Exide Inva Master Vs Inva Tubular IT500 – Comparison

Most Buyers often caught up with dilemma in choosing right tubular battery when more models available with almost same outlook and features.

Exide Inva master, the latest sensation in Tubular battery market now makes it more difficult to choose the best Tubular battery that fits your requirement.



Exide IT500 150 ah Tall tubular or Exide ‘Inva master IM10000’ 150 AH Tall tubular, which one to choose?

Both batteries looks same in outlook.

Both models are from ‘Inva’ series.

Do you find difficult to know the difference between Inva Master and Inva Tubular? Don’t worry, here we come with simple and clear comparison table to help you choose the right model that fits your requirement.

In this table, we compare the new arrival Exide Inva master ‘IM10000’ 150 ah tall tubular with the best seller Exide Inva Tubular IT500 150 ah tall tubular battery.

Exide ‘Inva Master’ IM10000 Exide Inva Tubular IT500
Battery capacity 150 AH 150 AH
Volume of Electrolyte (acid volume) 20.58 Litres 23.8 Litres
Battery Weight 59.81 KG 60.05 KG
Constant potential charging current limit 30 Amps 30 Amps
Technology Tubular Tubular
Battery Cycle Life 600-700 cycles at 80% depth of discharge 800 – 1000 cycles @ 80% DOD
Life Expectancy 4 years + 5 years +
Price Rs.12,500 to 13,000/- approx. Rs.14,000 to 15,500/- approx.
Warranty 36 months 48 months


Exide Inva master specs shows no big differences and both models are capable of accepting high charge current. But remember that this report is based on specs released by the company, not a real life experiment.

Price point of Exide Inva master is certainly making some waves in the tubular battery market. Looks affordable and comparatively low than Inva Tubular.

Exide Inva Tubular batteries are known for its reliability and high charge current accepting capacity,

Inva Master is new arrival with lots of expectation, its long term reliability is yet to be proved, let’s wait and see.

  • Admin

    Dear Sudha,
    I feel sorry, that your dealer has cheated you by selling his products with unreasonable pricing.

    This is just a daylight robbery.

    Sukam 850 VA Pure sinewave inveter Costs only – Rs.4600/-

    But your dealer has charged Rs.2400 extra compared to market prices.

    Battery price is also unreasonable.

    Sukam Inverter is available through online purchase too. You could have contacted us before purchase.

    People who read this comment should be careful when finalizing the deal.

  • Admin

    Dear APS,
    You did a good market research.

    You can go for Exide Inva Master Tall tubular model 150 ah battery.

    Relatively new one, but comparatively good one!

    We recommend it!

  • Admin

    Thanks for sharing the Prices with our readers.

  • Amish Sheth

    Dear Admin – Superb comparison and it is helping me a lot to make a decision. Thanks a lot!

  • Rahul

    Bought Exide Inva Tubular IT500 at Kolkata
    Price: Rs 15,700
    Old battery(IT 500) discount/buyback: Rs 2000
    Net Price: 13,700
    Date: 10/6/2014

  • Barsha Mukherjee

    Dear admin,
    I have bought Luminous 875va inverter with Exide inverter plus (150AH). Now due to negligence I have not filled distilled water in it. Now, it came to notice when the backup has been significantly reduced. It was filled with distilled water but failed to get required back up it was giving before the problem. Pls tell me my next step..
    1) Whether I contact company for repair? or
    2) Whether I get it boost charged? or
    3) Wait for sometime to allow it to gain upto previous backup level….
    …pls advice….

  • Nitin Pandey

    Dear Admin,
    After going through this site and ur suggestion,today i purchased Exide IT500 150 AH battery for 14,000 Rs. I have one doubt in mind. the battery have the same specification and hv 48 months warranty but the color of battery is red whereas i found the batter background color white in your site as well as in other site. I tried to contact to customer care but was not able to connect . Plz let me know that battery provided to me is right or not.Plz reply soon.

    • Admin

      Dear Nitin,
      The outlook of the battery has been changed now, no worries, it is IT500 🙂

      • Nitin Pandey

        Thanks,,for giving quick response… 🙂

    • Siva

      Hello guys,

      This is really good website who are looking to gain knowledge on inverter batteries and which one to go. I have purchased luminous 900va Zelio inverter after thorough research. Could you please guide me which one is better in Exide IT500 tubular battery(Exide best seller) costing 16500rs/- and Exide Inva Master IM10000 which is indeed new model in the market. Appreciate your quick help and many thanks !


      • Admin

        Dear siva,
        Exide IT 500 is an extraordinary battery capable of
        accepting high charge current.

        But for luminous zelio we reommend,
        Exide Inva master IM10000 – Rs.12500

        Exide Tube master TM500 – ₹10500

        Both batteries are tall tubular and good for home use.

        Life expectancy – 4+ years

        • sivaprasad maddi

          well that’s excellent. how about new launching of INVAGO 150ah tall tabular which is relatively doing equal to reputant IT500 battery? could you please share your thoughts on invago workings(pros &cons) and cost as well. thanks inadvance 🙂

        • Hariharan


          Help me in getting best price of Inverter battery (Exide Inva Master IM 10000 150AH) in Salem , Tamilnadu. Here the best price is RS. 13500

          • Admin

            Dear Hariharan,
            Acceptable price for Exide Inva master IM10000 is Rs.13,000/-

            I would also recommend Exide Tube master TM500 tall tubular 150 ah battery which costs Rs.11,000/-

  • Admin

    Dear Anil,
    We recommend Option 1 🙂

    • Anil

      Hi Admin,

      Thanks for your quick reply.
      I have further question. In all your earlier responses, you always have recommended Inva Master battery.
      Then why IP1500 plus here ? I want to know the reasoning.

      Thanks again

      • Admin

        Dear Anil,
        We recommend battery battery models according to the duration and frequency of power cuts.

        Inva Plus will suffice your requirement, no worries.

  • Admin

    Dear Ajai,
    Price of Exide Inva master 8500 – Rs.10500 approx.

    Price of Exide Inva master 10000 – Rs.12000 approx

  • Admin

    Dear Ajai,
    Exide Inva master 8500 will suffice for your requirement.

  • mohit mahajan

    i had today batteri inva master10000 at 16000 rs. 36 months warranty from jharkhand hazaribag is this price is ryt ?

    • Admin

      Dear Mohit,
      Sorry to say, your dealer has cheated you.

      Market Price of Inva Master 10000 Tall tubular 150 ah battery is around Rs.12000 to 13000 only.

  • Admin

    Dear Sachdeva,
    As a part of ‘Paperless warranty’ mission, they are avoiding the warranty card now, but once the battery is sold, they have a soft copy of your bill and warranty details in Exide core database. So, just a serial number is enough to claim warranty.

    This is what the company says …..!

    In our opinion this is not a brilliant idea from Exide.

  • Admin

    Dear Ismail,
    Sorry for the delayed reply…

  • Admin

    For that, we need to decode the serial number of the battery.

  • Ashish

    Please suggest me which one is better?
    1. Inva Master 150 va: 11300/-
    2. Inva Smart 150va : 12000/-

    • Admin

      We recommend Inva Master

  • pawan singh

    Hi Admin,

    I’m pawan from chennai..I’m totally confused as to what battery to purchase. I have Sukam battery and sukam inverter 850 va shine wave. Sukam battery just lasted for nearly about 2 yrs only. so i don’t want to pick up same battery again.

    Please suggest me a good battery

    1.Exide Invaplus -24 months 150 ah
    2.Exide inva smart -36 months 150 ah
    3. Exide Inva more -24 months +12 months pro rata warranty.
    4. SF Sonic Power box -24 months .
    pls recommend me soon. I’m totally confused because some say that Sf sonic is better than Exide batteries and cheaper too. . Also please give me exact quotes of these batteries. prices are not standard in all shops over here.

    Awaiting for your response

    Many thanks

  • Admin

    Dear sivaprasad,
    We recommend Exide IT 500 instead of Invago.

    • sivaprasad maddi

      Hello admin,

      Thanks for your replies. But to confirm InvaGo has got same features of IT500 and more over it comes with inbuilt trolley.But yes it has to prove yet interms of efficiency and performance. Do you mind sharing us any negative feedbacks you herd so far on invaGo ? My only intuition is that InvaGo is the replica of IT500 besides inbuilt trolley. If iam getting both of them at the cost then which one would you ask me to go ? Appreciate your great help and service !

  • Admin

    Dear Sahil,
    Keep the warranty sticker and your original bill safe.

    Every product sold by exide dealers will be registered automatically in Exide Core billing system.

    You can also register your battery by calling Exide toll free number. 1800 103 5454

  • RAJ


    Help me in getting best price of Inverter battery (Exide Inva Master IM 10000 150AH) in Madurai, Tamilnadu. Here the best price is RS. 13500

    • Admin

      Dear Raj,
      You can contact ‘Mathi batteries’ simmakkal. T.Manimaran
      Mobile: +91 9843052800

      They will offer you Inva master IM10000 for ₹12500/-

  • Manish

    Hello Admin,

    Please Help me to choose right battery between exide inva master 150ah tall tubular and inva red 500 + 150 ah. (power cut 3 – 4 hours).

    • Admin

      We recommend, Exide Inva Master IM10000 150 ah tall tubular battery.

  • S Verma

    Hi Admin,
    the article is a good read..

    Would you please advise me whether Invamaster IM10000 with Exide 850 would be a good choice, normal home usage.

    tks for the help.

    S Verma

    • Admin

      Yes it is!!

      • S Verma

        Dear Admin,

        tks for the response, i have ordered the IM 10,000 with Exide 850 VA Pure Sine wave inverter, but the dealer is supplying me Battery manufactured in Jan 2015, with trolley in 16.2K.
        Would you recommend me to buy this 7 Months Old Battery.
        dealer informed that IM10K is not sold frequently hence old battery.

        He suggested me to go for Inva Red500 Plus, he is keeping the price same for Inverter + Batt + Trolley @ 16.2K.

        Would you advise me which option i should select & link to comparison btw IM10K & IR500 PLus.

        Tks a Lot.

        S Verma

  • V.A.Manikandan


    Last week i purchased Microtek SEBz 1100 pure sine wave inverter – 5400 and Exide IT tall tubular 500 battery for 16000.
    May i know is it the correct price.

    Also i want to know how to place warranty for both inverter and battery

  • Chennai Myrecharge

    sir, i want to purchase a new battery what was the best battery in 150ah. and also can i purchase exide inva master 1000 for rs 130000 at trichy

  • Sandeep Mishra

    For my computer (20) backup I’m looking for following combination TWO set of Microtek Pure Sine Wave Multi INverter 3.6 KVA (Price 18000) with 8 IM10000 batteries (Four for each Inverter). I’m getting the battery @12750 where dealer is saying that he will give 6 month extra rider (10%). Final warranty would be 30+6(20%)+6(10%). Please suggest if combination is good and also confirm for the price of inverter and battery.

    • Admin

      Dear Sandeep,
      Your dealer’s price quote looks OK. 🙂

    • Admin

      This combo is Good!

      • Sandeep Mishra

        Thank you very much for prompt response.

  • webspicer

    Hi Admin,

    I brought Exide IT 500 with inventor yesterday after go through your website.

    I have question that how do i find manufacture date from serial code? and what is difference from manufacture date from serial code and package date?

    My exide it 500 battery having “G” as 4th digit in serial code. i think it’s july made one. is my battery new one or old?

    I’m confusing now, Please explain me…

  • Shiva

    Hi Everyone,

    I am from chennai , I have purchased ( around 6 months back) exide inva master TT IM 10000 with micro teck UPSEB 1250 VA, as per the info provided by the dealer it should serve for 5 fans+ 5tubes atleast 8hrs, till now i didn’t get the chance to verify my battery is working or not , recently due to heavy rains power cut for long time. i have observed my battery has served for 8 to 9hrs for 1fan + 1 tube(28 watts) only. That means its not served even 1/4 time as per the instructions.

    How to verify my battery/inverter functioning as per the expected or not. Please suggest me some one on this . Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Admin

    Dear Pandian,
    Price of Battery seems reasonable, But quote for inverter is unrealistic.

    Online Price of Microtek SEBZ 900 VA pure sine wave inverter is Only Rs.4100/-

    Search for better dealer who offers best price.

    • Pandian

      Thanks for your reply. Finally, I bought Inva Master IM 10000 (150 AH) for the price of Rs.11,900 and Microtek SEBZ 900 VA for the price of Rs.4900. Hope everything will work fine.

  • Amlan

    Hi Admin,
    I was going through your page and your suggestions. I felt a bit confident and hopeful to ask you one of my query. I am also looking for buying an Inverter system with this config: Sukam Brainy Eco 1100 + Exide IT 500 or IM 10000.

    Could you please suggest, which option would be best for me. If you have any other opinion please share. I reside near Kolkata. If possible, please share some reliable dealer(within a good price) info near my place too.

  • Shyam

    Hi Admin,
    I am from Thane Maharashtra. here power cuts are very rare. It is around 1 hour in 4 or 5 days. I am planning to buy luminous zelio 1100 va inverter and either exide IT 500 150 AH or IM 10000 150 AH for 3 fans, 4 cfl, 1 led tv, 1 laptop, 1 WiFi and 1charger point.
    Could you please suggest if this is right choice? If not
    Please provides better option as per my need.

    • Admin

      You have made a good choice shyam!

  • renu

    sir ,
    i have double battery sukam inverter and i live in noida where in peak summers the power cuts last 5 to 6 hours or more .we need to run two or three tubelights and 2/3 fans for the cuts. presently using invared 500 150ah batteries and they gave good performance for 6 years but now run out. which batteries i should buy now.

    • Admin

      Dear Renu,
      If you are satisfied with invared, then go with the same battery model.

      It is one of the good tubular battery models from Exide.


    Dear Sir,last month I purchased EXIDE INVA MASTER IM10000@15000/- & Luminous Shakti Charge Plus 1150 VA inverter@4500/- from Jamshedpur,Jharkhand. While selecting battery the dealer told me that IT500 is 9Plate battery but IM10000 is 13 plates.Also the price was 13500 for IT500 & 15000/- for IM10000.
    I thought that IM10000 will give better back up so bought it.But now I visited your website the scene was totally different.I used 1 fan for approx 13hours, 1 LED TV for 30 minuts & two 9watt LED bulbs for 3-4 hrs now the battery low light is blinking. Is my battery back up is good enough or not?? Tell me about price issue too.But I got 48months warranty with this battery.
    Kindly help.

    • Admin

      Dear Jitendra,
      Exide IT500 is definitely better than IM10000.

      Dealers will tell their own story to market the products they have in stock.
      And the price of Exide IM10000 should be around 12k to 13k

      Battery back up is OK

  • Arpita Barua

    Hi ,
    I need a battery which will support 4 Tube Lights, 4 ceiling fans and 1 Sony Bravia 28″ at one go. My vendor suggested 3 options (a) Exide IPT 1500 @ 12200/ – (b) Exide IMST 1500 @ 13500/- , (c ) Astral N150 Tubular @ 11000/- with Microtek 900 VA @ 4700/- . i am pretty confused. Pls guide.
    Thanks and regards

  • dr sunil

    Dealer said to me relicell tubular is good than Exide inva tubular battery. My old battery is Exide inva tubular it 500. But now my battery heating so I want to change it after 6 years. Please tell me which one is good. Relicell tubular vs Exide tubular. Dealer charging ₹ 12000/- total after taking my old battery in ₹ 2500/-

  • Admin

    Dear Laksh kanth,
    Call this battery and inverter online chennai based seller for best prices.

    +91 98842 70987

    • Laksh Kanth

      Thank you very much Admin.

  • Ashish Y

    I am interested in buying an Inverter for Home use. I got the quotation from a dealer in Bangalore with the following prices:

    1. Exide 150 AH tubular battery (36 months full replacement)(IMST 1500) – 12900.
    2. Exide 100 AH tubular battery (36 months full replacement)(IMST 1000) – 9900.
    3. Luminous 150 AH battery tubular battery (36/18+18warranty)(RC18000) – 11800.

    4. Luminous 2KVA (24months)(24 volts) Inverter – 10300.
    5. Sukam 2KVA Inverter ~~ 11000.

    6. Trolly – 1400.

    ———My requirement———–
    2KVA with 150ah double battery.
    Preference : Sukam + Exide battery
    Location : Bangalore.
    1. Are the prices of these product correct?
    2. Sukam inverter with exide battery combination correct? or should i also consider Luminous inverter with Luminous battery

  • Shailesh

    I have to replace my inverter battery immediately. Currently, I am using Exide Inva Tubular 150 AH battery. Dealer has suggested a 150 AH Tubular model for Rs. 13,600 with 2yr Guarantee + 1 Yr Warranty. My inverter’s capacity is 850 VA. Which is the best suited battery, performance wise and at a reasonable price that I should buy?