Exide Inva Red 500 vs. Inva Tubular IT500 Tubular battery


For inverter application, tubular batteries are always recommended by Exide dealers. Exide has different ranges of tubular batteries for different applications.  Here we discuss about two famous models



Inva Tubular IT500 model (150ah tall) is the best seller in tall tubular batteries.

Many potential customers get confused when choosing the right model tubular battery for their inverters. They want to know the difference between Inva Red and Inva Tubular, almost 80 percent of dealers won’t give proper explanation to the customer’s questions, and they simply say ‘tubular batteries last long for 5 years’.

Now let us compare the difference between two tubular batteries INVA RED 500 and INVA TUBULAR IT500,

INVA RED 500 (Tubular Battery) INVA TUBULAR IT500
Deep cycle battery with 600 — 700 cycles

Life Expectancy – 3+ years

800 to 1000 cycles – (More Life expectancy than Inva red)

Life Expectancy – 5+ years

20% extra electrolyte to minimize water loss and better thermal management 30% extra electrolyte
Normal Flat type design Tower type Tall design
Overcharge may lead to battery damage Can withstand Overcharge
Normal Tubular Technology Ironclad® Tubular Technology
Battery weight 50 kg Battery weight 60kg
  • Gopal

    A dealer is offering Exide Mega1000 model for 8500 in Bangalore. Can you please let me know how does this compare to Inv Tubular and Inv Red models?

  • admin

    Dear Gopal,
    Thanks for asking a useful question.

    Please read this post http://upsinverterinfo.com/exide-mega-vs-inverter-plus-batteries.html

  • Vishal

    Dear Sir,

    What is approx. price ,AH rating and life expectency of following battery in Durgapur (WB)-
    1) INVA RED 400 (115A)
    2) IT 400 (110A)
    3) MEGA INVA 1000 (100AH)
    & which is best among above three ?

    I want to purchase any one of the above and use it with
    SUKAM/MICROTEK 850VA SINE WAVE inverter – will these batteries
    would be compatible . Coz’ dealer told that you should go for
    150AH battery as inverter rating is 850VA ?

    With regards

  • Sekar

    Dear Sir,

    Please let me know, For 600 VA (Microtek or any company) sinewave which battery we can put and which will suitable for it…whether 135 AH or 150 AH?

    • admin

      Dear Sekar,
      For 600 VA inverter, you can go for 135AH battery.

      Both 135 and 150 AH are compatible with 600 VA Microtek inverters. Don’t go above 150 AH for 600 VA inverter.

  • Biju

    I have a Luminous inverter with a local battery, for house hold back up during occassional power failure. I intend to replace the battery with a Exide / Amaron make one. Do I need a tubular model, as the no. of occassions and duration of power failure in general is less (except for planned shut downs of 8 hrs. once in 3-4 months)? The backup is for 4 tubelights and fans. Between Amaron and Exide please suggest the suitable model and performance comparisons, if any.

    • admin

      Dear Bijju,
      We Recommend Exide invertor Plus 150 AH (Semi tubular) model battery for you. Since you have limited hrs of power outages, semi tubular model Exide battery is more than enough for you. It last long up to 3 years and has 2 years full replacement warranty. It would cost Rs.10,000/- at exide dealer store.

      If you want to try Amaron battery, Model:CRST – 150AH (Short) Tubular Battery would be suitable for your inverter.

      • Biju R.B.

        Thanks Admin, for the reply. I have seen some articles about health hazards from lead fumes from lead acid batteries. How would you rate the performance of SMF batteries vis a vis tubular models? Any models you would recommend?

  • Sekar

    Ok sir, thanks a lot for your kind information. Please inform me some showrooms in coimbatore with address to purchase the Exide Batteries with anyone of Sukam or Microtek UPS. Please send some showrooms address and so that I can enquire them and can purchase.

  • sajadhamid

    Dear admin, please suggest what should I do.

    I have a load in my computer centre at least 12 computers +CRT, 2 fans, 8 CRL (lighting) for at least 6 hours continuosly.
    Currently I have Sukam 800VA + Exide Inva Tubular 150AH, which runs very good but with 5 computers but with a backup of only 3 hrs.

    The Technician said I need 3000VA inverter + 3 more additional batteries (total 4). I looked for luminuous, Microtek Classic. But i found Sukam 3.5KVA and Exide tubular good combination.

    Please suggest me as I have to decide by today evening.


  • Aman

    Dear Admin

    I am using Sukam smiley 1400 va inverter. I need to replace its 2 old batteries (ie. Inva plus 1500) as there life cycle is over. This time a dealer recommended me to try Exide Inva Red 450 (135 AH) with 3 yrs warranty price in Rs. 10900/- and offered exchange price of Rs. 2400/- per pc., for older battery.

    I am so clueless which tubular battery to go for. I am unaware of inva red 450 with 135ah, but I know little bit about inva red 500 tubular. I would appreciate if you kindly answer my questions as follows:-

    1) Please suggest which tubular model should I choose ? Inva red 450 or inva red 500 ? (price difference does not matter to me for a better product/warranty).

    2) Do you think the dealer is offering fair price for inva red 450 135 ah and for older batteries. What should be indicative price in New Delhi?

    3)Are exide tubular battery compatible with sukam smiley 1400 va. (I read that some inverter models are not able to fully charge and maintain sp. gravity of tubular batteries).

    Thanking you in advance


    • admin

      Dear Aman,
      Instead of InvaRed, you better go for Exide IT400 (115ah) Tall tubular battery which is 100% compatible with smiley 1400 VA Sukam.

  • Aman

    Dear Admin

    Thanks so much for your brilliant advice. It’s very informative feedback from your end, giving guidance about the compatibility issue, which we usually ignore while purchasing a battery.

    Generally the consumers are clueless about these technical issues and the dealers are only concerned about marketing not customer satisfaction. Your message board is doing a awesome job in education people regarding the most essential house hold product.


    • admin

      Thank u Aman for your encouragement!

  • priya

    Can you please tell the advantage of exide tall tubular over luminous tall tubular?

  • Praveen

    Dear Admin,

    I have a 1.4KVA UPS with 2 x 100 AH exide battery. The exide batteries are now almost dead after using it for 4 years. Is this normal? I am living in a locality where power cuts are very frequent, it gets worse in summer season.
    I am looking to replace my UPS batteries with 2 exide Mega 1500 (150ah) batteries, and a dealer has offered me a price of rs 12,800 per battery, after all discounts, including replacement of old battery. Please suggest, if this is a good buy, if i can go ahead with Mega 1500 or is there a better exide battery available?

    • admin

      Dear Praveen,
      Price of Exide Mega 150ah battery would be around – Rs.13000/- ( Without any old battery exchange)

      Old Battery Rebate price for two 100ah batteries = 2×15000 INR = Rs.3000/- (As per Exide old battery rebate price guideline)

      I think you should find any other dealer to get good deal!

  • Mandar


    I want to buy an inverter and a battery backup for my home. I want to backup 6 tubes, 6 fans, 1 laptop and a common point for using common things like mixer grinder, mobile charger, iron etc.
    I am planning to buy the following set:

    Battery: Exide(preferably invared 4P IR500+)
    150A (better than 135A)
    with plates(it has longer life)
    Inverter: Luminous
    Sinewave (not the squared one)
    800 KW (800VA)

    Is my configuration correct and is my combination of battery and inverter compatible with each other? OR Do you have any other suggestion for the battery and inverter configuration for me. Thanks.


    • admin

      Dear Mandar,
      I think you underestimated the power consumption of fans, tube lights, mixie and iron box.

      You can’t run all these gadgets simultaneously with a 850va inverter.

      You should limit your usage to 2 fans, 3 CFL’s , one Laptop and a Kitchen mixer. When you use kitchen mixer, you should shutdown all other loads on inverter. Moreover, you can’t use Iron box with 850 va inverter.

      For battery,
      We recommend Exide Mega Inva 150 ah (semi tubular with 3 years warranty) and Exide IT500 150 ah Tower type Tubular battery.

  • tej911

    dear ADMIN,
    Due to spacious issues, I changed my mind to have a look Invared500+ . As sukam shiny 850VA has mechanism that prevent overcharge, i felt that over charge might not be a issue. Does IRONCLAD tubular technology is very benefitable? How much effect we see in performance for 10% less electrolyte?

    Thanks for sparing your valuable time sir.

    • tej911

      Can u also provide any your (or customer) previous experience about INVARED500+ and its life expectancy (i l keep attention on water levels)?
      Thank you sir..

    • admin

      Dear Tej,
      Seems like Invared model has impressed you very much, if you like it then go for it!

      We would recommend Exide Mega Inva 150 ah instead of InvaRed.

      • tej911

        Thank you sir. I shifted place and bought IT500 as you said. IT500 is awesome and bargained to 14K. I m v happy and credit goes to you sir.

        • admin

          Dear Tej,
          IT500 – 14k in Andra – Good deal!

          Thanks for sharing the price!

          • haleem

            where did you get IT500 tubular battery from andhra. can you please share the dealer details so that i can also grab one.

        • shah

          Tej..im planning to buy it500 as well…plz let us know where u bought it for 14k in andhra..thanks

  • rajat

    i want to buy luminus1500va sine wave inverter with exide super500x2 for running with 2dessert cooler of 400watt total is it right can i run 3deesert cooler or not

  • SivaGuru

    Hi – Iam not an expert on deciding battery. I would appreciate if some one can throw some light to make a right decision

    Iam a user of Exide battery for the past 1.5 yrs with APC 850 VA. I was initially offered “Inva safe 100 AH”, it was normal for around 10 months and later faced issues on backup time. I got it replaced with “StandQueen SD 350 100 AH” after then which also deteriorated after the usage of 8 months. Unfortunately my warrenty aslo end at the same time ( 18 months )and Iam struck which battery to buy or any other option to get it exchanged from EXIDE.

    Below are details

    * Daily there will be 2 hours current outage
    * There will be usage of minimum 2 fans and light. At times TV (LCD 40 inch) and sometimes usage of mixer with all other stopped with due caution on checking the usage %
    * Battery are full time charged with no stoppage

    Kindly suggest me on the right battery and also if any mistake on the usage pattern

    Thanks in advance.

  • sharath

    dear sir,
    am planning to buy the microtek SEBz850VA pure sine wave and EXIDE it500 150AH OR EXIDE MEGA INVA 150AH battery. but in my town the dealer told that we have 900va and 1065va inverters only. could you please suggest me the best combination for 850va,900va,1062va?
    and also he told me that some new model pure sine wave with SOLAR inverter so can i go for this?
    could you please help me on above queries

    • admin

      Dear sharath,
      According to the availability. go for any Pure sine wave model from Microtek.

      Exide Mega Inva and IT500 would be a good partner for any inverter that ranges between 800 va to 1000 va (single battery model,

      Solar Hybrid inverter (pure sine wave) will be more sophisticated gadget than normal sine wave inverters, check the brand&model information before you buy.

  • Sankar Ganesh S

    Dear Sir

    please help me my queries.

    Thanks in advance.

  • praveen

    dear sir,

    i have 2 yrs old exide INVARED 500+ battery 150 ah.
    it is in working condition. please suggest me the best inverter for it. load less than around 600 va. need pure sine wave.

    • admin

      Dear Praveen,
      We recommend following Pure sine wave inverter models for your IR500+ battery

      Sukam shiny 650 va

      EXIDE 650VA Original Inverter with LCD display (not ceil inverter)

      Microtek sine wave UPS SEBz 600 VA

  • Narayanan

    Is Inva Gold is worth its extra money over IT500? Both are of 150AH capacity.

    InvaGold – Rs.17450 – 48 + 06 months
    IT500 – Rs.16300 – 36 + 12 months

    Difference = Rs.1150


    • admin

      Dear Narayanan,
      I hope you are from Chennai, Tamilnadu, so that the price quote you got from your dealer is little bit scary to readers from other states.

      Exide batteries are in high demand in Tamilnadu, prices will come down after summer.

      We recommend Amaron Tall Tubular CRTT 150 ah battery instead of IT500, it would cost Rs.12500 to 12800 in Tamilnadu.

      • Narayanan

        Thanks. I am considering Amaron’s CRTT150 (Rs.13000). Yes I am in Chennai – is the rates in other states are less or more?

        These prices are from http://www.batterybhai.com and are really competetive as far as I had checked.

        I am slightly in doubt whether the manufacturing process of Amarom tubular battery would be pressure casting and that of Exide IT500 would be be HADI. I suspect this could be the reason for price difference of Rs.3300.

        Amaron CRTT150 Rs.13000
        Exide IT500 Rs.16300
        Exide InvaGold Rs.17450

        Is the cost difference is justified. I am ready to pay more if it is worth. As I can’t find info about manufacturing process of Amaron and as I do not get substantial difference between IT500 and InvaGold I raise this question. Kindly answer with your expertise.


  • Narayanan

    Yes, I am from Chennai.

    I would like to make a decision of either buying Amaron CRTT150 at Rs.13000 or Exide IT500 at Rs.16300.

    I do not mind spending extra Rs.3300 if it is going to give me better life. As I haven’t got the knowledge I request you to guide whether this extra Rs.3300 is worth the money?

    Thanks again,

    • admin

      Then go for IT500 , Best of Bests!

  • reaganshanmugam

    got a quote from Kensta Office Solutions Tana Street Vepery, Chennai – 600007.
    microtek 850 sine wave: 5500rs
    exide tubular it 500: 17000rs
    discount: -1000rs
    total: 21500rs

    is it worth ? can u get me details of other dealers with competitive prices ? thanks a lot for your time and help 🙂

    • admin

      Overpriced………try any other dealer

  • dipusuman

    Dear Admin,

    I want to have few information regarding the below inverter and battery model.
    Exide Invared 500+ C20 150Ah
    Microtek sinewave ups SEBz850

    Both the things are 1 year old, and I got them from my friend. What would be the appropriate price for both the inverter and battery?

    How do I check that the inverter or battery is in good condition or not?

    Looking for your response.

    Thanks in advance,

    • admin

      Dear Dipusuman,
      New Microtek UPS SEBz 850 va inverter would cost Rs.5000/-, so a 1 year used inverter would cost approximately Rs.2500/-


      One Year Old Invared Exide 500+ (150ah) battery would cost Rs.5000 to 6000/- according to its condition.


      This combo should give 5 hours continuous backup at least for 2 fans and 2 tube lights @ fully charged condition, check this out!

  • Vishal Khanna

    Dear admin !!!!!
    sir can u tell me which battery is best for my invertor as i had 800 va as i am confused due to money and feauter as invared 500 or it500 as it 500 had 48 mts and invared 500 36 mts as both r tublar so please rely for best performance

    • Admin

      Dear Vishal,
      Exide Inva Red 500 Plus is a regular tubular battery, Price range – Rs.12500 to 12800/-
      It has 3 years replacement warranty.

      Exide IT500 is a Tall tubular battery with life expectancy of 1250 charge cycles @ 80% depth of discharge.

      It also has 3 years full replacement warranty.

      48 months warranty is just a marketing strategy to attract customers. The additional 12 months warranty is Prorate warranty, if you face any problem with your battery during prorate warranty period, they won’t offer you any service and free replacement, they will offer you some small discount on your new battery purchase.

      Instead of InvaRed, we would recommend Exide Inva smart and Mega Inva 150 ah batteries, they have 3 years full replacement warranty and better life expectancy, Price range – Rs. 12500 to 13500/- . Both Inva smart and Mega Inva are not tubular batteries, but perform well than most other tubular batteries in the market.

      Exide IT500 is expensive, but no other battery could match its performance and life expectancy. It would cost you Rs.15000 to 15500/-

      • V K Singh

        My Exide IT500 lasted only for 42 months. Exide after sales service is poor and to get replacement battery during warranty period is like finding pearl in ocean as my dealer told.; lucky be that you don’t get to use your warranty card and your battery last for more than warranty period

  • Admin

    Exide Invared 500+ Price = Rs.12500 to 13300/-

    This tubular battery has 3 years full replacement warranty.

  • nk

    give me review of sf sonic stan red

  • nk

    review of sf sonic stana red

  • Sheheer Ahammed

    we are dealer for EXIDE battery .
    battery good performance ……….but problem only
    not getting onsite service ……..?

  • Aryan Malik

    Dear Sir,
    I am from a rural area with 5-6 hour of power cut in peak hot season and no power cut in 5 months of the year, I need to run 2 fans+2 lights in summers only… Please suggest me if i should buy Exide IT 500 battery keeping in view of summers or should restrict to mega inva or some other model of Exide.. please guide me.

    • Admin

      Dear Aryan Malik,
      For your load preference and power cut scenario, Exide mega inva or Inva smart battery (150ah) is sufficient.

  • Admin

    Exide IT500 is always best for long run.

    Exide mega inva and Inva smart are same models with different name. They are affordable, economic and reliable. But cannot be compared with IT500

    IT500 handles high charge current and even compatible with high power solar panels.

    But Exide Inva smart and mega inva are limited to use with certain amount of charge current. But better than most other brand tall tubular batteries.

  • Admin

    Dear Pankaj,
    You need to provide more details like Power cut hours and load preference, so that we could provide suggestions.

  • Admin

    Dear Sumit,
    We recommend
    Exide short tubular 135 AH battery for your 650 VA inverter.

    Exide INVAMASTER 7500 – 135 AH

  • Milton Paul

    Hello Sir,
    Can u please tell me whether Epsom salt (सेंध नमक) helps INVA RED 500 battery to last a bit longer than usual?

    • Admin

      Dear Milton,
      Somebody in the battery industry will tell that
      adding *magnesium
      sulphate (EpsonSalt)* will help restoring the battery by clearing the *sulphation* on the battery plates.

      But we strongly recommend you to* avoid* adding this thing in your battery. Sulphation should be treated by conventional methods only.

  • deb

    hi this is Deb,
    I need 4-5 hr of back up of 3 tube & 3 fan and some time may be 1 led TV. please suggest the ups & battery..

    • Admin

      Dear deb,
      We recommend 900 va pure sine wave inverter and 150 ah tall
      tubular battery for your load preference.

      Luminous zelio 900 and sukam shiny 900 pure sine wave inverters are best in terms of price and performance.

      Exide inva master IM10000 150 ah tall tubular battery which would cost around Rs.12500 is my recommendation.

      Life expectancy 4+ years

  • Rohit shrestha

    hello sir i am from Kathmandu Nepal and in my area here is almost powercut every time so i want to ask u that if i run 1 desktop for 4 hours at a pwer cut time,three cfl bulbs each of 10 watt and 1 laptop and 1 4 inch tv then how much backup will it need by exide inva tubular IT 750 -200ah battery with exide 850 va inverter .is this battery is sufficent for me ?

    • Admin

      Yes, 200ah will suffice your requirement. Good combo!

  • priyank gupta

    dear sir,
    i am intrsted to buy tubular battery but i have little confusion about inva red 500+and exide it500. in my home 0nly 8 to 9 hrs power is there.so plz tell me which is the best in minimum power charging and give more backup…

    • Admin

      Dear Priyank,
      Exide IT500 has high charge current accepting capacity,
      but the problem is most inverters available in market don’t have that much efficiency of giving high charge current to the battery.

      You are asking for 16 hours back up and you didn’t mention your load preference. You need to provide your load preference so that we could suggest you some best models.

  • Sukhjinder Kainth

    What about the recent Inva Red Plus 150AH battery? On batterybhai this battery is priced higher than Inva Master 10000. I’m getting Inva Red Plus for 12.2K in Bangalore. Which one should I go for?

  • Sunil

    I want to refill myself, the distilled water suggested after every three months. Should I refill through the tubular opening as the dealer’s person seem to be doing earlier or should I use the opening provided adjacent to it openable by a coin ? Sunil

  • Deepak

    Planing to buy Exide IR500+ 150AH with microtek 1125HB…… but i want to know does the quality and the backup of the battery is equivalent to Exide IT500 150AH

  • Rajesh Ranjan

    hii sir.. i purchased Exide Inva Red 500 Plus battery 5 days before and exide 1050 pure sine wave inverter.but it is not performing as expected.when i run 1 table fan and 1 ceiling fan in night then it gets low in 3-4 hours. where as it show full charge.what should i do

    • Admin

      Dear Rajesh,
      Both your inverter and battery need to be checked by Exide service engineer.

      Call your dealer, don’t delay.

  • Sanjay

    Hi Admin,

    I have Luminous Inverter with Luminous battery-150 AH but battery failed very early and when contacted support there response was very bad. Now i am looking for battery replacement and i am very much impressed with Exide IT 500 – 150 AH. I just want your suggestion on how to make sure my inverter is good and also what is the best life of IT500

  • Siddharth Kapoor

    Dear Sir,
    I want to know the difference in performance of Exide Invamaster IM8500 & IM10000?

  • Sidharth Kapoor

    Dear Sir,

    I also want to know which one is better Exide Invared 500+ 150ah or Exide Invamaster IM8500 150ah?