Is Microtek Silver Winding inverter Better than Luminous Copper Winding?


I want an inverter-sine wave 800va either luminous or microtek.

one dealer suggested me to buy luminous which has copper winding as compared to microtek which has silver winding.. IS IT SO? HOW DOES IT AFFECT INVERTERS PERFORMANCE?




Dear Dr.Vikram,

Actually microtek inverter has aluminium winding, don’t know whether  your dealer is aware of this, anyways i will explain.

Both copper and silver windings has its own advantages, conductivity of silver is 5% better than copper. Silver winding is expensive than copper winding.

When it comes to performance, in some long power cut situations copper winding performs better, in other some situations silver winding seems better.

It’s hard to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of copper and silver winding. As per our experience, both copper and silver winding inverters are performing well in hard power cut situations.

  • akv

    Hi Admin,

    Please suggest me good models in 850VA Pure Sine Wave inverters based out of Copper Winding ones currently available in market


    • admin

      Dear AKV,
      We recommend Luminous 875 VA sine wave inverter for you, it would cost Rs.5500/-.

      • akv

        Dear Admin,

        i am from bangalore & got a quotation for
        Luminous 875VA Sine wave – Rs.5000/-
        Exite IT 500 (150AH) Battery – Rs.15000/-
        & no installation charges.

        Is this a fair deal or i have to negotiate further.

        Kindly recommend other possible combos as well.

        • admin

          Dear AKV,
          It’s a Fair deal! Ask for free installation.

          Exide Original Inverter 850 va with LCD display has better charging current.

  • Admin

    Very Good Product, go for it!

  • Admin

    Dear Hasan,
    Both models are good ones, choose according to the availability and pricing.

    Your battery choice is also perfect.

    Go for it!

  • rajendra

    i want 1500 va copperbase

    • Admin

      Dear Rajendra,
      Sukam gives 7 years warranty in its transformer. E
      recommend sukam shiny 1600

  • rajendra

    pl suggest best ups in market

    • Admin

      Dear Rajendra,
      If you want best, we would recommend Sukam Falcon + and Luminous

  • jestin

    dear , i need ahelp.
    i just confused a lot after doing a small research in inverter and battery purchase.
    which is best ,either microtek 1100 va or luminous 1050 ecovolt .
    which is having good service facility.
    i planned to buy 150 ah tubular battery too. whether amaron 150 ah is ok or not.
    which is having less problms / complaints.
    what about lumionus 150 ah battery