How to Identify the Tubular Batteries

All Tall Batteries are not Tubular Battery

Most of the people think that Lead acid battery with Tall Design is tubular. That is absolutely false opinion. Many local Battery manufacturers have taken the advantage of this myth and started manufacturing flat plate batteries with Tall Design. So, be cautious in purchasing Tall Tubular batteries.

Tall flat battery

How to Identify the Tubular Batteries

Before purchase or installation of Inverter and Batteries in your home or office, keep one thing in mind “Hurry burry spoils the curry”. Be cool; enquire about the battery model number to your dealer. Search the battery manufacturers website for the particular battery model, then confirm whether it is tubular or flat, then finally make a payment.


    what is the difference between following two batteries of LUMUNOUS:
    1.Tubular battery model LET 180 ELECTRA.
    2.Tubular battery model ILT 180 INVERLAST

    I want to use it with 600VA Sinewave invertor Su-Kam for power cuts upto 6 hrs.

    • admin

      Dear Mr.Tandon,
      LET 180 Electra is not a Tubular Battery, it’s a Flat Plate Battery. ILT 180 Inverlast is Tubular battery. Tubular has long life expectancy compared to Flat Plate battery.

      • admin

        Go For ILT 180 Invertast (Tubular) battery and 800 VA pure sinewave inverter for Best performance, 6hrs backup and 4 Plus years battery life.

        If you experience only 2 hrs power cut per day, you can go for ILT 180 battery with 800 va Pure sinewave inverter. That would save some money.

  • satya

    What are the other reliable brand names in tubular batteries other than exide ?

    • admin

      Dear Satya,
      If you find Exide brand as not affordable, better you go for Luminous or Sukam.

      But all other brands don’t match the performance and reliability of Exide.

  • Admin

    Dear Radhika Ganesh,
    Both IM8500 and IM10000 are 150 ah Tubular batteries,

    IM8500 is Short tubular (150ah)
    IM10000 is Tall tubular (150ah)

    Both battery will perform well, however Tall tubular batteries have some more advantages compared to short tubular batteries.

    Tall tubular batteries occupy less space and fit into narrow space. Also it has some extra volume of electrolyte which minimizes the water topping frequencies.

    Read this article to know more about Exide Inva Master battery series

  • Admin

    Dear Radhika Ganesh,
    Exide Inva Master IM10000 is a 150 ah tall tubular battery.

    It is Best in terms of Price and Performance. Life expectancy is 5 Years.

    Exide has very good service network allover India. In case of any battery failure they will replace the battery in 10 to 40 days.

    One More Cost Effective solution is Exide Tube Master TM500 150 ah Tall tubular battery, which delivers the same performance of Inva Master and the only difference is Less warranty than Inva Master.

    Exide Tube master TM500 – Rs.10500 to 11000

    Choose according to your requirement and budget.

    Go for it!

  • Admin

    Dear Radhika Ganesh,
    IT500 is the Best performer in 150 Ah tubular Range, no doubt about it.

    But it is expensive for a normal home user.

    It is capable of accepting high charge current up to 21amp, which is useful to quick charge the battery in case of long and intermittent power cuts.

    But the problem is very few pure sinewave inverters available in market are able to supply charge current up to 21 amp.

    So with normal home inverters, you cannot enjoy the full benefits of owning a high quality premium tall tubular battery.

    Exide Inva Master IM10000 150 ah tall tubular is equally good and has a life expectancy of 4+ years, which is pretty decent for home use.

    If you maintain the battery regularly and you have less frequent power shedding, your Inva master battery would last long for more than 5 years.