How to Install Solar Panels & Inverter for Home-Step by Step Guide

Question: I suffer more than 12 hours power cut per day, Normal inverters could not get full charge with this severe power cuts,

I want to go for Solar inverter,

My load preference is 3 Fans, 3 CFL’s and 1 LCD Tv during Day time.

Could you guide me on installing a Solar inverter set up at affordable cost?

My budget is 40k

Answer: I Appreciate your interest on solar green energy. Hopefully it will be the future of power back up industry.

For Your Limited budget of 40K, i could suggest you best possible and cost effective configuration.

I am 100% sure that SOLAR inverter is the only solution for growing power cut problems.

ups sebz850 batteries


Solar Inverter Setup

We recommend you to install

1) 500 watts solar panels (Poly crystalline PV Modules)

2)Luminous 1.5 KVA sine wave (double battery) inverter

3) Two 100 ah Exide Invertor Plus Batteries and

4) 24v, 40amps PWM Solar Charge controller


Solar Cost Estimation

500 WATTS Polycrystalline solar panels –> 2 x 250 watts panels

Based on Price of Rs.45/watts

500watts panels -Rs.45 x 500watts = Rs.22500/-

PWM Solar charge controller (24v, 30 amp)   = Rs.2000/-

Microtek 1.5 KVA SEBz1500va sine wave inverter = Rs.7000/-

Two 100 ah Exide Invertor Plus batteries = Rs.16,000/- (cost of 2 batteries)

Wires and installation of panels               = Rs.5000/-

Total Cost – Rs.53,000/- (approx)


Government Subsidy on Solar inverter & panels Set up

Note: As i already said, it is possible to get government subsidy up to 25 % of the total cost, so you could get up to maximum Rs.13,000 as subsidy for this configurtion, so that the final cost would come down to Rs.40000/-

Remember that, for subsidy you need to wait up to 6 months after installation, so the total amount you need to invest initially is approximately Rs.53,000/-

solar panels

How to Buy Solar Panels?

For this setup, we need 2 Nos of 250 watts (24v) panels

2 x 250 watts panel = 500 watts

Solar panels are widely available in cities and towns nowadays,
Price is based on Rs./watt

Types of Solar Panels available in market

There are two types of solar cells available in market,

Mono crystalline solar panels and Poly crystalline solar panels

Mono crystalline is expensive and little more efficient than poly crystalline.

Poly crystalline solar panels are affordable, widely available and best seller in market.

So, we recommend Poly crystalline solar panels.


At present Poly crystalline panels are available for Rs.45 to 50 per watt, which means a 100 watts 12v panel would cost Rs.4500 to Rs.5000/- (including all taxes and transport)

Bargain and get the best price deal.

When buying solar panels, ask for MNRE approval, so that you can claim 25 % subsidy from government (it would take 6 months time to get the money from govenment)

How To Use Solar Inverter

Here we are going to use normal sine wave inverter for our setup,

Few Branded solar hybrid inverters are also available in market, they have inbuilt solar charge controller, but they are too expensive and most solar technicians follow this method of using normal sine wave inverter with solar charge controller.

What is Solar Charge Controller?

solar max charge controller

The current we get from solar panels will not remain constant throughout the day, so many ups and downs will be there, so that we can not connect solar photo voltaic modules directly to charge our battery, it will spoil our battery over time.

So, we need a device called solar charge controller to control the current we receive from solar panels, the charge controller has inbuilt PWM (pulse width modulation) charger to charge the lead acid battery in three stages, which ensures long life for battery.

In this 500 watts solar setup, we will get 400 watts current for sure from solar panels in day time

which means 8 am to 5 pm

We can use the free current from PV modules during this day time by manually switching off the Input to Inverter (power supply from grid), so that the inverter battery will be charged with available solar power.

While the battery is getting charge from solar panels, concurrently we can use the battery power to power up our home.

So, with solar power, the battery will be get charge and on the other side the battery will deliver current to inverter for powering up our gadgets, this happens simultaneously.


As we have only 500 watts solar panel setup, we should not use more than 400 watts power from inverter during day time.

Lets see how many Fans, lights and TV can we use with this 400 watts power during day time.

3 fans – 240 watts

One 32 inch LCD – 80 watts

Total – 320 watts

(As we don’t use lights during day time, i exclude it from this list.)

So, we use 320 watts power during day time, then what happens to the excess 80 watts of current generated by solar panels?

The excess 80 watts will go directly in to your battery storage, not only that 80 watts, if you switch off the LVD TV for 5 hours in day time, that 80 watts used by LCD also goes to battery storage directly.

So, you can use the excess current during night time, as you have heavy power cut even at night time, we should limit our power usage to 300 watts/hr during day time, the excess 100 watts/hr will be stored in the battery. we can use it later during nightime.


power socket

In this whole setup, one thing you should remember is

Point No.1 –> Manually switch off the Grid power supply to inverter every morning 7 or 8 AM (according to the availability of sun light)

Point No.2 –> Manually switch on the Grid power supply to inverter on evening time, when sunlight goes off.


This is very simple process.

Now,13 or 14 hour power cuts could not interrupt your daily life. You could also save money on your electricity bills.

Using the above method, users can convert their existing normal inverter to solar inverter and beat the power cuts.

This Diagram would help you understand the whole setup!

Post Your questions regarding this setup, i will answer you within 24 hrs .



  • admin

    Our reader Sunil has posted a question to me on this topic. Here it is…

    i have gone through your solar panel installation guide plz suggest for 850va and 150ah battery and also plz show the diagram reverside also

  • admin

    Dear Sunil,
    Soon i will post a Solar Panel installation guide for users with 850 va inverter and 150 ah battery.

  • mani

    i have 80 w pv module . 70 ah exide solar tubular battery and im using it currently with 2 cfl 11 w tata ligt only.
    can i put more load on it like dc fan or small inverter for running led tv 22 ” .
    im using it without any charge controller as of now.
    could you guide me appropriate charge controller for it.
    how much load i can get from this setup

    • admin

      Dear Mani,
      Connecting Solar PV modules directly to battery is not recommended, it will kill your battery over time. More over it would discharge your battery during night time.

      A PWM charge controller is very inexpensive device which protects your battery and solar panel and ensures long service life.

      (for example: )

      We recommend

      12 v 10amp solar charge controller for your 80 watts panel, and one 150 va Sukam Micron model Inverter,

      With this setup, you can use 1 fan and 1 cfl comfortably with your existing 80 watts panel and 70ah exide batttery.

      If you have grid power availability, give the grid power supply to inverter input as shown in the diagram.

      So, the cost would be like this

      12v 10 amp solar charge controller – Rs.1000/-

      Sukam 150 va Micron – Rs.2000/-

      Total – Rs.3000/-

      By spending Rs.3000/- you can operate a 50 watts fan and 1 cfl with your 80 watts panel and 70 ah battery.

      ( A normal ceiling fan would consume only 50 watts while running at half speed. Should install a dimmer switch instead of bulgy old type regulator, only costs Rs.150 )

    • gslalwani

      Please suggets me where can I purchase the PV modules at your suggested price in above article.

      • admin

        Dear Gslawani,
        Share your loaction details with us, so that we can suggest you good solar panel dealers.

        • gslalwani

          I am situated at Bhopal. Please sugegst me the dealer for economical PV module purchase.

  • Vijendra

    Dear sir, do we have to have those solar panel of 24V? Can we use the 12V solar panel too? if yes, then how we will make it 24V?

    Thank you

    • admin

      Dear Vijendra,
      Connecting two solar panels of 12v in ‘series’ will give 24 v output. So simple!

  • Dr P Narasimha Rao

    Dear friend ,Extent information.can you explain the procedure to claim the Government subsidy ,so that we new in advance what documents receipts to preserve from the start to end .I thank once again.
    Narasimha rao

    • admin

      Dear Dr. P.Narasimha Roa,
      It’s Our Pleasure to receive positive comment from famous Pediatrician from Hyderabad.

      Very soon, We will definitely provide detailed information on government subsidy on solar products.

      Thank you,

  • Umar

    Is it possible to post a direct video of the conversion of 850VA Inverter with 150 AH battery in the youtube? Thanks

  • dheru81

    Dear sir ,
    what is different poly and mono Crystalline Solar Panel. in the market different price of solar panal are available , how can know that who is the best solsr panal.

    • admin

      Dear Dheru,
      Mono crystalline solar panels and poly or multi crystalline panels are the two major types widely used in India.

      Monocrystalline panels are little more energy efficient and little expensive than polycrystalline panels.

      But poly crystalline panels have some advantages too, it is most suitable for Indian conditions and affordable too.

      Mono crystalline panels occupy less space compared to poly crystalline solar modules.

      • Tulasi Ram

        sir i want to run 150 watt fan and 55 watt bulb. can u plz give detail of solar kit available

  • dheru81

    but in the market different price of poly crystalline solar panal are available , how can know that who is the best solsr panal. it is available 60 to 110rs/wat

    • admin

      Dear Dheru,
      The solar panels that we see in the 4 way lane are 90% poly crystalline panels, cost per watt is not more than Rs.50.

      Share your location details, we would suggest some potential dealers who sell panels with MNRE approval.

      • dheru81

        MNRE approval shop not give subsides only panel, they give subsides in whole system (battery+inverter+panel )

        my address is , Basti (U.P.)

  • With your guidance i have installed 150AH Exide IT500 SUPER Tubular Battery and Luminous 900VA shakthi charge inverter.

    Even at heavy power cuts this system can charge from grid at maximum current and i never had any problem till now.

    Now i want to install solar panel charging for this system. Pls advise on below,
    1. Since the shathi charge inverter is square wave inverter, will it affect when i use it for charging solar?
    2. Can i use MPPT charge controller instead of PWM charger which is advance technology than PWM ?
    3. Can i change my 12V Luminous inverter system to 24V ? If yes pls inform the procedure
    4. what capacity of Solar panel i shall need to charge the battery at 21.5amps ( ExideIT500SUPER) ?

    Thanking you,

    • admin

      Dear CEETEE,

      1.No need to change your Luminous shakthi charge Inverter, we can use it for our solar configuration.

      2. We recommend PWM charge controller for projects above 750 watts, though MPPT charge controllers are 30% more efficient than PWM charge controllers, MPPT solar controllers are very expensive compared to PWM charege controller. For Projects above 750 watts it is worth investing in MPPT charge controllers.

      3. You cannot convert your single battery 12v inverter in to 24 v inverter system, if you want to install solar panels above 500 watts, we recommend you to change you existing 12 v inverter to 24 v inverter. You can not use single battery inverter for solar panels installation above 500 watts. If you install solar panels above 500 watts with 12 v inverter, wires from solar panels will produce excess heat and more prone to whole system damage.

      4. If you want to add solar panels to your existing 900 va inveter and 150 ah battery, we recommend 500 watts 12v solar panels with PWM solar charge controller. Also we recommend to add one more 150 ah battery in parallel to the existing 150 ah battery, so that you could use the full potential of 500 watts solar panels and save energy for night use.

      You could use any 150 ah c20 battery with your existing battery, we recommend a small device called ‘sukam battery equalizer’ to connect old and new battery in parallel.

      To convert your existing inverter in to 500 watts solar inverter system would cost approximately Rs.45000/- , so many potential solar dealers are there near you. We can suggest one, if you are interested.

      Hope this helps! sorry for delayed response!

  • krishna

    i am looking for 1kv solar ups for home lighting 10CFL 1 CRT TV 4FANS 1 MIXERGRANDER 12-14HOURS BACK UP

    • admin

      Dear Krishna,
      You load preference is somewhat like 1 kilo watts.

      We recommend

      1kw (250 x 4 panels) solar panels, -Rs.45000/-
      24v 50A PWM Solar charge controller -Rs. 8500/-
      Four 150 ah batteries -Rs.50000/-
      Luminous sinewave 1500 VA inverter -Rs.7500/-
      other accessories -Rs.8000/-
      You could get up to 30% susbsidy on the total cost, it would take six months to get the money from government.

  • dheru81

    sir i am go to delhi for the search the price of solar panel, i search the more shop then i Shaw that the price of solar panel is 25rs/w to 36rs/w in chadni chow . sir i am confuse that who is best panel , how can check the panel quality .please reply

  • biju


    Useful description of the solar panel installation and exactly the same what I was searching for.

    Can you please suggest a dealer from Cochin or Kottayam who can help me provide and install this system in my house? Hope they will provide good after sales service also.
    Also guide me the procedure to get the subsidy,
    thanks and regards,

  • jbvrup

    admin, you advocate this ‘inverter plus charge controller’ configuration over branded ‘solar hybrid inverters’. It seems the hybrids add automating the the ‘priority’ for input and output (e.g., charge batteries from solar first if available, else charge from grid). But if I use the manual switch method/configuration maybe no one is home at that time, or forgets, or it gets cloudy…

    Is there a way to add the auto priority capability of hybrid inverters to the ‘inverter plus charge controller’ configuration you show here?

    • admin

      Dear Jbvrup,
      Most readers are asking this type of question, whether there is a chance to install a automatic switch to eliminate the manual process of switching on/off the grid power supply to inverter.

      The answer is ‘YES’

      There are some solar charge controllers are available in the market with this automatic switch over function, this converts the conventional grid inverter to solar hybrid inverter 100%. Price also reasonable and affordable for normal home users.

      We will write a separate post on this, keep visiting us.

      Thank you.

  • thanigai_vel

    Dear Admin,
    I am having Numeric 1000 HPH inverter and Exide Inva Queen 500+ battery. Now my battery is giving only 1 hour back with 1 Fan running. So, I have to change my battery.

    My usage is 2 fan 2 lights (atleast) and having more than 10 hours power cut (Sriperumbudur).
    Please suggest me a suitable battery for replacement.

    Which barand is good – Exide or Luminus or Amraon?

    If I want to go for Solar power, how much will it cost? and where can I buy?

    Thanks & Regards

  • rojaravi

    sir, please can you give list of dealers in coimbatore for solar panel with subsidy.suppose we buy without subsidy, then please let us know the procedure to claim subsidy in tamilnadu.thanks in advance.ebay rates are 16950 for 2 x 100W solar panel with 12V charge controller.


    Hi Sir.
    I am NAVIN from pune and want to know how can i install a solar inverter at home to cut on my electricity bill which cum’s to Rs 1500 to 1800 per month using upto 350* units a month.( i have a solar water heater also to cut use of electricity )

    I have a 2bhk home on 1st floor and terrace after 4 floor , i have 4 tube lights , 4 fan’s , 1 pc , 1 laptop, 3 mobiles ,1 tablet and will be buying a led tv 42 0r 47 inch in Diwali but i don’t use all at 1 time , i have to charge my mobile,laptop,tablet almost 365 day’s and use light&fan only when i am in room .

    I need a solar inverter which can give me power backup of at least (12Hr) a day 365 day’s and how much it will cost me to install it and is it useful having one as my budget is around 50 to 70 thousand only bez the life span of solar inverter is 4 to 5 yrs bez of battery and they cost more year on year and their is Government subsidies of 30% also on total final price of product but time for it is 6 months and can’t say when will i get it ( as in case solar water they are given at the time of buying them itself )

    how much i will end up saving in my electricity bill *

    where in pune i can buy solar inverter parts at best price and where i have to go for government subsidies to give the doc.
    wt other thing can i change at home to see that all gadgets and light works on solar inverter’s

  • sanjeev kumar


  • Siva Prasad Nayak

    Dear sir, I’m planning to buy a solar system for my home.power consumption is 1kw.please guide me in detail. With dealers list,and where to submit the documents for govt subsidy. I have also a grid connection but their is frequent power cut. Regards samir. Odisha

    • admin

      Dear Siva Prasad,
      Since you want to apply for government subsidy, better you buy solar panels, inverter and batteries from MNRE approved company dealer.

      I am sending a PDF document to your mail id containing a large list of MNRE approved dealers for subsidy scheme.

      Download the attached pdf file with that mail,

      open it

      Press control + F key for searching the document

      Type the name of your city or town , you will find the MNRE approved solar dealers near you location.

      Call them and ask for their best quote.

      Thank you

      • chintu

        Hi Admin
        Can I get the pdf of MNRE approved company dealer

    • pramod mallik

      Dear Mr. Nayak
      I am very happy that you need a 1kw solar system in your residence. I am dealing with japan make newly invented CIGS solar panels which will give u constant voltage and efficiency during cloud/winter climate.Besides this,we also recommend EXIDE GEL series battery 5 year replacement warranty alongwith SUKAM make INVERTER and charge controller.
      Pricing may be slight high but its reliable for around 40 years trouble free service. Hope you will respond soon.Details will be provided on request.

      pramod mallik

  • Madhunath Namboodiri

    First of all I thank you very much for your valued opinions and reviews. Please clea?r my doubts given below:
    1. After converting the existing Inverter into solar, whether any problem will happen to the battery, panel or Inverter if I forget to switch off the grid power during the day time? In that case both panel current and Inverter current will flow to the battery.
    2. Automatic converter cum controllers are available in what is your opinion about it?
    3. Whether the warranty of the Exide sola – tubular battery (6LMS series c10) will be void if it is used in such modified Inverter?
    4. Can I connect 300 wp (100*3) panel to my Numeric 800 VA Inverter to completely charge the battery in a day along with slight load during day time?
    5.I purchased Numeric 800 VA pure sine wave Inverter from eBay for Rs 4500/. and Exide 6LMS 150L Sola tubular battery from Exide dealer in kannur district Kerala for Rs. 17000/. Whether the prices are reasonable? Numeric will give 2 years on site warranty and Exide battery is having 5 years warranty.
    Thanks and regards.
    Madhunath Namboodiri N.

    • admin

      Dear Madunath namboodiri,

      1. for question number 1 and 2, refer our post about solar charge controller selection for converting normal inverters

      About warranty,
      Connecting a c10 rated solar battery to normal inverters voids the warranty, but exide dealers would give 3 years full warranty in the original bill in such situations. 5 years warranty is doubtful.

      You can connect 300 watts panels to your 150 ah c10 solar tubular battery, use proper solar charge controller. You can use the energy from solar panels to power up your gadgets during day time, if your usage is less than the production from solar panels, you could save the excess current generated from panels into your battery.

      Prices of both inverter and battery are reasonable.

  • gopi

    At what temperature panels produce current?

    how much current a 100 watt panel could generate?

    how to find panels charging the battery as well as handling the load?

    • admin

      Dear Gopi,
      It’s not temperature that matters to produce current, we need only sun light to produce current.

      But at high temperature(above 44 degree Celsius or 111 degree Fahrenheit) , the solar panel’s efficiency will drop significantly.

      Solar panels are capable of producing current even at very low temperature, if the sunlight is available.

      Solar charge controller has a battery charging indicator.

  • Srinivas

    Recently i took 800 va pure sine wave hybrid inverter and 3X100watt panels & 2X100 ah exide solar tubular batteries.Inverter has manual change over switch(solar/grid)present and my technician told me to put in grid mode and not to switch off mains grid supply but in ur article said by you switch off morning time and on at night time. inverter nothing showing about current produced by panels it has digital display how to find this to use the change over switch efficiently
    could you please guide me im so thankful to you


  • srinu

    i too

  • srinu

    i took 800 va hybrid digital inverter with 2*100 tubular batteries and 3*100 watt poly panels .my inverter has solar/grid change over switch,solar technician says must put on grid mode and never stop mains switch but ur article said by you switch off morning time and on at night time

    He says if it is in solar mode & even mains switch is on it did`t draw power from mains,im bit confused how to use this
    i dont know panels producing power or not becoz there is no indication in inverter,it shows only load and battery power

    • Admin

      Dear Srinu,
      You have

      800 va non-branded hybrid solar inverter

      Two 100 ah tubular batteries

      300 watts solar panels (12v)

      If you use your inverter in grid charge mode, then you will not get the maximum benefits from 300 watts solar panels.

      Give priority to solar panels to charge your battery,

      Some non-branded hybrid inverters use solar power to charge the battery, but once the battery gets fully charged, the inverter rejects the current generated from solar panels and bypass the load connected with inverter to mains mode (grid power).

      Make sure that your solar inverter is using solar panel current to charge your battery and handle the load. Try disconnecting the grid power supply to the solar hybrid inverter during day time to test its functionality.

      Moreover the above article is about converting a normal sinewave inverter into solar inverter, which is different from solar hybrid inverter.

      A solar hybrid inverter does not need any manual action to control the grid power supply to inverter.

      • srinu

        Thank Q for your reply im doing what you said.can we have a complete details (how many panels needed for our load and batteries)

  • sobhan06

    Dear Admin,

    I would like to know about sizing of Inverter ?? How have you chosen 1.5 Kva ?? Why can’t you use 850 va or lesser than that ?? and in the diagram, in battery connection whether 1st battery -ve is connected to +ve of the other battery system

    • Admin

      Dear Soban,
      If you choose 850 va inverter for 500 watts of solar panel setup, you need to spend more money on wires.

      12 v system needs very heavy wires compared to 24 v system.

      500 watts panels with 12v setup would generate excess heat and cause damage to your wires and solar charge controller.

      100 to 200 watts solar panel setup is best suitable 850 va inverter or below.

      For 500 watt and above we recommend inverters with 24 v and above only.

      For 24 volt system, two 12v batteries should be connected in series. (you are correct, 1st battery negative terminal is connected to second battery’s positive terminal to create serial connection)

  • Admin

    Dear Mukesh,
    If you install solar panels above 200 watts for a 150 ah battery, your inverter could charge the battery and supply solar power to utility simultaneously. ( depends on availability of good sunlight)

    A single 80 watts or 100 watts panel with 150 ah battery is not sufficient for this.

  • Admin

    Dear Mukesh,
    2 Fan – 80 watts x 2 = 160 watts
    Two 32inch LED TV – 50 watts x 2 = 100 watts
    Set top box and other accessories = 25 watts

    Total = 285 watts approx

    For your load preference i would like to recommend
    400 watts solar panels
    Two 150 ah batteries
    1500 va Pure sine wave inverter

    Installing 400 watts panels with single battery inverter might work for your load preference, but you will need heavy gauge of wires from panels to charge controller, which would cost you more and this is not recommended.

    1500 va double battery inverter (24v) system has many benefits and it costs only some extra bucks to install, it is worth investing in 1500 va inverter for 400 watts solar panel setup.

  • Admin

    Dear Mukesh,

    1) If you install 400 watts panels, you should not use more than 350 watts simultaneously.

    If you use only 200 watts solar power, then the remaining current will be save in the battery bank.

    If you want to save more energy from solar, install two 200 ah batteries with 1500 va inverter+ 400 watts solar panel.

    The current saved in battery will provide backup in night time.

    2) Tall tubular batteries like Exide IT500 has the ability to accept high charge current from solar panels, we recommend it,

    400 watts solar panels could charge two 150 ah batteries quickly compared to normal inverters.

    3) we recommend Inva tubular

    4)Even a 850 va single battery inverter could handle 400 watts solar panels flawlessly, so no need to worry about it.

  • Srinivasa

    Hi Admin,

    I am having normal inverter 400VA with 100AH battery in my home. I want to convert it in to solar inverter. Due to budget problem, I am planning to purchase 20watt solar panel and one normal 5A charge controller. I want to charge my 100AH battery with 20watt solar panel (with solar charge controller). I want to use charged battery in case of power failure (Not daily purpose). Just I want the battery to be charged all the time. In case of power failure I want to connect battery to my inverter manually.

    My question is ,20watt solar panel will be able to charge the battery? I do not have any problem if the charging time is more. As per my knowledge 100AH battery needs 10% of current. With 20watt solar panel I think I only get 1 A current. If I charge 100AH battery with 1A current in day time, will it charge?

    Please reply. Thanks Srinivasa

    • Admin

      Dear srinivasa,
      Your idea will work! But it would take long time to charge the battery fully.

      • Srinivasa

        Thank you very much for your answer. This is very good site to discuss solar inverter related questions.

      • Srinivasa

        Hi Admin,

        I have purchased 60watts panel with 6A charge controller from eBay(Infinite solar) and connected to my 100AH battery.

        It took bit long time to charge the battery fully. but I do not have any problem as I need battery back up once in a week or any power failure time.

        I have connected battery , charge controller and inverter same as mentioned in this post.

        Also I have added two way switch to this settings.

        Middle one, I have connected to load and left and right one, I have connected to grid power and inverter output.

        This way, I could connect grid power to load when available and during power failure time I will push this switch to other side to use inverter output to load.

        I just want to share this with users.


        • Admin

          Dear Srinivasa,
          I am very Happy to hear your comment. I appreciate your effort 🙂

          • Zubair Ahmed

            Hi, Admin,

            I have a similar setup at home with 400va inverter & one 12V,100AH Battery, provided to half my home. I would like to make this a solar setup, I dont have much use in the day time, but at night I use about 250 VA for 7 hours, I would like to use this independently on solar, please suggest the required solar panels and components preferably with a connection diagram. I have about 7-8 hours peak sunlight. thank you

  • Admin

    Dear Srinivasa,
    Just buy a solar charge controller(12v 5 amp) from any online shopping site ( , most solar charge controllers have 12v DC output. This out put current is sufficient to run your DC fan.

    You will need a sealed normal UPS battery (12v 7 AH) or any bike battery of this range.

    Charge controller would cost Rs.600
    Battery would cost Rs.Rs.800

  • sandy

    Kindly tell – Addresses + Phone Numbers + emails Etc. of – “How to Apply to the Government for – One Solar Panel (< 100 watts) + One Ceiling Fan + its Battery and Equipment Etc. Thanks.

  • venkat

    Hi Admin
    i have two 100watts 12v solar panel and 12v/20amps solar charge controller and luminous inverlast tubular100ah battery and luminous sinewave 675va inverter
    the setup is correct? the two solar panel is connected series is correct?

  • Admin

    Dear Swati,
    If you want to install a 12 v setup, probably you don’t need an inverter.

    But things should handled carefully and professionally before connecting your sensitive gadgets to your 12 v solar setup.

    As your question is not clear, i can;t guide you further, try to elaborate it.

  • ravinder kumar

    dear admin

    i have two solar panel first 200 w poly and second 150 w mono , i m planning to use both the panel in series for 24v system , my question is that will it be called mismatch? , should i buy one panel of 50 w to make it 200 w +200 w series with the output 24 volt

    • Admin

      Dear Ravinder,
      If both the panels are 12V, then there would be not problem in connecting it in series.


    Sir, I have installed two Luminous Solar Panel 75 Watt each with Luminous 12/24 Volt, 10 Watt Luminous Solar Charge Controller. Now I wish to add single 150 Watt panel to it. I wish to know weather under this change the same Charge Controller will work or I will have to purchase a Charge Controller of 20 Watt. The distance between Solar Panel and Solar Charge Controller is 08 meters. The installer has used 2.5 SQ MM wire to connect it. Please tell me weather this gauge of wire is enough or it should be more thick.. Thank you,

    Dated: 04.05.2015 I. A.

    • Admin

      Dear Praveen,
      You should provide the ‘amp rating’ of your existing
      solar charge controller, so that we could provide our suggestion.


        Sir, Ampere rating is 10 ampere. Other details are the same as specified on 04.05.2015

  • G toppo

    Dear sir
    I have 750va microbes old inverter+IT 500 oxide battery. I want convert into solar/main system please suggest with diagram.

  • Tushar Jadhav

    Dear sir i have 1kw home inverter now i want to solar system in that i want purchase solar panel and converter what will be its estimation and subsidry





    I already had a normal inverter of 230 volt , 50hz, 500 VA inverter and a single battery 12 volt, 160 amp hour battery at my home,
    I wanted to save my electricity bill and do not face any load shedding so which type of installation should I go for I.e rating of solar panel and charge controller

  • Sanjay Khurana

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for very intersteinng information sharing , here I have one question I already have 1 Kv inverter at home can we use that with solor panel , or we have to buy new inverter.

    • Admin

      Dear Sanjay,
      All u need is a solar conversion kit to convert your existing 1 kva inverter into solar inverter. 🙂

  • Hari Kagga

    This is an awesome explanation read so far…thanks admin

  • vinay swami

    hi admin,
    I am planning to make a solar PV based power sprayer for agricultural use, I have taken a 0.25hp ac pump,the panel would be of 100watts. The charge controller is of 10A capacity and the solar inverter is of 200VA. Are these equipment enough for spraying 4 hours a day ?? is there any calculation for that ??

  • Admin

    Dear Kishan,
    We recommend 2 kW Off-Grid solar power system with 2kW solar panels for your requirement.

    Cost will vary according to the size of battery bank, installation location and your state’s solar policy.

  • PK

    how to install 15 KiloWatt Off Grid System with 60 SPV of 250 Watts and 30 Batteries of 180 Ah


    i have luminous 200 w solar panel giving output of 40v dc, can i use it to charge 24 v batteries

    • Admin

      Dear Subash,
      Use appropriate solar charge controller. Do not try to connect the solar panels directly to the batteries.

      Charge controllers are now available online.

  • Gaurav Saraswat (Babbu)

    We are using regular invertor at our home. Will we use same invertor and batteries for solar PV panels and charge controller…