Exide Inva Smart Battery – Official Price List Aug 2013

Exide has introduced “Inva smart” model batteries for inverter applications.

These ‘Inva Smart’ series of batteries are improved version of ‘Exide Mega Inva’ which is already a smash hit in exide non tubular inverter battery series.

Inva Smart batteries are not tubular batteries but it has 3 years full warranty like a tubular battery. No need to doubt about its durability and longevity, the 3 year warranty itself tells how durable the battery is.

This battery is cost effective and affordable solution for home inverter applications.


Exide mega inva also has 3 years full warranty and it is best alternative for tubular batteries, now Exide claims that ‘Inva Smart’ is enhanced version of Mega Inva and more durable than its predecessor.

Available in Three Variants

Exide Inva Smart is available in 3 different AH range

88 ah – FIS0 –IS880

100 ah -FIS0 –IS1000

150 ah -FIS0 -IS1500

Exide Inva smart – Official Price List – with effective from June 5 –2013

Exide Inva Smart model AH rating Price
FIS0 -IS880 88 ah Rs.9,826 /-
FIS0 -IS1000 100 ah Rs.10,728 /-
FIS0 -IS1500 150 ah Rs.15,082 /-


Note: Above listed prices are official price list from Exide’s official website. Don’t buy the batteries for exactly the same price listed above, every dealer will offer some discount up to 10% on this official prices. Bargain and get the best price.

  • Launchpad

    Thanks … Installed inva smart battery at home .

    • Admin

      Dear Launchpad,
      Thanks for your comment, could you plz share the price details with our visitors?

  • vishal

    which exide battery is best ???? exide inva smart or exide inva tubular it500..

    • Admin

      Both battery models are best in its own class,

      IT500 is 150 ah Tall tubular battery

      Exide Inva smart is Semi tubular battery with unmatched 3 years full replacement warranty.

      IT500 would serve you one or two years more than Inva smart. But it is expensive compared to inva smart.

  • Anil

    Model FIS0 -IS1000, 100 ah. what is the battery backup of the same model?? I mean if we use 3 bulbs and 3 fans simulataneously

    • Admin

      Dar Anil,
      You should clarify that it is normal bulb or CFL.

  • Rayeess

    I got Exide inva smart IS1500 for Rs. 13000.

  • Santosh

    Thanks Admin and team for the wonderful information.With the information available on your site , I zeroed on Exide inva smart 150 AH in bangalore. bargained price 12300. With exchange battery I paid 10500 today with free home delivery.