Exide Home UPS Inverter – Pros and Cons

exide-inverter-upsThe Most awaited product, ‘Home inverter’ from Exide has been finally introduced by the battery manufacturing Giant Exide.

Being a market leader in automotive and industrial battery manufacturing in India and overseas, Exide has faced a big question from its customers; “Why Exide has not yet started manufacturing Home UPS inverter systems in India?”

Now eventually, the question has been answered with the launch of Brand New Home UPS inverter system from Exide.

Ok. The product is now available in the market at Exide Priority Showrooms and Dealers; let us see some review about the product.

Exide Inverter Models and VA Ranges

As for now, Exide has introduced a single Model only.

It is available in three different range 650 VA, 850VA and 1450VA

EXIDE 650VA Pure Sine Wave Home UPS 650VA 12V
EXIDE 850VA Pure Sine Wave Home UPS 850VA 12V
EXIDE 1450VA Pure Sine Wave Home UPS 1450VA 24V

Only Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Exide has committed itself to make only DSP based pure sinewave Inverters and not to manufacture square wave and modified square wave inverters, we should appreciate this bold decision of Exide.

The Market leaders in Inverter manufacturing, Microtek, Su-kam and Luminous are making both High end Pure Sine wave and Low end Square wave inverters.

Advantages of Exide Inverter

Exide inverter has some additional features which can’t be seen in other leading brands.

· LCD display shows actual connected load in Percentage.

· LCD display shows AC mains Input voltage to monitor low and high voltage.

· Battery electrolyte level indicator reminds us when to top up the battery with distilled water.

· Additional protection to Circuit Board

Comparison of Exide Inverter with Microtek and Sukam

Microtek has wide range of inverters from 400 VA to 10 KVA. Microtek is also manufacturing Online 3 Phase UPS with 30 KVA capacities for Industrial Purpose.

Sukam, the leading inverter company also has a good line up of inverters from 250 VA

But, Exide has introduced only 3 varieties,

1. EXIDE Pure sine wave 650VA

2. EXIDE Pure sine wave 850VA

3. EXIDE Pure sine wave 1450VA

What Can and Cannot – Inverter Usage Guide

The 650VAinverter is basic inverter which is used in houses with single bed rooms. This inverter has only limited usage and essential gadgets like Kitchen Mixer cannot be used with this range of inverters.

The 850VAis widely used in middle class and upper middle class homes. This inverter can handle the load of kitchen mixer like gadgets. This will operate with 12V single lead acid battery.

The 1450 VA Inverter needs two 12V Lead acid batteries to operate. This inverter is best for three bedroom houses. Iron Box, Geyser, A/C cannot beoperated with this inverter. Suitable for PC, LCD, LED TV, FAN, Light, Kitchen Mixer, RO water Purifier, water Pump below 1.5 hp etc. can be operated flawlessly with this inverter.

Things to Consider before Choosing Exide Inverter

  • Exide Inverters are newly launched product in the market and yet to prove its long term Performance.
  • Only limited ranges of inverters are launched by now. There are chances of discontinuation of product in future.
  • Price of the product is relatively high compared to Microtek and Sukam. Some Exide Dealers are fixing their own price like what they do with batteries.
  • [thirstylink linkid=”5718″ linktext=”Exide 850 VA pure sinewave is available Online for  – Rs.5000/-” class=”thirstylink”], whereas Sukam Shiny 850 VA pure sine wave cost around Rs.4000/-(Online Price). Exide should slash down their price to compete with leading brands.
  • Exide Inverter’s input Voltage Range in inverter mode is only 100-280v. Inverter will switch to battery power when input voltage exceeds 280 volt limit. Microtek inverter’s input voltage range is 100 to 300V.
  • People with high voltage problem will suffer with input voltage limit in exide inverter.
  • Users complain about annoying Fan Noise from inverter even when there is no load on inverter.

NOTE: The above review is for Exide Inverter only, not for Exide Ceil Inverter. Both are different products from same company. Ceil inverter cost little less than Exide Inverter.


How to Buy Exide Premium 850 Va Pure Sin wave Inverter ONLINE

Now a days, Buying Electronic gadgets Online is more comfortable and profitable for end-users. We do recommend our readers to buy Inverter Online in case of Local dealer prices are not reasonable.

Here we list out few Online Deals for Exide Home UPS 850 Va Pure sine wave


  • Shashi

    Dear admin,
    Please suggest,is it right to buy exide 850 va inverter for exide it500 battery as microtek 850 va pure sinewave inverter is not available in my area.

    • admin

      Dear Shashi,
      Microtek Pure sine wave Inverters are better than Exide inverters.

      In-case of non-availability of Microtek inverters, you can go for Exide inverter.

  • vishal

    Hello sir ,
    Su-Kam shiny or luminous cruze out of these two which is good one for it500 battery.

  • admin

    Dear Vishal,
    Su-kam shiny would be a good choice.

    Please check your inverter completely at dealers shop itself.

  • Arjun

    Dear Admin,
    I have brought a 850 VA Pure Sine wave Exide Home UPS plus a local reputed brand ISO 9001-2008 certified 200 AH Tubular inverter battery for the UPS.

    Q- Is it safe to use a 200 AH battery for the UPS?

    The UPS cost me Rs. 5600, what I was impressed with was the Load indicator while on Battery mode, battery current voltage reading and the the Input current voltage reading, which are displayed in its LCD display alternatively with other indicators. It really helps.

    I found that a ceiling fan consume around 12-15% of load.

    I am planning to use a load capacity of around 60-75 %

    3x ceiling fan
    4x 15-18 watt CLF lights
    1x TV with set top box
    1x socket for liquid mosquito replant use
    1x socket for laptop and mobile charging use
    in the above use the load capacity was around 75%.

    Q-What load capacity would you suggest me to use on it which would be healthy for both the UPS and the battery?

    Under UPS mode it have a change over time of <= 8 msec which really helps.

    Under UPS mode the input range is 180-260 +/- 5V (while it is 100 to 280 +/- 5 v under inverter mode).

    Problem is in my locality voltage occasionally drops below 180 v, today I was able to record a minimum voltage of 172 v during that time the UPS switch to battery mode which was annoying, one of my friend suggested me to use a good stabilizer with low input handling capacity, I want to use it in UPS pure sine wave mode,

    Q- What would you suggest, if stabilizer is the answer can you please suggest a good one available in India,its power range and approx prize?

    The UPS have a ELS (electrolyte level sensor) input to monitor the battery water level, but I have not come across any such type of battery or equipment available around (even the seller had no idea regarding it), if you know something related to this please help me with information regarding this.

    In the above mention configuration how much back up time you think that the UPS can deliver (any rough idea)?

    Lastly it have a switch in back to select between NC/EC/HC (different charging mode) My local electrician adviced me to keep it in NC mode (Normal Current, while EC= Enhanced Current and HC= High Current). Can you tell me what difference it makes and which is the most preferred mode I should select? If more data is required regarding the rates of the modes I will make a second post for my queries.

    Thank you in advance.

  • KRK

    Hello Sir,

    I am in a dilemma of selecting which brand inverter to buy??? I have 2 choices as Exide 850VA or Mahindra 800VA. Please suggest. Battery I am going for Exide Invared 500+

    • admin

      Dear KRK,
      Exide inverter is better than mahindra inverter.

  • p.v.rao

    hello sir,
    I bought an exide 850 inverter.There is a fan backside of it. the fan on for every 10 minutes and making sound.is there any problem in my inverter?

    • admin

      Dear PV.Roa,
      The fan running sound is normal in all inverters, no need to worry.

  • p.v.rao

    IS inverter with fan is better or without fan is better?what is the advantage of fan?

    • admin

      Dear PV.Roa,
      Inbuilt cooling fan ensures long life safety for its components. Normally all inverters above 400 va are equipped with cooling fan on back side. The fan is programmed to run whenever the temperature rises.

  • satish

    Dear Admin,
    I am in a confusion for the last few days..
    I am residing in trichy.

    My situation is i am a single living a rented house.
    Planning to leave out of country in another 4 to 5 months.

    So don’t want to invest more money on it.

    Got quote for Ammaron battery 100 Ah at 7250.

    planned to go for Microteck UPS E² – 625VA.

    My dad insisted to buy inverter with more va. ie to UPS E² – 875VA. He justifies that after 2 years my needs may change.

    Is it good to go for 875 va than 625 va.

    I generally use a fan and cfl light and on night only.

    Whats the diference between UPS E² and UPS SEBz series of Microtech. All other inverters here are costly. Is it good to go for microtech or instead to go for sukam..

    I had just put in what is in mind.. Sorry if i asked a lot..

    Thanks & waiting ADMIN for your valueable suggestions..

    • admin

      Dear Satish,
      Microtek 625 VA inverter itself a good inverter for normal home use, but you can’t operate kitchen mixers or 1/2 hp water motors with 625 VA inverters, That’t the difference.

      Price of 600 VA Pure sine wave inverer in Trichy – Rs4000 to 4200/-

      Price of 850 VA pure sine wave inverter in trichy – 4800 – 5500/-

      Bargain and get 850 VA pure sine wave inverter for 4800, it would be useful in future if you want to install higher capacity Battery with it.

      No big difference in models, be sure to buy Pure sine wave inverter.

  • satish

    Thanks Admin…
    Can i use 850 VA with 100 Ah battery…


    • admin

      Dear Satish,
      Sure, You can use 100 Ah with 850 VA inverter.

  • Deva

    Dear Admin,

    I have planned to buy a EXIDE 850VA Home inverter. Regarding battery, I have confused with Exide IT500 or other brand with 150 AH. Exide seems Rs. 3000 extra than other brands lime luminous, amaron, etc.

    please suggest me which battery is value for money.

    My friend suggested that, If I purchase same brand inventor and battery (exide), it is easy to warranty, because battery people can not blame the inverter and inverter people can not blame the battery. because both are same brand. IS IT TRUE?

    • admin

      Dear Deva,
      It it not True. Buying same brand won’t give you any advantage when you go for warranty claim.
      Microtek is leading manufacturer of inverter and Exide is market leader in Battery industry, So, if you want to go for top quality product then you should go for the leading brand.

      Exide IT500 is most successful Tall tubular model, at the same time the other brands are also giving tough competition to Exide in Tall tubular series.

  • Deva

    Dear Admin,

    Finally I purchased Luminous sine wave UPS and Exide IT500 battery.

    Thanks for your guidance 🙂

    • admin

      Dear Deva,
      Thanks for Sharing !

  • Siva

    Hai admin,

    Microtek SEBz850va VS Exide 850va
    Which is good? & why?

    • admin

      Dear Siva,
      Both inverters are good in terms of performance. Check the service availability in your area for both brand.

  • Ramana Reddy

    Dear Admin,

    Similar to P.V.Rao’s comment above, I have noticed that the fan noise of Exide 850VA inverter is very high and I feel the level is un-acceptable. I have seen Su-kam and Amaron inverters but I have not seen any fan sound in them. Technically it is good if the fan works but not at the cost of such a heavy and more frequent noise. Interestingly, this fan noise comes when there is no load also regardless of normal mode or UPS mode.

    I am little surprised by your response “fan sound is normal in all inverters” to P.V.Rao’s question.

    Ramana Reddy

    • admin

      Dear Ramana Reddy,
      Thanks for your feed back regarding Fan noise in Exide Inverter. We are sorry if our comment is misunderstood, more noise like gen-sets are definitely not normal.

      Moreover, fan noise during no load is also a software bug. I agree this point also has to be added to ‘cons’ of Exide inverter.

  • Srinivasan

    I purchased Exide CEIL 850 with Exide IN1500Plus battery on 11th Nov 2012 @ chennai, i felt bad about my choice within a day because quite frequentely the inverter goes into battery mode when there is mains input power is available. The dealer says to go with toll free number for chasing this issue, launched call on 14th Nov with exide service but so far no one called. Esaclated to local service but nothing works. The FAN humming noise also irretating during night, also when the inverter in battery mode it alarm almost every 8 min quite annoying especially during night

    • admin

      Dear Srinivasan,
      You stuck with faulty inverter with in 4 days of purchase. In this case, Your dealer is responsible and ask him to replace the inverter with new one. If he refuse to replace , you just give him a warning that you are going to file a case at consumer court if the vendor refuses to take responsibility of his faulty product.

      Hope you will get replacement instantly from your dealer.

  • Srinivasan

    Thanks for your valuable time on this admin but i tried my best with the dealer on warning etc returns no luck. Also today is 3rd day done the follow-up with Exide toll free and local service just heard the gyan they will be sending someone. From my experiance i would not recommend Exide invertor for anyone choice because 1. New to market without proven track record 2. Worst customer service

  • Ramana Reddy

    Dear Admin,
    Thanks for your response dated “By admin, November 11, 2012 @ 9:18 am”. I just wanted to Srinivasan’s query as I am also an Exide customer. Uppper voltage range of Exide in UPS mode is 255v only.

    So whenever the voltage crosses 255v it automatically switches to Battery mode. In winter seasons especially during nights it is high likely to hit/cross 255v. It is more probable if the connection is 3 phase. Most likey Srinivasan’s inverter must be in UPS mode and also he may be having 3 phase connection. So I suggest him to put in normal mode (except when a desktop computer is connected).

    There is a small switch at the back of the inverter indicating “normal”, “UPS”. This switch should be moved to “normal” mode. In this mode he can get rid of the alarm during nights.

    My another frustration regarding the fan sound is that it comes during winter nights also, that too when the room temperature is 12 degrees and without any load. I think they need to rectify this. Similarly operating voltage range in UPS mode may need to be increased.

    Ramana reddy

  • Srinivasan

    Finally the Exide customer service turned up 16th evening and he said this is normal working condition of this invertor and no option to reprogram to specific condition. So inspite of using LCD TV and laptop+wireless modem i put it in normal mode to get rid of UPS mode during normal mains power. I learnt from him that 3 segment is lauched in Exide inverter one with LCD display and CEIL is the last Segment out of 3 (not sure about 2nd segment. All three uses different configuration/programs with microchip). I paid CEIL 850 with Exide IN1500 Plus INR 16300 in chennai, is that right price?

  • Jagannath

    to srinivasan:

    I want to buy the Exide Home UPS 1450VA (I read exide purchased kevin inverter business and I have heard good reviews of kevin inverters especially fast switchover times) and Exide IT500 batteries in chennai

    so want to know what do you mean by ‘3 segment’ of inverters by Exide. what is the latest model? and how is your overall experience till now? are the beeps in UPS mode very loud? i will be keeping the setup outside my house only.

    earlier I had APC BI1000I and 2 x 150AH Exide Invasafe SMF batteries but those batteries lasted merely 19 months…. learned the hard way. electrician says that model inverter not suited for SMF batteries and also to buy tubular batteries.

  • Jagannath

    any help plz

  • binod tandukar

    Dear Admin

    hi my name is binod tandukar and i am kathmandu nepal. recently i had bought two nos of exide 200ah battery with exide inverter 1450va. i had a 1000 watt printer which i had to operate during the power cut but the big sound came from the inverter whenever i started the printer during the power cut time. is it the fault of inverter and the cut sign shows contineously in my inverter after the voltage of battery charging sign and load on inverter sign. but the main thing which is bothering me is the big sound whenever i switch on the printer. the printer modes is brother dcp 7055. pls make a quick response to it.


    binod tandukar

    • admin

      Dear Binod,
      Your inverter VA rating is not sufficient to start a power hungry Printer, that’s why you are experiencing some strange sound. You should upgrade to 2000 va inverter to solve this problem.

  • Maqsood

    Dear Admin,

    Last week I purchase EXIDE CEIL 650 pure sign wave inverter. But not able to finalize the battery combination. Please suggest me with the best battery combination.

    I purchase it for Rs 3700 from bangalore SP Road dealer. Hope this information help for other customer.

    • admin

      Dear Maqsood,
      Thanks for sharing the prices.

      We recommend ‘Exide Invertor Plus 135ah’ semi tubular battery for your 650 VA inverter, it has 2 years warranty. Life expectancy would be more than 3 years. Price would be around 10k.

  • Aakash

    Dear admin,
    I thought of purchasing Exide 850VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
    Here, in Assam the dealer is quoting Rs9499 for the 850VA model, Rs7999 for the 600VA model and Rs11999 for the 1450VA model. Is the price ok or is the dealer charging high price?

    • admin

      Dear Aakash,
      Your dealer’s price quote is cheating, try to buy from anyother dealer. We Recommend Microtek Pure sinewave inverter models.

      An 850va Pure sinewave inverter would cost around Rs.5000/- only, any price quote that crosses Rs.6000/- limit is definitely overpriced.

      • Aakash

        Dear admin,
        Thank you for the quick reply. The quoted price for Exide InvaTubular IT500 battery is Rs17459. Is it worth it?

        • Aakash

          I mean is the price for IT500 battery that I have quoted above ok or is it over priced too?

          • admin


        • admin

          Oh my god! IT500 for 17,450/-??? , not worth more than 16k.

  • murali

    Plz suggest me the best home inverter n battery for house purpose of 4fans n 4tubelights n a led tv.also mention about the prices of those n the battery voltage.

    • admin

      Dear Murali,
      We recommend Microtek UPS SEBz-1500VA model (dual battery model) with Two Exide Mega Inva 150 ah battery. This configuration could handle some extra load more than your requirement.

      MIcrotek UPS SEBz-800VA Pure sine wave inverter and One Exide Invertor Plus 135 ah is recommended for budget conscious people.

  • vijay

    i want to buy 850VA sine wave inverter 150AH tubler battery , how much cost this product and i am in chennai.

    • admin

      Dear Vijay,
      The 850 Pure sine wave inverter would cost around 5k and Tall Tubular Exide IT500 would cost nearly 14k

  • Kumar

    Im planning to buy a EXIDE IT 650 InvaTubular Battery but im confused about which Inverter to buy. My area (Hosur, TN)has power cuts ranging from 7-9 hours. Please suggest a good inverter that is compatible with this battery.

    My plan is that the inverter should be scalable. My Load would be 2 Fans + 2 TL + 1 TV + 1 Mixie.

    Thanks in advance.

    • admin

      Dear Kumar,
      We recommend Sukam Pure sine wave model ‘SHINY’850 VA (Rs.5500) or
      Microtek Pure sine wave model UPS SEBz850 va (Rs.5000)

      For Battery,with
      We strongly recommend IT500 Exide Tall Tubular as your load preference and power cut hours are normal and easily manageable with IT500 (150ah) battery.

  • prabhas

    i want to buy an inverter..which one is best ?..sukam , microtek , exide ,Apc or lumnious.

    • admin

      Dear Prabhas,
      Please take some time and read some posts and comments in this blog, you will come to a conclusion.

  • tej911

    I dont know where to post my review. so posing in response.
    “Exide inverter 850Va DSP based pure sinewave” :-
    1)Kept battery(IT500) cool.
    2)cost is 5200 in AP.
    3)Good LCD display, it will even show u load and battery voltage so that you can predict backup time. Full bettery indicator is also good.
    4)No humming in fans and lights . And PC working without any problems during powercut.
    5)charging full battery in 5-6 hours only.
    WARNING:- Buy only EXIDE labelled inverter. And there other vendor names called CEIL etc of exide.(like SFsonic in batteries). Dont buy it, you should better go to SUKAM instead of CEIL.

    Thankyou again ADMIN ji….

    • admin

      Dear Tej,
      Thanks for your review!

  • shiv

    Going to buy a inverter for my home that would cater to 4 fans+4 lights+ 1 Mixer+ 1 LED TV. With the current load shedding of 12-14 hours in Tamil Nadu, what would be the right combination of inverter & battery? Please do help admin

    • admin

      Dear shiv,
      12 – 14 hrs power cut some thing horrible!

      A 1500 VA Pure sine wave double battery inverter + Two 135 ah semi tubular batteries would handle the load flawlessly and give better backup.

      For Inverter

      We recommend

      Microtek UPS SEBz-1500VA -Rs.7000/-
      Sukam shiny 1500 VA – 7300/-
      Exide sine wave 1450 VA – Rs.7200/-

      All the inverters listed above are pure sine wave double battery inverter, choose any one according to the availability.


      For battery, we recommend

      2 Exide Invertor Plus 135 AH batteries (2years full warranty) – 2 x Rs.10,000/- = Rs.20,000/-

      Total cost would be around 28 k

  • deva

    i want to buy an inverter and battery for middle class family.

    In 850va range which battery and inverter is best

    • admin

      Dear Deva,
      WE recommend Microtek sine wave model UPS SEBz850VA – Rs.5000 and Exide Invertor Plus Model 135 battery – Rs.10000 to 10500/- for your requirement.

  • deva

    i want to bye an inverter and battery for meddle class family for 850va which battery and inverter is best

  • shankar

    i planned to buy a ups system to support 2 tubelight + 3 fans + 1 table top computer with 17″ square lcd monitor. I need back up time for 3-4 hours. Because i am in out side coimbatore tamil nadu & found power cut frequently. 2 hr power on 1 hr power off. In night time we suffer sleep problem without fan.

    pls. suggest
    1. which invertor is much suitable
    2. which battery is much suitable


    • admin

      Dear Shankar,
      An 850 VA pure sine wave inverter with 150 ah battery would be a perfect choice for your requirement.
      We recommend

      Microtek sine wave model UPS SEBz850VA – Rs.5000/-

      Sukam shiny sine wave 850VA – Rs.5500/-

      Sukam Falcon sine wave 800VA – Rs.5000/-

      APC sine wave 850VA model BI850SINE – Rs.5500/-


      For Battery

      We recommend Exide Inva Tubular IT500 Tall battery (Best seller in its class) – Rs.14000/-

      Exide Mega Inva semi tubular 150 ah with 3 years full warranty – Rs.12250/-

      Sukam Tall tubular 150 ah model SBT1500 – Rs.12000/-

      Amaron current Tall Tubular 150 ah – Rs.12000/-

      Exide semi tubular ‘Invertor Plus model’ 135 ah – Rs.10,000/-


      All the above models listed are fast moving best performers in market. For coimbatore area you can contact ‘Marvel Batteries’ and get their price quote for your preferred model. Bargain and get the Best deal!

      Near Puliyamaram bus stop,
      Landmark: Near Ambal maruthi showroom
      Coimbatore- 641011.
      Phone : 0422 – 244 00 61
      Customer Care : 1800 425 98 98.

      We don’t insist you to buy from any dealer, this is just a suggestion.

      Bargain and get the best deal, at initial inquiry, all dealers will probably over quote the price, it’s all depends on your bargaining talent. Mention our website address to your dealer, they will probably offer the best price.

  • Vinodh

    I am from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.
    Now a days the power cut is around 14 hrs.
    I am planning to buy Exide 850 VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
    + Exide 150AH IT500 Tall tubular battery

    Together they are quoting Rs.20,000
    Is it best buy..

    I am willing to go for Exide Inverter + battery just because they both are from same brand/company.

    Can i proceed with this exide inverter?

    • admin

      Dear Vinodh,
      Exide 850 VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
      + Exide 150AH IT500 Tall tubular battery for Rs.20,000/- in coimbatore

      I assume that your dealer is offering

      Exide 850 VA sine wave Inverter – Rs.5500/-

      Exide Inva Tubular Tall battery 150 ah ‘IT500 model’ – Rs.13,500/-

      Installation – Rs.1000/-

      Hmm….Seems like a Fair Deal!

      Make sure that your dealer is offering installation with this pack.


      Share your coimbatore dealer details with our readers, it would be useful for other readers from coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

  • ksrini

    dear admin,
    i need to purchse 850va pure sine wave invertor plese suggest which invertor is best and battery also

    • admin

      Dear Ksrini,
      We recommend Microtek sine wave model UPs SEBz 850 VA and Sukam shiny 850 va pure sine wave inverter.

      If you choose sukam shiny 850 va , go for sukam LA 150 ah deep cycle batteries


      Exide Invertor Plus 135 ah model (2years warranty) – Rs.10,000 to 10,500/-

  • T K Singh

    I gave money to one of my friends to buy exide inverter. But inverter which i got ceil in which no lcd display, no electrolyte indicator and only one socket for power out put. In exide website all above mentioned features are mentioned. But this feature is missing. Is ceil is duplicate inverter. If not then how good reputation it has. Should i return and search for original exide inverter with lcd display. But what i will for the reason to return.

    • admin

      Dear TK.singh, Exide inverter and Exide ceil inverter are different products from same company………Like SF battery…….it’s a low cost product………..if you want exide inverter, better you exchange your ceil inverter.

  • T K Singh

    Adding: On the carton of ceil inverter is written as manufacture bu Exide Industries. Warranty card says two year warranty. So what you say should continue using this inverter or try to return/sell to other and search and buy other Exide ups with lcd display and other feature or Buy Sukam Shiny from other city as in our city it is out of stock.

  • ksrini

    dear admin,
    i am equired on exide dealer and battery dealer he say -battery EXIDE IT 500 150ah rate Rs 15250 and APC invertor 850va pure sine wave Rs 6250 its correct rate or not and APC invertor choice is better or not.please suggest

    • admin

      Inverter price should be below 5600

    • admin

      APC Pure sine wave is a good inverter .

  • P SAHA

    I am also planning buy new inverter for my flat. I have called many shops and visited many to confirm the right price in market.

    As per differet quotes:
    EXIDE IT400 (115Ah) should be around 11,700/-
    EXIDE IT500 (150Ah) should be around 14,500/-
    Microtek 600 VA pure sine wave home UPS: 3600/-
    Microtek 850 VA pure sine wave home UPS: 4500/-
    Su-kum 850 VA pure sine wave home UPS: 4900/-

    Troller – 600/-

    Price could vary by 50-100 rupees.

    Now I am going to talk to my dealer based on above quotation. If he does not agree, I will go with the other dealer who would provide me best price.

    • admin

      very help information for readers …..Thank you saha

  • prasanth

    i have bought microtek 1500 kv inverter. i am in confusion to buy which type of tubular battery in exide company…i need to get 800-1000 va (watts) power for my appliances for 7 hours continuously so plz help me in this regard weather to by 200 ah or 600 ah battery and reply to my mail.

    • admin

      Dear Prashanth,
      we recommend

      Two Exide Mega Inva 150 ah batteries (3 years full warranty)


      Two Exide IT 750 Tall Tubular- 200 ah batteries

  • Dear Sir,
    I am from pathanamthitta, Kerala.
    Now a days the power cut is …
    I am planning to buy Exide 850 VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
    + Exide 150AH IT500super Tall invatubular battery

    Together they are quoting Rs.22,700
    Is it best buy..

    I am willing to go for Exide Inverter + battery just because they both are from same brand/company.

    My need use 4 to 6hr 1cfl+fan+desktop Lcd computer

    Can i proceed with this exide inverter?
    Plz Reply Sir…

    • admin

      Dear Anish Prabakar,
      The new Exide original Inverter 850 va (not ceil inverter) has excellent charging current (15amp) at High charge mode, which is best in its class.

      Exide original Inverter 850 va with LCD display + Exide IT500 SUPER is a excellent power-packed combination.

      Inverter + Battery = Rs.22700/-

      Price quote seems fair and reasonable in Kerala. Go with it!

  • T K Singh

    As per your advice i have changed my Ceil exide UPS with New LCD display 650VA Exide Home UPS. With i have taken Exide Mega Inva 88ah battery, this one also u have advices. Thank u for free cost, neural advice.
    I have one confusion, at the back of Exide UPS there is three charging position, Normal Charge, Enhanced charge and High Charge. Which charging mode to be used and when. Please give some idea as manual and exide poor customer support fail to reply to this query.

    • admin

      Dear TK.Singh,
      Exide Original 650 VA Inverter has 3 modes for battery charging.

      Normal Mode – 10.5 amp

      Enhanced Mode – 12.5 amp

      High charging Mode – 14.5 amp

      Exide Mega Inva 88ah could handle all the three modes, and we recommend ‘Enhanced Charging Mode’

      If you suffer More than 12 hours power cut per day, change the sliding switch to High charging mode.


      For users with 135 ah and 150 ah battery, we would recommend ‘High charging mode’ for 8+ hours power cut.


      If you face only two hours power cut per day, We recommend ‘Normal charging mode’ for all batteries (80 to 150)


      Share the prices of your Exide 650 va original inverter and Exide Mega Inva 88ah, it would be useful to other users.

      • T K Singh

        Thank you for your detail technical reply.
        I purchased
        Exide Mega Inva 880 (88ah) battery by Rs. 8500
        Exide 650VA new Inverter with LCD display and dual power out at Rs. 4500.

        My city is Guwahati, Assam (Nort-East)

        • admin

          Thanks for sharing the price and location details.

      • Wakil Baba

        I purchased one Exide pure sine wave inverter 650 VA for 3600 rs in VAISHALI, Ghaziabad, UP in sept, 2013.
        Within 5 days the LCD display went wrong and was repaired in OKAY time by making complaints to dealer. However, I didnot notice the modes and it was in UPS mode thus sometimes even with mains supply it continued under Battery mode with beeps at 10-15 min interval which was very annoying.
        Thanks to this site I changed the mode and slept peacefully thereafter. I also apprised the dealer who sent an engnr. who told me the same thing as noted above by Admn. Was also informed that 280v limit is only in the CONSUMER’s interest only as higher voltage will damage the equipment.

  • pydisadadiva

    Can You please suggest me which one to choose
    1)Luminous Sine Wave Inverter 875 VA
    2)Exide Pure Sine Wave Home UPS 850VA

    • admin

      We recommend Exide Original 850 VA inverter with LCD display.

      It is better in terms of charging current. It has three charge current selection modes and LCD display to monitor the battery condition and charge level.

      Price- Rs.5500/-

      Exide Original Inverter with LCD display is pure sine wave inverter.

  • pydisadadiva

    Can You please suggest me which one to choose
    1)Luminous Sine Wave Inverter 875 VA
    2)Exide Pure Sine Wave Home UPS 850VA
    We went to dealer shop he had given me Square wave inverter..after reading humming noise coming from square wave inverter..thats y i decided to take Pure sine wave inverter….

  • bennyjames

    hello sir,i bought exide IT 500 and exide 850 va inverter at 23000/ .It has 2 modes-one is normal and other is ups mode.what is the difference in these modes?Now it is in ups mode.one more question,when i am using iron box whether i have to switch off inverter if suddenly power went of
    pls reply,thanks in advance

    • admin

      Dear Bennyjames,
      Use your inverter in Normal Mode, it is always recommended. If you use desktop PC with inverter, use UPS mode to avoid PC reboot problem during power cuts.

      In UPS mode the inverter goes to battery power when there is a small voltage drop or high voltage from grid.

      You should switch off the power button in the inverter before using high current consuming gadgets like ‘Iron box’, otherwise your inverter will trip automatically.

      • ksambath

        Hello Admin,

        Just a follow-up question to your advice on inverter switch off as my requirement is similar to this one. I have installed 850va shiny inverter with Exide Megainv 150ah battery. The problem with my electric line is that Washing machine also connected to the fan/light lines which is obviously creates problem when power goes off while washing machines is running. Can you please advice in this scenario? I don’t think I have option to rewiring at the house.

        Also, do you suggest switching off battery and inverter, so that I can manually connect the main line while running the washing machine?

        Thanks for your help.

  • mohil

    Hi admin,
    I have to run the following appliances on UPS –
    1. 1 tube light
    2. 1 modem
    3. 1 laptop
    4. 1 computer monitor

    I have calculated that my power needs can be sufficed by a 450VA inverter and a 100 Ah battery. However considering that in future i may require for other purposes decided to go for a 600VA inverter.
    The dealers i contacted advised to go for a 850VA inverter saying that there isn’t a big difference in the rates of a 600 and a 850/875 VA inverter.
    [ Is this correct? ]

    I have got the following quotes i am contemplating on –
    1. Exide inverter 850 VA + battery 100 Ah + trolley
    around 15500
    2. Exide inverter 850 VA + battery 150 Ah + trolley
    around 19000
    3. APC inverter 800 VA + battery 120 Ah + trolley
    Rs. 15850 including 350 rs installation

    Which of the 2 should i go for?
    Is there a better alternative?
    Is the trolley required?

  • Suman Tokuri

    Hi admin,

    Recently i bought Exide Ciel 850VA inverter.
    (Note: The dealer did not even explained me that there are multiple variants. I asked him for both battery and inverter from EXIDE)

    The fan noise is very annoying and irritating.
    I am very frustrated with this problem, the inverter is located near my study table and i can hear the noise loudly in the night wherever i am in the house.
    The noise if VERY VERY loud than you expect.

    Exide needs to fix it, this is really bad design, they could have programmed it to run depending on the load and temp. simply the fan runs at full speed every 10 min or so…

    Apart from this, i hear some “grrrrr” sound when i go near the inverter (may be this is common to all inverters)

    When i searched in the net for this problem, i come to this page.

    I want to update my feedback here so that others can make better decision before buying it.

    The only reason i bought this because my battery is EXIDE IT 500 and i felt the life of the whole inverter will be good if both are from EXIDE.

    Fir those who want to know the price: Bangalore/Banaswadi

    EXIDE IT 500 + EXIDE CIEL 850VA = 21000/-


    • admin

      Dear Suman,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with Exide CEIL inverter.

  • Dear Sir,
    I want to buy one good UPS for my office work from home. I will use only 1 laptop and 1 modem, but in case of power failure, it should give me backup of 4-5 hrs.
    Which one should I go for?

    • admin

      Dear Chandranath
      We recommend a 600 va pure sinewave inverter with 135 ah Exide invertor plus battery for your requirement.

      600 va pure sine wave inverter – Rs.4000 to 4500/-

      135 ah Exide Invertor plus model normal battery with 2 years full warranty – Rs.10500 to 11000

  • Amit

    Hello sir
    i bought exide 850va pure sine wave inverter and exide it500 150ah battery about two weeks ago..

    The problem is, yesterday night my inverter repeatedly goes and come back from backup mode in night time i was scared,

    took my multimeter and checked the mains voltage there is 240v at that time in mains so it is not over voltage or under voltage

    my inverter is in w-ups or normal mode… then suddenly i hear a beep sound from inverter and then everything works well till now.. can you please tell me what was the problem?

    • Shafi

      Hi, I faced a similar issue, did you manage to identify what the problem was?

    • dhandapani

      yesterday in our area current failiure.so the ups worked. atlast. a beep sound came from the inverter and it cut. but to day eb line comes.but today also the ups not charging ,and the ups gives beep sound and the lines cut. what is reason /what can do for rectify

  • Unmesh Vm

    Did Exide UPS Shows “WATER LEVEL LOW” Without any LES input.? and Also Can’t Buy any ELS input Devise? From Exide Showroom.????!!!!!!!!

  • Admin

    Dear Sankar,

    Price of
    Exide Inverter 850 va – Rs.5300/-
    Exide IN-1500 PLUS (150 AH) Battery – Rs.12,000/-

    It’s a good deal!

    Yes, you can connect the load you preferred.

    As far as wiring is concerned, separate phase wire is recommend, so that you could get better back up and avoid energy loss.

  • neeraj

    hi admin
    i purchase a exide invasmart 1500 battery …what is good price for me…..he asked me for 13000/- plz suggest me is it a good price ..or should i have to bargain more with them….

    • Admin

      Dear Neeraj,
      Inva Smart 150 ah is available @ 12.5 K to 13 K.

      Price will differ according to location and demand.

  • Amik

    Hi there, I have question regarding exide inverter. I have recently purchased exide 850va home ups about 2 months back, I am very much satisfied costumer. We’ll it though make some fan noise while charging and inverting high load but, that’s no problem for me.
    I would like to know what will happen to my inverter if the current reverses from the output socket at the back while turning the inverter ON and not connected with grid?
    I would like to know this since, I have a setup of 150watts solar panel which charges 150ah exide solar tubular battery which then inverts to AC supply whenever necessary. Since the inverter is not hybrid, I have to manually turn on when the sun shine is not enough to charge the battery, I wanted to connect the ups supply to the main circuit and not charging the battery with the inverter (but with my solar panels).
    If anyone and know me about my question I will be really thankful. Amik.

  • Rupankur Borphukan

    Please review new Exide XTATIC 850 VA inverter.

  • Admin

    Dear Seeker,
    Your inverter should be tested by authorized Exide service engineer.

    Call your dealer or make a call to Exide Toll free to register your complaint.

    Do not try to repair it yourself, it will void your inverter warranty.

  • Admin

    Dear Raj,
    We strongly recommend solar hybrid inverter with 150 ah battery.

    Sukam Brainy 850 VA solar inverter with 12v 200 watts panels will do the magic

  • Admin

    Dear Parthee,
    Seems like Some hardware problem, call Exide toll free and ask for the service center number near by your location.

    Exide Toll free Number 1800-103-5454

  • tarun

    hi every recently bought exide850 ups believe me its jus. mind blowing. better user interface with lcd displays never felt humming sound have connected with hi life battery 150 ah its jus rocking …..

  • Anand Habib

    exide 1450va 24v pure sine wave inverter and 165ah 2 Tall Tubular battery support ?

    • Admin

      Yes, Exide Premium 1450 VA 24 V inverter supports two 165 ah tall tubular batteries, no doubt.

      Exide Premium 12V 1450 VA inverter which operates with single 12V battery is also now available in market.

      • Anand Habib

        Exide 1450va 24v pure sine wave inverter and 165ah 2 Tall Tubular battery continuous 100% load backup time ?

        • Admin

          Dear Anand,
          we can’t get it, try to elaborate your question.

        • GB

          It will come around 2 hours 30 minutes.

  • Srinivas

    Excellent UPS system! Will suggest to anyone who wants to buy a headache free UPS system for a 3 BHK house.

    I bought the 850VA about a year back and has been running without issue. Generally don’t even know when the power has gone and come back. Just keep topping the water regularly once in 6m.

  • Admin

    Dear Prashant,
    Exide Inva Master 150 ah Tall tubular IM10000 for
    Rs.12800 is just OK.

    For Inverter,
    we recommend

    *Microtek HB950 Hybrid Inverter – Rs.4200 online *

    *It is a 950 VA pure sine wave inverter available for Rs.4200/- online, why invest extra Rs.1300 on Exide 850va inverter?*

    *Check the price herehttp://upsinverterinfo.com/recommends/microtek-hb950-hybrid-inverter-pure-sine-wave —————————-*
    *Buy battery from local dealer and buy inverter online and save money.*

    • Prashant

      Many many thanks for your guidance.

      Will keep posting if i have any doubt.

      thanks again

      • Admin

        Always welcome!

  • Apoorva Agrawal

    Hi Admin,

    Just wnted to check the power consumption of my invertor – Exide Home UPS pure sine wave 850va and battery Exide Inva Red 150aH both in charging as well as stand by mode.
    Also, is there any method to reduce the invertor power consumption?

    • Admin

      Dear Apoorva,
      UPS and Battery actually does not consume electricity for

      They actually take the electricity from grid store in the battery and give it back for our use during power cuts.

      But in this process, there is a chance for 20% energy loss when we convert DC current from battery to AC current for utility.

      If you want to save some money on electricity bill, better you add one 100 watt solar panel to your inverter along with charge controller. It also support you survive during long power cuts.

  • Singh Kumar

    Dear Admin,
    We have Exide IT500 we need a new inverter , please suggest among these.,
    1)Original exide 850 VA pure sine wave
    2)Sukam Shiny 850 Va
    3)Sukam Falcon Plus 900VA

    Thank you

    • Admin

      Dear Sing Kumar,
      We would like to recommend sukam Falcon plus.

      If it is not available, you can consider Luminous zelio.

  • Uday

    Dear Admin,

    We have the following set-up installed in our home recently.

    Exide inva smart battery 150AH + Exide 850 Va Pure Sin wave Inverter.

    Load: Two fans + Two tube lights + Few CFLs.

    As pointed out by others, the inverter makes some noise. But it only happens sometimes and it is bearable. The only thing am concerned is that, the fan runs slower when run in battery mode. Can you tell what may be the problem? Is that the case with everyone?

  • rupesh kumar

    exide sine wave 850va shortcircuit overload ic digaram

  • Sumit Lohia

    My solar hybrid home ups 1450VA 24V keeps beeping every 5 or 6 mins.
    The display does not show anything wrong.
    The beeping has been going on for the past few days. Earlier it was fine.
    Please suggest qhat the problem could be and how it can be solved…

  • Neelotpal Sen Sarma

    I need the Circuit Diagram of the Exide 650VA Pure Sine wave Inverter particularly particularly in and around the charging side to deactivate it for solar charging. Pl. Help.

  • Mridul Das

    hi, today i bought a exide shine wave 850. The cooling fan is not running. I am scared. Please advice me about this issue Also please confirm me can i use it if it”s fan is not running.

    • Admin

      In battery mode, Give some load and check.

  • Aditya Sharma Bhardwaj

    Hello Admin. I genuinely want to thank you for all the efforts you put in towards helping us out. Keep this journey going on.

    Now i’d like you to help me out too. I have Exide 850va inverter. Just now I went to step up the transformer because the voltage was low and as I did it, all of a sudden there was a beep from the inverter with a “shortcircuit” message on the display. Everything is working fine as of now except the color of “Battery Charging” LED has changed from blue to low gray. Blown fuse or should i be worried? Thanks in anitcipation 🙂