Exide Inva Tubular Battery Models available in Market

Exide Inva Tubular Batteries are most famous and high demanding product in market. The reason behind its success is “Long Battery Life”; no other batteries of this class could compete with Inva Tubular standards.

Due to high demand in summer, most of the dealers of out of stock with Inva Tubular Battery Models while other semi tubular batteries like “Invertor Plus” are easily available with little price hike. This shows the popularity of “Inva Tubular” models.

inva tubular it500


Exide Inva Tubular Models

Model AH Rating
IT 400 (old model- normal flat type- discontinued) 110 Ah
IT 400 (New Model- Tall Tubular) 115 Ah
IT 500 150 Ah
IT 550 165 Ah
IT 650(old model – discontinued) 200 Ah
IT 750(New model) 200 Ah

Exide InvaTubular IT 400


IT 400 (discontinued – old model) is 110 AH tubular battery with 4 years warranty. 110 AH rating battery is suitable for small houses and small family with 3 members. Despite of low AH rating, IT400 performs well in frequent power cut areas.


Exide has changed the design of IT400 from normal tubular battery to Tall Tubular battery. The AH rating also changed from 110 ah to 115 ah in new model.

So, from now on, IT400 (115ah) battery with normal design is outdated, be careful while buying IT400, ask your dealer for Tall tubular IT400.


Difference between Regular and Tall Tubular

Tall Tubular contains some extra electrolyte, ensures low maintenance (NO Frequent water Toppings)

Tall Tubular Occupies less space.

NO big difference in Performance.




Updated Inva Tubular Models with Tall Tubular Design

IT 400 – (115 AH) (New Model)

IT 500 – (150 AH)

IT 550 – (165 AH)

IT750 – (200 AH) (New Model)

Newly Launched Models

Exide has discontinued two models in Inva Tubular series and launched two new models,

IT400(110ah) and IT650(200ah) are the two models discontinued by Exide.

New IT400(115ah) and IT750(200ah) are the newly launched models by Exide.

Old IT400 is replaced by New IT400 with Tall Tubular design and increased AH rating of 115.  Success of IT500 Tall tubular battery is the reason behind the design change of IT400.

IT650 is replaced by newly launched IT750, this new model has excellent fast charging ability and extremely useful in heavy power cut areas.

Advantages of Inva Tubular

1. Usually Tubular Batteries are Deep cycle batteries; Battery life is decided by the number of deep discharge cycles. Inva Tubular withstand up to 800-1000 deep discharge cycles whereas non branded tubulars withstand only 300-400 deep discharge cycles.

2. If your inverter overcharges the battery, Inva tubular won’t get affected by overcharge.

3. Space saver


1. Overpriced compared to other brands.

2. Not available for online Purchase.

3. Out of Stock during Heavy Demand.

  • Venkatesh

    Hello admin..
    I am from TN..i have planned to setup a V-Guard 1400/1400 plus Inverter..i tink Exide tubular batteries will be best by reading the articles on your website..i kindly request you to recommend me the best tubular battery range or model for the high backup time..although i’ll be using 3 fans and 4 CLF bulb i want the model for battery for more backup time..reply as soon as possible..!!

    • admin

      Dear Venkatesh,
      Thanks for writing us. At present, all over tamilnadu except chennai, people are suffering long and frequent power cuts for 9 to 12 hrs per day. If you are from chennai, then go for v-guard DU 1400/ 1400 plus pure sinewave inverter and two Exide inverter plus – 88 AH – (FEI0-IN880PLUS) batteries with 2 years warranty. This model is semi tubular. It’s safe to invest on semitubulars for long power cut areas. Before buying the inverter plz keep in mind that v-guard 1400 inverter is 24 volt inverter which needs Two 12v batteries to operate.

      If you are not from chennai, we strongly recommend to Install Two small inverters instead of one big inverter.

      One v-guard DU 600/600plus inverter + One v-guard DU 800/800plus inverter with Exide inverter plus – 88 AH – (FEI0-IN880PLUS) and Exide inverter plus – 100 AH – (FEI0-IN1000PLUS) batteries respectively. Installing bigger capacity inverters and tubulars won’t help you in long power cut areas, the battery won’t get sufficient charge in such areas.

      In simple words, if you are going to use 3 fans and 3 tubes for 6 hrs, then just install a inverter and battery with capacity to run 6 fans and 6 tubes for 6 hrs. Thats it.

      • admin

        Dear Venkatesh,
        You said you were going to use 3 fans and 4 CLF bulbs with 1400 va inverter. v-guard 1400 inverter has the efficiency to take over 1250 watts load at a time. Total wattage of 3 fans and 4 cfl bulbs is just 320. I think v-guard DU 800 plus suits you, it’s a single battery inverter.

        If you were going to buy v-guard 800 va inverter, then Exide IT 500 inva tubular (150ah) would be a good choice. If your total load would exceed 600 watts then plz read my suggestion in previous comment.

        Thank you,

    • dr shibin

      Hi iam from calicut,this is a great forum for ups discussions.
      i would like to buy a exide it750 model battery,which inverter will be the best configuration..we have to use 3 fan 3 cfl and pc,led tv 39 inch 4 to 5 hrs /day backup needed in rainy season this may go up..so kindly advise and also let me know the apropriate price
      Thanks for your time.

      • admin

        Dear Dr.shibin,


        3 fans – 240 watts

        3 CFL’s – 50 watts

        Desktop PC – 200 watts

        39 inch LED – 75 watts

        Total – 565 watts

        We recommend
        Sukam shiny 850 va inverter – Rs.5500/-
        Exide original 850 va inverter with LCD display – Rs.5500/-


        Exide Inva Tubular IT750 (200ah) battery – Rs.18000 to 18500/-

        This combination will serve you better and sufficient for 4 to 5 hours continuous backup for your load preference.

        Single 12v 200 ah battery with 12v 850va inverter won’t help you if the power cut hours exceed 10 hours per day (battery won’t get full charge). In such case , a 24v double battery inverter with two 100 ah batteries will help solve the battery charging problem

        Exide original 1500 va inverter with LCD display – Rs.7500/- (sukam shiny 1500 va is also a good choice)
        Two Exide Invertor plus 100 ah batteries – Rs.8300 x 2 = Rs.16600/-

        • dr shibin

          Thank u very much

          • dr shibin

            I have one more querry…i came to knw abt that exide it500 is c20 type , the inverter shop offering me c10 140ah battery with same warrenty as exide for ‘12000rs can go for that?? Pls advice

          • admin

            Dear Dr.Shibin,
            Yes ……you can go for that ‘C10’ battery. But the warranty mentioned in C10 battery applies only if the battery is used for ‘online UPS’, So it’s better to ask your seller to mention the warranty in the bill.

            (usually they give 3 years full replacement warranty for C10 batteries for inverter application)

          • dr shibin


            I bought the 140 ah c10 battery and exide 850va inverter

            Costs Rs.18000/- in total

            how can i test, is it 140 ah they said 120 and 140 have similar outlook…pls reply.

          • admin

            Dear Shibin,
            Post your battery model and make, so that we could confirm it.

  • saravanan

    Just bought IT-500i at price Rs.15500 in ERODE.
    iNVERTER Luminous Rs.5500 …I spend wiring and service cost apx Rs.1800…the problem IS i wont not even pay this entire Rs.23000 to my ELECTRICITY BILL FOR NEXT 10 years..What to do…TN IS DARKINING ..

  • Sankar N

    Sir, I want to buy Su-kam 850 VA pure sine wave inverter and 150 AH Exide Inva Tubular battery. Can you please tell me how much it will cost in nanganallur, Chennai?

    • admin

      Dear Sankar,
      Sukam 850 VA Pure Sine wave Inverter would Cost Rs.5500 to 6000/- and Exide 150 AH IT500 would cost Rs.14000 – 15000 in nanganallur, Chennai.

  • Sankar N

    Thanks so much!

  • Sohil


    Great Website !!!

    Can you please tell me difference between Exide InvaRed 500
    And Exide Inva Tubular IT 500? Both are 150 Ah.

  • Babu

    Spoke to one of the usha dealer, he said he sells the microtek inverter with excide tubular battery ( 12 hrs backup) , 4 years warrenty, asking price is 21500 Rs/- (14000 for excide battery and 6500rs/ for microtek inverter), please let me know which excide battery is best and is it worth spending 21500rs for 860 watts inverter or any best options

    • admin

      Dear Babu,
      You didn’t mention the AH Rating or model no. of Exide Tubular battery that you were going to buy, So i can’t comment on it.

      As far as the Microtek Inverter is concerned, 860 VA (not watts) square wave inverter would cost around Rs.4500 to 5000/-.

  • Pallab Dhara

    Dear Admin,

    I am planning to buy a Inverter. I have to select one battery from three of the following batteries:

    1) Exide Inva Tubular IT 500 (150 Amp)
    2) SF Sonic Power House (150 Amp)
    3) SF Stan Tubular Battery (150 Amp)

    Please let me know which battery will be best for my home inverter. If possible also please let me know the difference of these three batteries.

    For Inverter machine which will be best of following items:

    1) Luminous Inverter 800 VA pure sign wave
    2) Microtek Inverter 800 VA pure sign wave
    3) Su-kam Inverter 800 VA pure sign wave
    4) Zenus Inverter 800 VA pure sign wave

    Please let me know your choice.

    • admin

      Dear Pallab Dhara,
      We recommend Microtek Pure sinewave inverter UPS SEBz-850VA and Exide Inva tubular IT500.

      UPS SEBz-850VA – 5000- 5500/-
      IT 500 Exide – 14000 – 14500/-

      • Pallab Dhara

        Dear Admin,

        According to you if I buy Exide Inva Tubular IT 500 then you recommend me Microtek Pure Sign wave inverter. Is it best compatible with IT 500?

        Is there anything wrong with Luminous Pur sugn wave inverter?

        • admin

          Dear Pallab dhara,
          Nothing wrong with Luminous Pure sine wave inverters. Compared to Microtek, Luminous is little bit coslty with same performance.

          Microtek Inverters are 100% compatible with IT 500 Exide Tubular batteries.

          • Pallab Dhara

            Dear Admin,

            Today I have talked with Exide Dealer regarding my home inverter.

            I am buying Exide Inva Tubular IT 500 battery and Genus 800 VA Pure Sign Wave Inverter. Please let me know whether this combination is okay?

            Please let me know your suggestion.

          • admin

            Dear Pallab Dhara,
            The combination is perfect, but be sure that your dealer is providing service for genus inverter.

            We recommend DSP Sine wave solar hybrid inverter from genus, in future hybrid solar inverters are going to capture the market. So, consider DSP Sine wave solar hybrid inverter before you go for normal pure sine wave inverter.

            DSP Sine wave solar hybrid inverter has an additional option to charge the battery from solar panels. You don’t need to buy solar panels now, you can install solar panels in future.

  • Soundharya

    Got the following Quote would Like to know if its overpriced
    Luminous Inverter 850 VA – Rs 6500 and Exide 150 AH battery Rs 13500.

    • admin

      Dear Soundarya,
      Please ask your dealer for following details.

      1. Inverter waveform (Pure sinewave is the best choice. Please read our articles about pure sine wave inverters and square wave inverters)

      2. Lead acid battery type ( Tubular, semi tubular or flat plate)

      Tubular batteries lasts for 4+ years, Flat plate have only 2 years life expectancy.

      After receiving your reply We will confirm whether your dealers price quote is right or over priced.

  • Rangarajan

    Hi, I had bought an APC 850 VA inverter with SF Stanred 500+ tubular battery last Feb’12. This doesn’t give the power back-up as promised by the dealer. Initially the dealer on installation just left those higher power consuming appliance and connected the inverter to all the appliance in my home. I just tried to use only 2 fans at any point of time during a power maintenance day and the back-up lasts only 4 hrs. Is there any problem with the battery. how much time the battery is expected to give power back-up

    • admin

      Dear Rangarajan,
      Only 4hrs backup for just 2 fans with 150 ah battery ? seems something wrong with battery. Please call your battery dealer to check the battery, if they find any fault with battery, just claim your warranty.

      • Rangarajan

        what would be the expected battery back-up for this SF500+ 150 ah battery so that I could claim the warranty. thanks for your reply. Moreover, I would like to know if the back-up time would have been impacted if I connect the inverter to all less power requiring appliance but using only 2 fans at a time

        • admin

          Dear Rangarajan,
          An eighty AH exide battery could power 2 fans for 8 hrs at medium speed, For 150 AH 2 fans should run for atleast 10 hrs.

          Connecting the whole home wiring to inverter will definitely affect battery back up time and battery life.

  • admin

    Dear Rohit,
    IT 500 Exide is good choice

    As far as inverter is concerned Microtek, sukam and luminous inverters perform well under frequent power cut situations, all these inverters use more or less same technology. Check out the service availability before you buy. Battery is the heart of the UPS system, Exide IT 500 is the best choice. Exide semitubular batteries ‘Invertor Plus’ with 2 years warranty also perform well with these inverters.

  • Karthick

    I bought Microtek E2 1025VA Inverter + 150AH Tall Tubular Battery for Rs.19000/-
    The battery named Okaya ProPower Premium Tubular Battery in black color, is it genuine okaya battery?

    • admin

      Dear Karthick,
      Okaya is a Microtek owned company. They have four models of tubular batteries, but none of them are black in colour. The only model in okaya with black colour is GE 150ah generator battery with 18 months warranty.

      May be they have changed their model without notice.

  • C.A.Durai

    what is difference between IT500 and ST500 Exide batteries ?

    Which is batteries giving the best performance

    • admin

      Dear Durai,
      Please read the Previous comment.

  • admin

    Dear Deep,
    Exide is selling its batteries under three different brand names, Usually it’s a marketing strategy used by big companies to control the market.

    “SF Sonic” and “SF Industrial” are other brand names used by Exide, But the batteries that carries the brand name Exide has more life expectancy and reliability.

    Exide IT500 (INVA TUBULAR 500) 150ah battery is better than ST500 ( stanTubular500) 150 ah battery.

    As far as Exide IT500 is concerned, it has 36 months full replacement warranty and for next 12 months they will give some discount on new battery purchase.

    (Exide Ceil Tubular CT500 is a different model, don’t confuse it with Exide Inva Tubular IT500)
    (Exide CT500 would cost less than Exide IT500)

    • Deep

      Thanks for the response.

      Wanted to understand how the “+12” part of warranty work. are there any fixed percentage for this period ? Is that percentage discount on printed MRP or price at which dealer is selling the product.

      And do you have any technical info about CT500? wanted to understand how it is different from IT500.

  • b harishankar

    I plan to buy a SUKAM inverter(model-SHINY rated 850va). Which battery would be best suited for me? Am confused; AMARON’s (AAM-CR-I1700D04R or CRTT – 150) or EXIDE’s (ST500 or ST650). I would like to have long backup. How much would it cost(the battery)? I live in Varanasi.

    • admin

      Dear Harishankar,
      Sukam-shiny850 va iinverter is a pure sine wave inverter suitable for all type of loads.

      If you face 2hrs power cut per day, then we recommend Exide (semi-tubular)invertor plus 150 AH with 2 years full warranty. If you suffer more than 6 hrs power cut per day, we would recommend Exide IT 500 150AH tall tubular battery.

      ST 500 (SF StanTubular 150 AH battery) would cost atleast 1500 rupees less than Exide IT500.
      IT 500 (invatubular 150 AH battery) would cost Rs.13500 to 14500/- in varnasi.

  • Sameer

    dear Admin:

    yesterday i buy 1 Exide invater plus IN2000/200AH and already purchased last year inverter is luminious pure sine wave 800va…. Now please tell me is this exide 200ah battery is good for long backup bcoz in our area has long power cuts near abt 5 to 7 hours….. exide dealer told me this battery is good for long backup it gives 1 to 2 hours more then exide 150ah plus if u sugest me for is this battery good or i rturn this battery and buy 150ah tubular….

    from kashmir

    • admin

      Dear Sameer,
      200 AH battery for 800 VA inverter in long power cut areas is completely useless, you battery will not get fully charged since the charging current of 800 VA inverter is not suitable for fast charging the 200 AH battery.

      Maximum 165 AH battery will be suitable for your 800 VA inverter during long power cuts.

      • Sameer

        Dear admin but in night time the was fully recharge there is no power cut in night time now its good for me or not….

        • admin

          Dear Sameer,
          Do one thing, Use your battery power at day time fully until the inverter auto shutoff the battery power. Now allow the battery to get charge from grid power, carefully watch and find how many hours does it takes to fully recharged. If it keeps charging even after 12 hrs, then you can confirm that your inverter is not suitable for 200 ah battery.

  • Raj

    We are from Cochin, Kerala. Our requirement is to run 4-5 PCs with LCD monitors for 1-2 hours during power failures. Since we don’t have critical applications, we don’t want to purchase an online UPS. We just need power backup and avoid computer restarts.
    After obtaining some quotes, we have purchased Microtek 1550VA SWE2 Pure Sine wave UPS along with two Exide 115 AH IT400 batteries.
    We tested the UPS operation during grid Voltage was at 195 Volts. The UPS was not charging the battery and in UPS mode itself, it causes PC restarts. We tested only with one PC load. The supplier tried with another new UPS and it also shown the same problems.
    Microtek specifications shows that it can operate in inverter mode 100v to 300v and in UPS mode 180v to 260v. But at 195v it could not charge the battery.
    On the next day, during of-peek hours we tested with the UPS at 222volts. It successfully charged the battery at this voltage level in UPS mode. But during voltage level came down just below 220v, it again shown troubles- it can charge battery but the switching time causes PC restarts.
    Our main purpose is to operate PCs so we were not able to go forward with this UPS.
    So, after consulting the technicians, our supplier also confirmed that, the problem is with the product itself and it is better to chose other options since it will cause future troubles to them also. For home usage customers, this UPS had no problem, but for PCs, it may not be reliable.

    So we purchased the Exide IT400 batteries only from them and returned the Microtek UPS.

    Now we need to purchase another 1.5KW UPS system from other brands that will operate in normal voltage ranges without restarting the PC. It should be compatible with 115 AH IT400 Exide batteries. Is Su-Kam Shine 1500VA a better option?
    Thanks for your time.

    • admin

      Dear Raj,
      After reading your comment, it’s clearly visible that your inverter has some fault in operating at lower voltages.

      Instead of Microtek 1550 SWe2 you can try Microtek’s classic trouble free model ‘UPS SEBz-1500VA’. If you still want to go for other leading brands, sukam shiny 1500VA would be a good choice.

      But i recommend you to keep the inverter at easily accessible place,

      * Switch your inverter to narrow voltage mode (UPS mode) manually before you switch on you PC’s.

      * After Completing and your work in PC, Shutdown your PC an then again manually switch your inverter to wide voltage mode(inverter mode)

      This is the possible solution for those who have voltage fluctuation from grid.

      • Raj

        Many thanks for the prompt reply.
        I have already ordered a SuKam 1500VA Shiny and it may reach here on Monday. I will test it in the low voltage ranges and if it is also having problem, i will chose Microtek SEBz-1500VA, as per you suggestion.

        • admin

          Thanks for visiting, Raj!

  • ds

    dear admin, i want to buy exide invatubular IT 500.. can u please guide me as to the cost of same in punjab.. also which luminous only inverter preferably pure sign wave with cost is best for it.. also other options of luminous other than pure sign wave with likely cost in punjab.. thanks.

  • Louis

    Dear Admin,
    How does Amaron batteries compare in performance with Exide and other make batteries?

    • admin

      Dear Louis,
      Exide is a big company and has a very good service network compared to Amaron. For hassle free performance we recommend Exide Inverter Batteries. It doesn’t mean that Amaron batteries are inferior.

      Each and every company is offering long warranty, but warrannty claiming process is not so easy like buying a new battery. Even a Exide authorized dealer would ask for 40 days time to replace the faulty battery, Now imagine the warranty claiming process of other brands.

  • Shashi

    Dear admin,
    I am buying exide 850 VA pure sinewave inverter.Please tell,is it good for exide IT500 battery? Or will I go for other inverter brand?

    • admin

      Dear Shashi,
      Exide IT500 is a Perfect match for 850 VA pure sine wave inverter. NO worries, go for it. Thank you.

  • Afroz

    Dear admin,
    I instal Exide inva tubular IT-500(150AH)last 2 days in my 850va pure sine wave inverter(Microtek),our power cut morning 9AM to 10AM and night 9PM to 10PM,other time battery always charged,i have not seen the battery fully charged yet.My load 2 fan and 3 tublight run only 45 minutes.After 45 minutes inverter automatic off.What is the fault.i think my Battery is not full charge in this inverter.Before i instal amron shield 140AH battery,he gives me 3 hours backup,always my battery has full charge.i want to know how many times the inverter full charge the battery.

    • admin

      Dear Afroz,
      It looks like your battery has some issues which could be solved by trained service engineers.

      Battery is not reaching a particular voltage, so the inverter keeps on charging the battery. It would lead to abnormal heat and water loss, call your battery dealer immediately and get the battery checked by trained person.

  • Afroz

    Thanks for the advise,but i want to know how many hours does it takes to fully recharged.

    • admin

      Dear Afroz,
      The battery would take 8 hrs to get fully recharged.

  • Shashi

    Dear admin,
    Is it any wrong to charge exide it500 at 14.2v with microtek inverter in high mode or should I charge it at 13.8v in standard mode? Is charging with high mode degrade the battery power?

    • admin

      Dear Shashi,
      Fast charging mode is recommended for frequent and long power cut areas.

      Standard charge ensures long battery life.

      You can charge the battery in both mode, It500 has overcharge protection facility and fast charging mode does not affect IT500.

      If you Face only 2 hrs power cut per day and your usage is limited in power cut hrs, then you better change to standard charging mode.

  • Shashi

    Dear admin,
    Please give some details about exide 850va pure sinewave inverter.And how it is different from microtek 850 va inverter in features and performance?

  • maithilish

    Today i purchased Exide IT 500 in Bangalore for Rs. 15000/-. MRP is about 16500/-. IT500 is now IT500i. It comes with LED indicators to display charging and discharging status of the battery.

    • admin

      Dear Maithilish,
      Thanks for sharing the price details.

  • maithilish

    Dear Admin,

    Thanks for details in this site which is really helpful.

    Today i got Ciel 850VA inverter from Exide with IT500 battery.

    Ciel 850 has Two mode of charging current. Normal charging (NC) with charging current 8.0A and High charging (HC) with charging current 11.0A.

    On back panel there is a switch to select NC or HC.

    For IT500 which charging mode is appropriate.

  • shubham

    i want to purchase a IT500 model. please tell me its price at punjab(patiala)

  • aman

    sir. i visited this site first time yesterday… it is so helpful. actually yesterday i purchased exide champion CP150(IN) battery and sukam 850 va shark inverter, please tell me how is this combination and how should i use this for better performance, there is frequent power cut about 8 hours per day. Beside this please tell me what should be the cost of both items according to you. thanks. Aman.

    • admin

      Dear Aman,
      Exide champion is not made for inverter and life expectancy of exide champion battery with inverter would be 2 years. The Price of Exide champion 150 AH would be around Rs.8500/- at any dealers shop.

      Sukam shark 850 VA inverter is not a Pure sine wave inverter. It would cost Rs.4400 to 4800/-

  • sathya

    i need to purchase microtek UPS-E2 875VA with exide IT500i battery @ kovilpatti can you tell the rate of that.

    • admin

      Dear Sathya,
      Microtek inverters are available in your town @

      Bharani Electronics, Market road, Kovilpatti.

      Exide batteries are available at

      KPS Battery center, Elayarasanendhal Road, Kovilpatti

      Sun Power Life Battery center, Kathiresan Kovil road, Kovilpatti.

      Above two shops are authorized Exide dealers in Kovilpatti.

  • sathya

    can u tell me difference between IT500 & IT500i

    • admin

      Dear Sathya,
      Both models are nearly same, but IT500i has some LED indicators to show the battery charge level.

      IT500i is better than IT500.

  • asha

    want to purchase a CT500 150AH model. please tell me its price and warranty

    • admin

      Dear Asha,
      Exide CT500 would cost Rs.11500 to 12,000/- at dealers outlet.

      It has only 30 months warranty whereas Exide IT500 has 48 months warranty.

  • aman

    o thanks sir, but what should i do now? I paid 9200/- for champion battery and 3800/- for invertor.. should i change the battery, and how will it affect that the battery is not an invertor battery, actually should i say so to the dealer also that he cheated me or something else…

    • admin

      Dear Aman,
      Please read this post to know the difference between automobile batteries and inverter batteries.


      Normally, you can’t claim warranty for Exide champion battery fitted with inverter in case of battery failure.

      Some dealers sell this battery for inverters at their own risk. In-case of any battery failure with in very short period of time, they will claim warranty to Exide, stating that the battery is fitted for automobile use only.

      Sometimes Exide will reject this bogus claim from dealers.

      So, it’s always a risk to use a automobile battery for inverters.

      Exide Invertor Plus 150 AH (semi tubular) is available for Rs.10000 to 10,500/-. You can choose this battery which has 2 years warranty.

  • Shashi

    Dear admin,
    My inverter melts the negative(red) terminal of exide it500 batterry.only the place where bolts are attached are melt.still I am able to use the battery through its remaining part.My battery is only two months old.Will the exide avail my it500 warranty or my warranty will be ended?

  • sheffe

    sir,could u please tell me whether sukam 600va sine wave inverter is compatible for exide tubular 150ah it 500 battery?

    • admin

      Dear Sheffe,
      Sukam 600 VA Pure Sine wave inverter is 100% compatible with Exide 150 AH Tubular battery IT500.

  • Shashi

    Dear admin,
    My inverter melts the negative(red) terminal of exide it500 batterry due to loose connection.only the place where bolts are attached are melt.still I am able to use the battery through its remaining part.My battery is only two months old.Will the exide avail my it500 warranty or my warranty will be ended?

    • admin

      Dear Shashi,
      Sorry to hear that your battery terminal got burned due to loose connection.

      You can claim warranty from Exide. But, if the battery terminal remaining is good enough to connect the wire from inverter, then exide will reject your claim.

      One correction in your comment, Red terminal of the battery is called “positive” not negative.

      Do not connect the battery terminals wrongly, it will cause serious damage to your battery.

  • Shashi

    Dear admin,
    Thanks for your reply.In future,if my battery is giving low backup or any other problem, then will exide replace my battery?

    • admin

      Dear Shashi,
      I hope so, Exide would replace your battery in-case of battery failure within warranty period.

  • Hitesh

    I just bought Exide IT500 (inva tubular 150 AH) @ Rs 13400 from Bhopal (M.P)

    • admin

      Dear Hitesh,
      Please Share the dealer details with us, as it would help our other readers from Bhopal. Thank you once again.

      • Hitesh

        They are Authorized Dealer of Exide in Bhopal

        Signetic Power Systems, R-68 Zone II, M P Nagar,Bhopal
        Contact- 0755-4271521

  • aman

    thanks a lot sir you are so helpful…thanks once again.

  • kamal

    sir i have purchased exide stan tabular st500 battery with 13200 is the dealer taken true cost or i been cheated. . . . plz tell me i am from agra . .up haud

    • admin

      Dear Kamal,
      I think, Your dealer charged you extra 1000 rupees on your Purchase of ST500.

  • kamal

    sir r u telling me the prize of agra or where: . . . and sir he has said to me that it is industrial battery and sir can u tell me that st500 comes with2 model as he said 2 me and one more thing sir at the top of battery it is written sf industrial . is this the same for which u r talking g 2 I suggest to all the people that plz dont purchase any battery from pa*** battery house agra . . . . . . . . ql

  • krishnarao

    Exide tubler it 500 (150 ah) is enough or very big for using home. Suggest which tubler is best for home purpose. I want 4 tubes and 4 lights. How much price please inform to my mail.

    • admin

      Dear Krishnaroa,
      Exide IT500 is better choice for home and office use, go for it.

  • karim

    Hi, i need your valuable suggestion please.

    My requirement is 3 cfl, 3 fan, 2 tube, 1 lcd 26″.

    At my home town in AP, power cut is for 4 hours daily (2 hr in morning, 2 hrs in evening).

    Please suggest how many VA of home UPS and AH of Battery are required.

    Also please suggest best brand of two combinations.

    I am Planning for microtek 625 VA ups + exide semi tubular 135 AH or exide IT 500.
    but local dealer says 600 VA doesn’t go well with 150 AH i have to go for 800 VA.



    • admin

      Dear Karim,
      Exide IT500 is compatible with Microtek 600 va inverter. If you are budget conscious, go with your first choice.

      We strongly recommend 850 VA inverter for your load preference, 850 VA Pure sinewave + Exide Invertor plus 135AH would be a right choice for you.

  • pradyush81

    Hi ,
    i have to run a max of 4 fans /4 lights and 1TV/or laptop as I have to work from home .Also i plan to use Mixie ,only after turning off all the lights/fans , and that too would be in urgent situations.
    should i go for a 800VA inverter and 150AH battery .
    One of my friends suggested me to go for (HIGH LITE high frequency sine wave combo ups- 810 VA (2.5 kg)
    ).And I plan to go for exide tubular IT500.
    Want your suggestions regarding the above invertor.
    Can I also consider Luminous/microtek .

    • admin

      Dear Pradyush,
      800 VA can handle all your needs. You asked me about HILITE UPS, that inverter is from UTL, an experienced UPS manufacturing company.

      We have a post about that inverter, please see

      UTL HILITE 810 VA Pure sine wave inverter has some advanced features like
      No load shutdown
      Any Battery option etc.

      We recommend HILITE 810 VA inverter + IT500i

      Note: UTL has service center at Delhi only.

      Price range would be,
      UTL HILITE 810 VA – Rs.3500 to 4000/-
      Exide IT500i Tall Tubular – Rs.13,500 to 15,000/-

      Thanks for visiting

  • pradyush81

    Thanks for the above information .
    Among UTL High Lite ,Microtek ,Luminous and Sukam, which would would you recommend.
    Only issue for me is UTL’s service center is in Delhi , and I am based in Bangalore .
    One more concern is that price of UTL hi lite is about Rs3700 after discount and other invertors from Microtek ,Luminous and Sukam are priced at Rs 5000 onwards.
    What advantages the above inverters have over UTL high lite as they are priced higher that UTL high lite .

    • admin

      Dear pradyush,
      Actually, UTL Hi-Lite inverter has some advanced features than microtek and sukam inverters of this class, but the problem is lack of service network, that’s why the inverter is available at low price.

      • Grashan

        UTL has now distributors and service centres in many areas. it is wise to buy online and get local service.

  • Afroz

    Dear Admin,
    I used Microtek 850 sebz inverter+Exide IT500 Tubular Battery.My battery would take 15hrs to get fully recharged.dear admin you tell me battery would take 8hrs to get fully reachared.what is the fault,my inverter or my battery?please tell me.

  • admin

    Dear Afroz,
    You need to bench charge your battery to solve this problem. Call your battery service man.

  • Afroz

    Dear admin,
    what is bench charge

  • Yash


    I am from New Delhi. Now-a-days the power situation is too bad.4 to 5 hours of power cuts(min.)

    We are planning to buy a Inverter cum battery for an Electricity load of 4 Fans +4 TubeLights.

    Can you suggest me the best combination(Inverter+Battery models) and Price?

    • admin

      Dear Yash,
      For People from Delhi,
      We recommend UTL-HiLite Pure sine wave inverter + Exide Invertor Plus 150 Ah semi tubular battery. This combination suits Budget conscious People, gives trouble free performance at low cost.

      UTL-Hi-lite inverter Price in Delhi- Rs.3000/-
      Exide invertor Plus 150 AH semi-tubular- Rs. 9500/-
      Total- 12500/-

      The battery we suggested above would last long for 4 years, if you want to battery with more life expectancy, better you choose Exide Inva Tubular IT500i Tall battery.

    • admin

      Dear Yash,
      Sorry for delayed reply. All the details you asked for is out there in the comments section itself.

      We recommend Microtek Pure sine wave Inverter UPSEBz 850 VA and Exide IT500 Tall tubular battery for your load preference.

  • raman

    Dear admin,
    This is Raman from Moga city, Punjab.

    I Just Purchased Exide IT500 Battery for Rs.13000/-, now i have to search for a best inverter that suits my load preference of 2 Fans+2 CFL+ one 24 inch LCD TV, Please add, i need 4 hours back up with all gadgets turned on, throw some light on me, whether IT500 give 4 hrs back-up for all my load.

    Suggest me a Good inverter that satisfy all my requirements.

    Thank you

  • Yash

    Thanks Admin for the prompt reply.

    How much will the Exide Inva Tubular IT500i Tall battery cost me and what are it benefits and life span?

    What would be the maximum backup for the Combination you suggested(UTL-Hi-lite inverter+Exide invertor Plus 150 AH semi-tubular)?

  • karim

    Hello!In response to your reply July 15, 2012 @ 4:30 pm. as per my req. the power consumption would be 500watts(approx)so 600or625 VA will do for me but you suggested 850VA any reason for that? pls respond.
    2.per my research I zeroed to Microtek 600/625va sinewave with 135AH Base tubular battery. is this ok? plsss suggest the Best..
    3.how is base battery performance (tubular)
    ..Thanks and Regards, Karim

    • admin

      Dear karim,
      600 VA = 360 watts

      If you want to use load up to 400 to 500 watts, you need 800 to 850 VA inverter.

  • karim

    hi, i come across this formula xVA * 0.8 = 500 VA. where VA=P(in watts), power factor=0.8. => x= 500/0.8 = 625 VA thats what i require here. pls validate the above and suggest if you have any formula.
    how is base battery tubular 135 ah ?

    • admin

      Dear Karim,
      That formula won’t work, if you still want to go for 600 VA inverter, try your luck.

      A 600 VA inverter won’t able to handle load more than 360 watts. Try with your 500 watts kitchen mixer 🙂

  • Yash

    Any updates on my query dated 24th July 2012?

  • karim

    Thanks Admin for your valuable suggestion. will keep posted in this forum once am done with all the stuff!

  • maithilish

    Inverter Ciel 850VA with IT 500 was installed in my home last month. It is able to run 2 fans (70w x 2 totally 140 Watts) continuously for 7 hours during power outage. Whether this back time is fine or should i get more backup from 150AH.

    Your comment on this would be highly appreciated. Thank you

    (I am sure about the 70w of power consumption by the Fan as i have cross checked that through electronic meter)

  • Rangarajan

    I’ve bought an APC 850VA inverter and Stan red SF500+ in Feb’12. Whenever the main power goes and inverter power starts, the fan speed goes down and the back-up time for 2 fans lasts around 6 hours. I contacted Exide to ask them to inspect the battery, however they have over phone itself told that there could be problem with inverter’s IC. When I intially checked with APC they put the blame on the battery. This doesn’t take me any where. Kindly suggest what could be the reason for this problem and how to fix this. Thanks.

  • pradyush81

    I have to run a max of 4 fans /4 lights and 1TV/or laptop as I have to work from home .Also i plan to use Mixie ,only after turning off all the lights/fans , and that too would be in urgent situations.
    Initially I was considering to go for HIGH LITE high frequency sine wave combo ups- 810 VA along with exide tubular IT500i.
    You too had advised me to go for the HiLite 810VA inverter along with IT500i
    But I am based in Bangalore and HiLite 810VA is not readily available here.
    So I am thinking of either microtek 870 VA or a luminous one alongwith the exide tubular IT500i.

    Want your suggestions regarding this combo .

  • raghuram

    we have installed exide invatubular 150Ah It500 battery&880va pure sine wave Amaron inverter.

    is exide battery and amaron inverter are good pair?

    what is the normal back up time?we are using four 15w CFL and 3fans

    what are the maintenance porcess?

    Thanks in advance..:)

    • admin

      Dear Raghuram,
      You got a good combination of inverter and battery!

      If you use all the 3 fans and 4 CFL’s simultaneously, you could get 4 to 5 hours back up with your fully charged 150 ah battery.


      Maintaining a inverter battery is not a herculean task, you could do it yourself.

      Your battery should be filled with distilled water once in 3 months according to your usage.

      Buy distilled water bottles (2 or 4) from any battery shop (strictly from battery shop),

      Remove the vent caps at the top of the battery one by one, make sure you don’t touch the acid that drips from the vent caps.

      Use a cleaning cloth, avoid touching your eyes with your fingers while topping up your battery with distilled water.

      Put the 6 vent caps carefully on a old news paper or waste cloth.

      Now slowly fill the 6 vent holes with distilled water one by one.

      Probably it would take one full glass of water per vent hole.

      You may need 1.5 or 2 litres of distilled water to topup a 150 ah tall battery.

      After filling the water,carefully close the 6 vent holes with vent caps.

      Each vent cap should be placed carefully, don’t give too much pressure as it could break the level indicators.

      Make sure the vent caps are tightly fixed, so that the unhealthy gas generated during charging the battery won’t escape in to your living space.


      Don’t forget to apply Vaseline (petroleum jelly) to your battery terminals to avoid corrosion and bad contact problem.

      • raghuram


        petroleum jelly should be applied for both terminal or only +ve terminal?

        • admin

          It should be applied to both terminals.

  • raghuram

    thanks alot.sir:)

  • P SAHA

    Hi Admin,

    Thanks for all wonderful ideas and contributions. I have already gone through all your comments but I did not notice any feedback on Exide IT400 inveretr battery. There is a new tubular tall battery IT400 (115Ah) from EXIDE.

    I am in process of choosing right battery and inverter. recently, I have visited one dealer and he proposed me three batteries: IT 400 (price: 11.7k), MEGA 100AH (price: 8.9k) and SF Battery 100AH (price: 7500). He proposed SF 850V AH invereter with all above batteries to run 1 LCD 32″, 3 Fans (90W), 3 Tubes, 2 CFL (11W), 1 Wifi Modem + 1 laptop. Not all these will run at one time. Mostly, I would be using 3 Fans (90W), 3 Tubes, 2 CFLs (11W). Please suggest whether I could go with his suggession or look for IT500i with 850VA inverter?

    1) I see that 600VA is recommended with IT400. Then why is he asking to buy 850VA inverter?
    The reason he gave was only 500 rupees difference and I can use many appliances as these invereters provide 80% of their capacity. He suggested that 80% of 850VA would provide equivallent to 500wattage power. I am not sure about compatibility though.

    2) IT 400 or IT 500/IT 500i (I want to stick to EXIDE only). I would keep this inverter inside my small 2 BHK flat so is this safe to use this tubular battery as I have 1 yr old kid roaming around the flat. Is there risk of fume and hazardous substance?

    3) I am in Bangalore so power cut happens maximum 3 hours in whole day but at different intervals and lasts for 1 hr. Is tubular is right for my usage?

    4) Is there thinner trolly available for tall tubular battery as this takes lesser space?

    Thanks for reading though this post. Your response is highly appreciated.

    • admin

      Dear Saha,
      We recommend 850 va pure sine wave inverter with Exide Mega Inva 150 ah with 3 years full replacement warranty.

      This configuration will serve for prolonged period and value for money.

  • A Jeevan

    I am about to buy an inverter , read all your comments which helped me in finalizing the best inverter ,battery combination, One doubt I have is what is the diff between pure sinewave and Trape Zoidal wave (microtek model UPS E2)and which is the best. Thanks in advance.

    • admin

      Pure sine wave is the best suitable waveform for all your sensitive gadgets.

  • Anshul Agarwal

    Hi Admin,

    For the Sukam 7.5KVA with 10 batteries and for a area with frequent power cut, which type of batteries you will recommenend?

    a. Exide tubular IT 500 / 550 / 650 ?
    b. Suppose I have excellent 2 IT 500 batteries. Can i combine it with another IT 550/650 ? or all the batteries should be of same type???

    • admin

      We recommend IT500,

      If you plan to connect old and new batteries in series, we recommend to use small device called sukam battery equalizer to enhance the performance and battery life of both old and new batteries.

  • Anshul Agarwal

    Hi Admin,

    Any specific reason for not using IT 550 / 650?

    My thinking is with IT 650, it will give me better performance & will run for longer hours. Please guide.

    • admin

      No specific reason, you can go ahead with your own preference.

  • Anshul Agarwal

    But i cant connect IT 550/650 with IT 500 in series…it can affect the battery performance…right?

    • admin

      With sukam battery equalizer, you can!

  • A.D.Kumar

    Please sugest me Which battery I have to buy for my home? One distributor says to go for Exide lChampion Battery for
    Rs 11,000. Another says E#xide Champion
    Battery is for car and it wont last long.

    • admin

      Dear AD kumar,
      You can use Exide champion for inverter application, even exide itself listed champion battery under inverter battery category in its online battery store. But it is a automobile battery too.

      We recommend exide invertor plus battery instead of exide champion for inverter aplcation.

      Exide champion is less expensive compared to all other inverter battery models in Exide.

  • Ajai

    Hi Admin,

    I want to use 3 fans, 4 tube lights, a TV and a Computer, what package will be useful for my requirements ?

    • admin

      Dear Ajay,
      If you prefer to run all your gadgets simultaneously , we would recommend sukam shiny 1500 va inverter or Exide 1450 va double battery inverter ( not exide ceil inverter )

      For battery
      We recommend Exide Mega Inva 100 ah battery with 3 years full warranty.
      (You need two batteries to operate a 1500 va inverter)

      • Ajai

        Okay wat will be the total cost for that ?

        • admin

          Dear Ajay,
          Exide original 1450 va inverter – ₹7500 /-
          Exide mega inva 100 ah – ₹8500/- (cost of one battery)

          You need 2 batteries for 1450 va inverter.

          ( For Tamilnadu – 15% extra – summer price hike)

          • Ajai

            Total of 23,500 and 15% Extra ?

          • admin

            Sorry to say this, but this is the real situation in Tamilnadu for now. But there are some genuine dealers selling batteries and inverters at reasonable prices.

            Inquire more dealers and don’t forget to share the prices after purchase.

  • Anshul Agarwal

    Hi Admin,

    Whats the price of IT 500 battery in Gaziabad?

    • admin

      Dear Anshul Agarwal,
      IT500 would cost Rs.13500 to 14500/- in Gaziabad.

  • Vasu

    Hi Admin,

    Im planning to install a battery and inverter for my home. I live in chennai and there is 2hours of power cut daily and low voltages in the evenings and nights between 8pm & 1am. I did go through all you comments and still confused. Coul you suggest me a best combination of battery and inverter for long run with low maintenance. I would be using 3 CFL lights (15W) + 2 fans + 1 tv or 1 computer.


    • admin

      Dear Vasu,
      We recommend

      Exide 850 va original inverter with LCD display (not ceil inverter)


      Exide Mega Inva 150 ah battery with 3 years full replacement warranty.

      Sukam shiny 850 va, APC sinewave 850 va, Microtek UPS SEBz850va are other options for sine wave inverter.


      If you suffer low voltage problem, install a 4 kva double booster stabilizer before your inverter, it would boost low voltage (up to 135 volt ) to 200 to 250 v.


  • Vasu

    Thanks admin.

    I would check prices for the Exide 850va original Inverter and Exide mega Inva 150ah battery in the market.

    Also if you are aware, kindly let meknow the price details.


  • kamala kannan

    i recently purchased APC 850VA sine wave inverter at price -7000,Exide INVA TUBULAR IT500 at price -14500. i in my area offently power went and resume.4 hours hours power cut then 2 hour power resume again 4 to 2 hour power cut same situation only. still now running without probs.I used two fan(5 star rated orient fan)1,,one tv some times 3 cfl bulb in night time. Any suggestion.

    • admin

      Dear Kamala Kannan,
      You got a best combination of quality products.

  • monikumar

    Dear Admin,
    Congrats on your great work.. I am from Kanyakumari (Tamilnadu) and we have close to 14 hours of intermittent power cut daily (3 hours cut and then 2 hours supply). In my office, i have 6 laptops and two fans running and i am planning to install an inverter for this setup. Could you please suggest me a suitable battery / inverter combo and its best market price? I dont wish to invest on double battery setup as it would cost more. Will a single battery setup will do?

    • admin

      Dear Monikumar,
      We strongly recommend 1500 va inverter for your load preference.

      I understand your concern, but i want to tell you some tricks about installing double battery inverter @ low cost.

      Normal single battery (12 v system) inverter will fail to charge the battery of 150 ah to its full capacity during heavy powercuts like 14hrs/day. So, installing a bigger battery with 850 va or 900 va inverter is pointless during heavy power cuts.

      Instead of installing 150 ah battery + 850 va inverter, we recommend the following combination

      Microtek sine wave model ‘UPS SEBz 1500 VA’ Inverter- Rs.7000 to 7500/- (double battery inverter – 24v system)

      Two 80 ah Exide Invertor Plus model battery – Rs.6000 x 2 = Rs.12000/-

      Total – Rs.19000 + installation


      Advantages of the above configuration.

      24 v double battery inverter charges the two 80 ah batteries to its full capacity in few hours.

      Full charge to battery after every discharge results in Long battery life.

      It could handle 14 hours power cut flawlessly, will never let you down.

      Some battery dealers would object using 80 ah batteries for 1500 va inverter, but it is 100% compatible and 100% safe to use 80 ah batteries with 1500 va inverter.

      Use standard charging mode.

      If you could afford two 100 ah batteries, use it instead of 80 ah batteries and enjoy more back up.

      • monikumar

        Thanks for that great calc. I have currently installed UTL pure sine wave inverter 810VA in my home and i am satisfied with its performance. Also UTL pure sine wave 1500VA is available for 5600 in an online store. Whats your advice on going for this brand as i would end up saving another 2K? also, another online store sells BASE 100AH C10 short tubular battery for 8200. These batteries comes with 3 years of replacement warranty. What is your suggestion on going for two qty of this batteries?

        • admin

          Dear MoniKumar,
          UTL 1260 VA Pure Sine Wave Double Battery Inverter ‘Hi Lite’ is available @ ebay from a delhi seller for Rs.5950, you could get it for Rs.5600 using ebay 7 % icici coupon or other discount coupons. We know that seller and he is very genuine and actually a authorized dealer of UTL inverters.

          UTL 1260 VA double battery inverter and UTL 810 VA Pure sine wave single battery inverters are very high quality products from a well experienced and established company.

          We have tested that UTL ‘Hi Lite’ model hi frequency ultra light weight inverters in our lab and it out performs some leading brand inverters. It has some advanced automatic features and high load handling capacity, outperforms most 850 va inverters in market.

          But the problem is lack of advertisement in south India and non availability @ small dealer outlets. People buy products only if a company advertise it very well. 🙂

          We recommend it!


          You asked about Base 100 AH C10 short tubular battery,

          Yes, we know that Marvel batteries, a coimbatore based online store is selling it for Rs.8200/-,

          Price is fair, We have no idea about their online store, call them and confirm it before going for payment.

          • monikumar

            Dear Admin,
            Sorry that i didn’t come back on your last post to me. I have just brought UTL 810VA model for now and will be going for another 810VA UTL after a month to cover up my complete need. Tight budget this time. Could not go for 1260VA model as it subsequently requires 2 batteries to run. Coming to battery, i was hovering for Exide 88AH Inverter plus model that you have suggested. Meanwhile, i came across a quote from another dealer on an Amaron 100AH battery for Rs.6200 (not sure about the model though). Is it worth to go? Shall i lean towards any of automotive battery considering it is VFM than inverter labelled models? As per my understanding, non tubular inverter batteries are nothing but re-badged auto batteries. Is that understanding correct? What would be usual life expectancy of auto batteries if maintained well?

          • admin

            Dear Monikumar,
            We recommend Exide Invertor plus model battery for reliability and long lasting performance more than 3 years.

  • Subhendu

    Sir, I am using a Exide Pure Sine wave Inverter machine of 850VA and Exide Invatubular IT-750(200Ah)Battery for the Last 1.5 month. During Charging of the Battery Some time The Inverter machine gives a long beep and the Electric Points connected with the Inverter machine stops for a moment and again starts. What is the Problem ?

    There is no problem during running of these Electric points during Battery Power.

    • admin

      Dear Subhendu,
      some short circuits or corrupted microchips inside the inverter may cause such a instability, the unit need to be inspected by a authorized technician.

      Very high voltage input from grid also trips the inverter, do check the voltage from grid.

  • Subhendu

    Dear Sir, The Exide Technician suggested us to make the charging mode to High Charging Mode & the Other switch to change to Normal Mode instead of UPS mode(Which was before). Is it a Proper Suggestion..?

    • admin

      Dear Subhendu,
      Post your inverter VA and Battery AH rating, so that we can suggest you the correct mode for charging.

      How many hours do you face power cut per day?

      Do not use ‘UPS mode’ unless you use desktop PC without 15mins backup UPS, We recommend normal mode.

  • nargopal

    Hi Sir,

    I have an 120mah AMCO Battery Flat plate which failed after 3 years of service with APC SINE850va. Now, I was about to replace this battery with either Amaron CRTT 150mah or Exide IT500 tubular. since this needs to be installed in rural, as the powercut is very frequent throughout the year in Kanakapura(Bangalore). That’s one of the reason the life cycle of the battery got ended. Please advice on which one to buy as I am confused on both these models and for what reasonable price I can buy.

    Thanks a lot. I read many of your replies on suggesting people with their queries/questions. Hat’s off to your patience and humbleness in replying promptly even though you are late in replying.


    • admin

      Dear Nargopal,
      3 years life for flat plate inverter battery is a good thing, no need to regret for that.

      Amaron CRTT 150 AH battery would cost around Rs.12500 to 12800/- , it is a good choice for frequent power cut areas.

      Exide IT 500 , 150 ah Tall tubular which is a best seller of its class is undoubtedly a power packed battery that suits both rural and urban conditions. It would cost around Rs.14500 to 15000/-

      We recommend ‘Exide Mega Inva 150ah’ another model from Exide, which is not a Tubular battery, but out performs most tubular models from other leading brands.

      It has three years full replacement warranty, Life expectancy is 4+ years.

      Exide Mega inva 150 ah battery – Rs.12800 to 13,000/-

  • Prabhat Kumar

    Hi admin,
    Yesterday I have purchased Luminuous Sine wave 875VA inveter and SF Sonic StanRed 500+ Tubular battery. Is this combination ok or I can have to change something.

    • admin

      5 stars for inverter and 3 stars for battery.

      • Prabhat Kumar

        So what can I do, whether I have to change my battery or I can go ahead with this combination as I have got this battery for Rs.11500 and it is a tubular battery and for IT 500 I have to pay Rs.13500. Both batteries have 3 years full warranty. Kindly suggest me on urgent basis.

        • admin

          Dear Prabhat KUmar,
          Though IT500 has only 3 years full warranty, it would last long for 5 years normally, So investing 2000 rupees extra would definitely give you many advantages and real low maintenance and long life battery.

          I guess that, you are from Maharashtra, Rs.13,500 for IT500 is really reasonable and affordable. In Most southern states, it would cost above 14.5k

  • rst

    detail of inveter in dehradun market
    Microtek inveter (900VA) = rs 4400 (2 years warranty)
    Exide Tubular battery (150 Ah) =rs 10800 (2 years warranty)

    I think it is not Exide Inva Tubular Battery (as warranty and price are different)

    1)what is difference between Exide Inva Tubular Battery and Exide normal Tubular Battery

    2)Is it capable of running computer 3-4 hours ??
    (as it is sine inverter)

    • admin

      Dear rst,
      We recommend Pure sine wave inverters for flawless performance and safety for your expensive electronic gadgets.


      Normal tubular battery and Inva Tubular both will perform well and the Life expectancy and maintenance are the main difference between both batteries.

      Normal Tubular cycle life – 600 to 700 cycles – 3 years +

      Inva Tubular models- cycle life – 1250 cycles – 5 years +

      900 va inverter + 150 ah battery is capable running a desktop pc with LCD monitor for 3 to 4 hours. (not applicable for gaming PC )

  • athmame

    Hi Admin,

    First of all I would like to thank you for your detailed reviews on Inverters. It is very informative and useful.

    I am looking for the best Inverter and battery for the following requirements.

    2 Fans, 3 Tubes, 1 LED TV. I have 2 hrs of daily powercut with occasional full night trip! ( Twice a month!!! )

    I have shortlisted Microtek 1KVa 1025 Sine Wave Inverter + Exide IT 500 battery. Lowest offer is 20,000/- with installation and other things.

    Am I right in selection for my reqmt? Is the quoted price OK.

    {My In laws have installed Microtek 1KVa 1000 SqWave Inverter + Microtek 150 Ah battery for 16,500/- [3yrs warranty]is that a right option for my reqmt? }

    Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

    • admin

      Dear athmame,
      Instead of 1000 va, we recommend 850 va pure sine wave inverter,

      For long lasting trouble free performance, 850 Pure sine wave inverter would be the best choice. If you want something more than 850 va, better go for 1500 va double battery sinewave inverter.


      As you are planning to use LED TV with inverter, we strongly recommend Pure sinewave inverter.

      Output voltage of sqaurewave inverter will range between 240 to 290 volts, which is always a danger to your LED TV and other sensitive gadgets.

      We recommend

      sukam shiny 850 va inverter
      Microtek 850 va sinewave inverter (UPS SEBz850)


      Exide IT500


  • athmame

    Hi Admin,

    Thank you very much for your suggestion. Can you pl provide a fair price for Microtek UPS SEBz850 + Exide IT 500.

    • admin

      It would cost around 20k.

      5k + 15K

  • sanjeev

    Dear Admin

    I want to install IT 750(New model) 200 Ah ,

    I just want to use only
    2 fans, one LCD and 3 tube lights,

    if I were using full load, how many hours of backup could i expect ?

    • admin

      Dear Sanjeev,
      If you were using 400 watts of continuous load with 200 ah battery, you could get barely 5 to 6 hours continuous backup.

  • Dilip Kumar

    I purchase IT 500 Exide and Mt inverter 860 what is the back up of this on running 2 fans and 2 zero watt bulbs

    • Admin

      Dear Dilip, @disqus_6LntNkRiJx:disqus
      The so-called zero watt bulb would consume more than 10 watts/hr.

      your back up time for preferred load and battery type is approximately 10 hrs.

  • Ravi

    dear Admin,
    i have to purchase 400 VA inverter and what size of battery could choose.

    • Admin

      Dear Ravi,
      For 400 va inverter, we would recommend Exide Invertor Plus model 80 ah or 88 ah battery.

      88 ah is way better than 80 ah – cost would be around Rs.6800/-

  • Hritik Raj

    Dear Admin,
    Brilliant research and best advice has been your trait althrough from the time i am visiting ur site.
    Well I need ur valuable advise on my choice of INV + Batt for my 4 Tube light + 4 fans+ 2LCD +1CRT+ 1 Wifi modem+1 mixer ginder + 1 washing machine 5*(Smtimes).
    I have finalized Luminous Ion 1500VA + Exide Inva tubular IT500 (150AHx2) .
    Pls advise 2 things:
    1. SuKam shiny as alternate to save few bucks?
    2. Can I go for 100AH or 115AH batteries instead to save few bucks?
    Can you also advise best price for above combination in Delhi along with authorized dealer details in Delhi.
    In hope of a prompt response as usual

    • Admin

      Dear Hritik,

      Luminous ion 1500 va is a good choice for your load requirement, Sukam shiny is equally good for your need, choose any one of two according to the availability.

      For battery

      we would recommend Exide Mega Inva 100 ah (FEI0-MEGA1000) (Rs-9500 to 10,000/-)

      If you face intermittent and long powercuts, go for Exide mega inva 150 ah.

      This model will perform well like IT500

      • sahil

        Hritik Dear plz buy, GENERATOR , for your Requirement okzz its my Suggestion

  • rajiv kumar gupta

    i want to buy exide inva tubular IT 550 PLZ suggest the suitable inverter for it

    • Admin

      Dear Rajiv,
      We recommend Exide original 850 VA Pure sine wave inverter for IT500.

      # Best charging current
      # Rs.5000 to 5500/-

  • Admin

    Dear Biswajeet,
    Choose the battery according to your load preference and backup hours requirement.

    Normally we recommend 150 ah tubular battery for 1000 va inverter,

    200ah battery also do well with 1000va inverter.

    Note: Go for Exide Mega Inva 150 ah (or) Exide Inva Smart 150 ah

    Both models are semi tubular with 3 years full warranty, just equal to Tall Tubular.

  • Amit

    Hi admin,
    Yesterday I have purchased Microtek UPS 24×7 – SW900 pure Sine wave inverter and Exide IT750 – (200 AH)InvaTubular battery. Is this combination ok or I can have to change something.

    • Admin

      Dear Amit,
      You got good combination of inverter and battery.

      One suggestion

      If Possible, change your inverter to original Exide 850 va

      Exide 850 va original inverter is more compatible with Exide IT750

      Exide Inverter has high charging current which is very useful to enjoy the full potential of the battery.


    Dear Admin,
    I have purchased microtek inverter sebz 1500va with two exide inva smart 150ah last few days. but now a days very few hour back up time of battery.Instead inverter indicates battery charged. I want to know that in how many time battery is full charged for long backup.
    I use 5 CFL (23 watt) 5 FAN and one LED 32 Inch.

    • Admin

      Dear Amit Kumar,
      I think your inverter is in ‘Normal’ charging mode, switch it to High charge mode for good back up time.

      you could see two slide switches on the back panel of the inverter, another one is for ‘wide voltage’ – ‘Narrow voltage’ selection.

      Keep it in wide voltage mode – ‘100’v to 300v

      Try this and post the result here 🙂


    Dear Admin,
    As per your guideline on 24th september Tuesday,I have switched to my inverter in High Charge Mode. Backup of batteries are very good. But today Inverter Dealer has come at my home and he says that only when long time power cut then you switched to High charge mode otherwise it is always in Normal switched mode.
    Is It True ? If it is true what can I do ? Can I change my Inverter ? If I change my inverter Please suggest the best inverter for me for my Home. (I have purchased microtek inverter sebz 1500va with two exide inva smart 150ah Battery)
    I use 5 CFL (23 watt) 5 FAN and one LED 32 Inch.

    • Admin

      Dear Amit Kumar,
      The alternative for Microtek UPS Sebz 1500 va inverter is Exide original inverter 1450va

      Exide inverter has three modes for battery charge selection.

      High charge mode may be a hazard for three year old batteries not for brand new batteries.

      Try to reduce your load,
      # use ceiling fans in medium speed

      # Remove Bulgy old regulators of Ceiling fans and replace it with new slim regulator switches

      # Table fans consume less current than ceiling fans

  • Admin

    Dear Srikanth,
    We recommend Exide invertor plus 135 ah battery

    Price would be around Rs.10500 approx


      thanks for ur suggestions

  • Admin

    Dear Ranjith,
    YOu could use IT500 with 600 VA Inverter,

    But the charging time may be little longer compared to 850 va inverter.

    Normally a 600 va inverter would charge a battery with 6 to 9 amp current, but IT500 is capable of accepting 21 amp charge current.

    Instead of going IT500, try Exide Inva smart or Exide Mega Inva 150 ah battery, which gives you same performance with 600 va inverter at low cost.

    Exide mega inva or Inva smart 150 ah would cost around Rs.13000 to 13500/-

    IT500 would cost around Rs.15000 to 15500/-

    • RanjithKumar

      Dear Admin, Thanks for the suggestion.


    Dear admin,
    I am in Tamil nadu today i have purchased EXIDE IT500 150AH battery for RS.14500/- from dealer. whether it is ok ?

    • Admin

      Dear Srikanth,
      IT500 for Rs.14500/- in Tamilnadu is quite reasonable price.

      Do share the location and dealer details, that would be useful for other readers.

  • Admin

    Dear Pankaj,
    If you find a particular model battery is performing good with your inverter, we recommend to go for the same model and AH again.

  • Admin

    Dear Sandeep,
    IT500 is capable of accepting high charge current from solar panels.

    Good battery for both solar and normal deep cycle use.

    • sandeep

      thank u

  • Admin

    Dear Jai Mukherjee,
    Microtek 850 va Pure sine wave SEBz + Exide Invertor Plus 100 ah battery is highly recommended for low cost and branded solution for power backup.

  • Admin

    Dear Sandeep,
    The charging Mode you are using has a direct impact on battery backup time.

    Exide Inverter has three modes for battery charging.

    Two hours is okay, but you could maximize it by choosing right charging mode.

  • Admin

    Dear Grashan,
    Sure , we will post it soon.

  • Vamsee

    Dear Admin,
    i have 55 inches LED TV, need power back up for this 55 inches LED TV and 1 fan and 1 light with 4 hrs backup, please suggust me what kind of capacity inverter i need to buy?


    • Admin

      Dear Vamsee,
      We recommend 900 to 1000 va pure sinewave inverter with 200 ah battery for your load preference and backup requirement.

  • Stephan Doss

    I am Stephen from TamilNadu. I have Mahindra Powerol inverter rated 600VA. And using Surya battery rated 88ah. It is working for the past 3+ years now battery failure. so i want change exide INVA TUBULAR IT 400 would be OK to use with 600VA inverter. my usage 2CFL lights (15W) + 1 fans (some time 2fan)+ 1 lcd tv

    • Admin

      Dear Stephan,
      IT400 is compatible with 600va inverter.

      Your load preference is also good to go with IT400 and 600 va inverter.

  • Raja Sahoo

    Dear Admin,

    You site is a valuable source of inforamtion for people who want to buy new inverters.Iam planning to buy a new inverter and battery.I have zeroed in on Exide IT 750(New Model).Which inverter according to you would be best suited for fast charging and optimal use of Exide IT 750?

    • Admin

      Dear Raja,
      We would recommend Luminous zelio 900 and sukam falcon plus 1100
      for best charging and long lasting performance with IT750

  • Admin

    Dear Raja,
    Yes, Luminous Zelio 1100 will be better for Exide IT 750 in terms of faster charging and long lasting performance

  • Raksh Talukdar

    Dear Admin,
    I have a Exide Invatubular battery IT500 puchased in 2011, My load is 4 LED 9W Bulbs,2 nos 25W CFL, 2 nos 15W CFL….i maintained a regular water level in the battery, however now a days it back ups only for Half an hr. What will be the issue

  • Arnab Paul

    Sir….I have come to know that invatubular IT 500+ model of exide has been discontinued by the company. Is it correct? If yes…then what problems I have to face if I buy this model now?

    • Admin


  • Admin

    Yes, you need to replace the battery.

    Exide IT 500 150 ah tall tubular would perform better.

  • Yogesh Kumar

    Dear admin,
    I want to know about life expectancy and performance of exide invatall 1500 T-plate battery if compared with tubular one from exide.
    Exide claims for long life of invatall 1500…. but what if we compare it with tubular one of exide.
    I am also confused with its technology…. it is tubular, flate plate, or semi tubular..
    Thanks a lot
    – Yogesh

  • Madhu

    Planning to buy the Inverter for One Fan and I tube light ,Please suggest me which one is the best option as per my usage and budget expecting 10000/-?