and above according to the power cut situation.

  • Anoop Kumar Rai

    which is best in pure sine wave technology….Microtek or Exide…..what’s ur stand on it? Thanx

    • admin

      Dear Anoop,
      This site has better ranking and traffic than official sites of leading brands like Microtek and Luminous.

      So, Our comments will be always diplomatic, we won’t degrade any brand and i know our readers (including you) are smart enough to find the best brand by reading the discussions happening around here in various topics.

  • Dheeraj

    sir i have microtech sebz850va inverter and 180ah local brand battery. in my area power supply about 5 hours . so not full charging my battery.
    sir can i add extra 10amp battery charger with inverter. please reply

    • admin

      Dear Dheeraj,
      Adding extra ‘grid power based chargers’ for inverters will not help you to charge the battery for extra backup.

      We recommend

      200 watts solar panel (12 v)
      12v 20 amp solar charge controller.

      Add the above listed solar products to your existing inverter to extend the backup time significantly.

  • Dheeraj

    Dear sir ,thank’s for give the answer. sir in your artical “How to Install Solar Panels & Inverter for Home-Step by Step Guide” you give the price of solar panal 45rs/w but in my area price of solar panal 100rs/w , please give the address in u.p. or delhi where i buy 45rs/w or give the address of online buy.

  • Anwar

    Dear Admin,

    Pls suggest the battery back up of Exide IT500, 150 ah tall tubular battery and the charging hour.

    planning for microtek inverter SEBz 850Va.

    Total load 4 CFL + 3 Fan + 32″ LED.

    Pls mention the time period to add distilled water and if late what will happen.

    In battery, pls specify the difference Exide IT 500, IT 500i, Exide Mega Inva, inverter plus ( all for 150AH ).

    Specify the price and reliability of all. Dealer makes lots of confusion as all names are same.

    Pls reply at the earliest as I’m planning a new set for my home.



    • admin

      Dear Anwar,
      Your load preference is nearly 420 watts

      If you run all these gadgets simultaneously with 150 ah battery, you could get almost 4 hours continuous backup. If you use only half of your load preference simultaneously, then you could get more than 8 hours backup.

      Microtek UPS SEBz 850 va is a pure sine wave inverter, it has two modes for battery charging, if you use high charging mode, you need to top-up your battery with distilled water at-least once per two months. If you use normal charging mode, you need to top-up the battery with distilled water once per every 5 month. If you forget to top-up the battery with distilled water, you would end up in premature battery failure.

      Normal charging mode is recommended, if you face 2 to 3 hour power cut per day.

      High charging mode is preferred, if you face more than 5 hours power cut per day.

      Both Exide tubular and non tubular batteries are best performers, but not all the models are good performers.

      Exide IT500 is the No.1 tubular battery in the Indian market. 3 years full warranty+ 1 year prorate warranty and 5 years life expectation.

      Exide Mega Inva is just equal to a Tubular battery, (actually it is non-tubular) warranty for 3 years – life expectation – 4 + years

      Invertor Plus model is the best seller and best performer of its class – 2 years full warranty and 3 years life expectation.

      We do not recommend IT500i

      We recommend Exide Mega Inva 150 ah battery with 3 years full warranty, truly worth for what we pay.

      If you could afford a Inva tubular IT500 150m ah battery, then go for it.

      Hope this helps !

  • Santhosh Kumar

    Hello Admin,

    I have a microtek inverter UPS SEBZ850va with Cummins 100Ah battery
    in my home. The battery is giving very
    less back up 40 min with 2 fan + 2 Zero watts bulb.

    Initially I have used a local inverter which is spoiled my
    battery life. Now I have changed my inverter to microtek inverter UPS SEBZ850
    va recently 1 month back, but still I am searching a suitable battery for this
    new microtek inverter.

    My load capacity is 4F + 2Tube light + 2 zero watts bulb or
    Energy saver bulb + 29’’ Tube TV. I want a battery back up 6 to 8 hrs.

    Please suggest me the best battery for my new microtek
    inverter and also please advise me how to set up an inverter charging range.

    Please help me 🙂

    With Regards

    • Admin

      Dear Santhosh,
      We recommend
      Exide Mega Inva 150 ah
      Exide Inva Smart 150 ah battery

      Both batteries have same warranty and exceptional performance.

      Price:- Rs.13500/-
      Your load preference is little heavy for a 850 va inverter to handle.

      Zero watt bulbs would consume near about 15 watt, its better to replace it with 5 watts CFL or LED.

      Use High charge mode for better backup time, but in high charge mode, you need to topup your battery with distilled water more often than in normal mode.

  • Admin

    Dear Stephen,
    Your load preference is little heavy for a 1000va inverter to handle, but if you plan not to use all the load simultaneously, your inverter will stay cool.

    We strongly recommend pure sine wave inverter for LCD and LED TV’s , check whether your inverter is pure sinewave or TPZi

    As you have two batteries, you could exchange your old inverter for new Pure sine wave 1500 va inverter, which is capable of handling your load flawless and safe.

    We recommend
    Sukam shiny 1500 va or
    Exide original 1450 va

  • Admin

    Dear Santhosh,
    We recommend Microtek 850 VA UPS Sebz + Exide Mega Inva 150 ah battery

    Exide Inva Smart 150 ah has identical features and same price tag of Mega Inva.
    We also recommend

    Luminous ILTT 18048 – 150 ah Tall tubular battery with 3 years full warranty

    Amaron CRTT 150 ah Tall tubular battery

  • Gowri

    Dear Admin,

    I want to buy a UPS for my computer which is a server. It should run continuously without having any power interruption. I have checked APC online UPS for the system backup. APC online UPS is very much expensive if i want to go for 3 hours of backup for my system.
    now, my question is, can i go for microtek SEBZ 850 VA & Exide IT500 battery for my system.
    My requirement is : at any point of time, system should not get power fluctuations or should not shut down and restart.
    Many dealers are saying that, any SINE WAVE UPS will fulfill my requirement.
    Is it correct?? or should i go with APC only???

    Please suggest..
    Thanks for your help in advance.


    • Admin

      Dear Gowri,
      If you are planning to power up server computers with UPS, then we would strongly recommend ‘Online UPS’ system which would be expensive but most reliable for servers.

      Normal home inverters would do this job as well, but the reliability score will be low and sometimes you may experience server reboot during power cuts. But this happens rarely.

      We do not recommend 800 or 850 va inverter for this, we would like to recommend

      Exide 1450 va inverter + two Exide Mega Inva 150 ah or Invertor Plus batteries.
      Sukam shiny 1500 va Inverter+ Two Exide Mega or inva smart 150 ah batteries.

      If you could expand your budget limit,

      we would recommend

      Su-kam Intelli Online UPS system (1KVA model)
      4 Exide Inva smart 150 ah batteries

      • Gowri

        Dear Admin,

        Thanks for your quick response. However, Could you please suggest any other online UPS rather than going for Su-Kam Online UPS since it is very expensive(Please suggest one which gives lower backup time).
        Thank you,

        • Admin

          Dear Gowri,
          If you want to cut the cost, we would recommend to use APC 600 va normal computer UPS + Sukam shiny or Exide home UPS 850 VA with One Exide Mega Inva or Inva smart 150 ah battery.

          APC 600 VA normal computer UPS (line-interactive) – Rs.1800 to 2000/-

          Exide or Sukam shiny 1500 va inverter – Rs.5000 to 5500/-

          Exide Mega Inva or Inva smart 150 ah battery(3 years full warranty) – Rs.13000 to 13500/-

          Total – Rs.20,500 approx.

          • Gowri

            Dear Admin,

            Thank you so much for your advise.This is what exactly i am looking for….However, When i check with the dealer regarding Sukam Shiny 1500 VA, he was telling that, i should go for 2 batteries.
            Is that true??
            The dealer is telling that, if i want to go for 1500 VA from any brand, i should go for 2 batteries….???
            Kindly suggest.
            Based on your advice, i will make a decision.

            Thank You,

          • Admin

            Dear Gowri,
            Yes , it is true!

            Inverters above 1000 VA are 24 volt systems, they need 2 12v batteries to operate,

            If you want to cut the cost, use

            Exide 1450 va inverter – Rs.7000 to 7500/-
            Two Exide Invertor Plus 88 ah batteries – Rs.6800 x 2 = 13,600/-

            Total – 21,000 approx (excluding APC normal computer UPS)

          • Gowri

            Dear Admin,

            Thank you so much….

            Your answers are very much helpful.


  • Admin

    Dear Rupa,
    If you decide to use solar power for 24 hrs, it would cost you more than normal conventional solar panel setup.

    Any how we recommend Sukam solar inverter model ‘Brainy’ – an 850VA pure sine wave solar inverter with 150 ah battery and three 80 watts panels (240 watts)

    This inverter will handle your load preference flawlessly.

  • Naveen Kumar P D

    Hi… i am planning to purchase Kevin innovolt 1050 VA sine wave inverter + Amaron Current CRTT 150 ah, Tall tubular battery…. Kindly let me know… is it a right choice to make for 3 BHK house… let me know how durable are this products… also let me know is there any better alternate for this ??/

    • Admin

      Both Kevin and Amaron are good brands. Go for it!

      1050 VA is sufficient for 3 BHK house, but if you plan to use 40″ LCD TVs in all 3 bed rooms simultaneously, better you go for 1500 VA inverter with double battery.

  • Admin

    Dear Sameer,
    Read this following post, hope u get answer for your problem.

    • sameer

      But I have tried these things too….I have already change to 180-260v………and a microtekengineer has also test this….but my problem was not solved….is there any difference between the power cut tranfers time of luminous and microtek….as my friend having luminuos 675va…and its working fine……..

      • Admin

        Dear Sameer,
        Seems like switch over time is little higher than usual, changing some internal component might solve the problem. But not 100% sure.

        Better you call Luminous service and ask them to replace the PCB (printed circuit board) , it would cost around Rs.1500/- (including service charge)

        As your Inverter has no major problems, they will buy back your PCB and the cost of new PCB may come down.

        • sameer

          Dear sir,
          actually I have purchased a microtek inverter two days ago…thats is not working on ups mode as I switch to 180v-260v…….first I have taken a microtek eb900 with a battery microtek eb 1600…it was not going on ups mode..then retailer said..u have to take a higher ..he gave microtek swe2 1025va….but It also not working… just restart the pc….as u say I have change the component…but how can be a new ups faulty…..should I go for luminuos or true power……… there any diff between cahnge over time between these inveter
          one thing more is there any diff between a ups and inverter…….

          • Admin

            Dear Sameer,
            Take time and read our old articles that describes the difference between Home UPS inverters, Online UPS systems and normal Computer UPS .

            When you switch your inverter to UPS mode, a PC will not restart during Power failure. Check all your wiring and if possible connect your PC directly to Inverter’s Power socket at the back panel to make sure the problem is with inverter or with wiring.

  • Admin

    Is your PC is equipped with any Graphic Card?

  • Admin

    Dear Manju Benny,
    We strongly recommend 24V double battery Pure inverter system for your load preference.

    We recommend

    Exide Pure sine wave 1450 VA inverter
    Two Exide Inva Plus 150 ah batteries.

  • Ngoula

    Hi! I live in Cameroon (Africa). Power cut is common in my country. I am in India and I want to purchase an inverter who can support 1 freezer, 2 TV, 8 tubes light 1 water heater. PLEASE WHAT SOLAR HYBRID INVERTER do you advise.

    • Admin

      Dear Ngoula,
      To calculate the total watts requirement, we need more details about the freezer you are about to use.

      So, send me the power consumption details of your freezer.

  • krish

    hello admin,

    i have buyed sinewave inverter 900watts and microtek battery one year old n i m not getting battery back up for 3 to 4 hours i have tested one day its giving battery back up hardly one n half hour only that too only one fan what is the problem?

    • Admin

      Dear Krish, Test your inverter backup with High charge mode in your inverter.

  • Admin

    Dear Giriraj,
    To convert your existing inverter into solar hybrid inverter, we recommend

    Sukam SolarCon – conversion kit for normal inverters

    With two battery setup, you could install up to 520 watts of solar panels with sukam solarcon.

    If you want to add more, you should replace your existing 2 battery inverter system into 4 battery inverter system.

    SolarCon solar hybrid conversion kit is available up to 48v 40 amp (4 battery system), in which solar PV modules up to 3000 watts could be connected.

  • Admin

    Dear Venugopal, We recommend 900va Pure sinewave inverter with 150 ah tubular battery.

    It would cost around 4.5k for inverter and 12k for tubular battery.

  • mano

    Hi i have microtek 850sebz shnewave inverter. Its become a fault due to heavy rain with lighting. there led display only mains on. Out put and charging not work what we have to do

    • Admin

      Dear Mano, you need to call microtek service and replace the printed circuit board of your inverter.

      It would cost around Rs.1200 including service charge.

      If your inverter is under warranty, claim it for free.



    • Admin

      Dear Sarika,
      900 va puresinewave inverter with 150 ah tubular battery
      would be perfect match for your requirement.

  • vijay nayak

    I have purchased UPS Hybrid HB 950VA. It is really noisy. It keep
    quiet only when battery is fully charged. The advertisement given that
    is is noiseless. Customer service is pathetic.
    I am switching back to luminous which was noise less.

  • Bhaskar Roy

    i want to run 2 pc and a laser printer(hp1020/1007). i need 4 hours backup time. what kind of ups will be suitable?

  • Anshuman

    Dear sir,
    I want to buy an microtek inverter with battery for my shop.
    I will use 2 wall hanging fans, 2 to 3 Led/CFL bulbs .
    What model should I go for both inverter and battery.
    How much will it cost and what will be the back up.
    Please let me know.

  • J V M Sarma

    I bought Microtek Sine Wave UPS about 3 years ago. It has been working wonderfully so far. Actually whenever the power goes off, we don’t even feel the shutting of power. and when power comes back, the inverter charges for a few minutes and both the indicators show up. However, since last 4 days, the re-charge indicator has been blinking without stop. could you tell me if there is any defect or problem. Rest everything is ok.

    • Admin

      Dear Sarma,
      You need to test all your 6 cells in the battery.

      Faulty or weak cells would cause this problem. Also this could end up in heavy electricity bill.

      Call your battery dealer and ask him to test the battery cells.

  • Prabhakar Chauhan

    sir,i want to buy new battery capacity 220 AH (single battery)…………so sir please suggest me which power of inverter suitable for this battery……one question more sir,shopkeeper told me u should buy 1650 VA say reason behind this it optimize more battery usage & also charging with full capacity……..but i think it require two batteries with 1650VA inverter… so possible not properly work with single battery….its right sir

    • Admin

      Dear Prabakaran,
      We recommend Sukam Falcon plus 1100 va single battery 12v pure sine wave inverter for you.

      It handles big batteries better than any other inverter model.

      If your budget permits, you could choose double battery inverter model. Falcon plus also has 24V model which needs 2 battery to operate.