Computer Rebooting Problem in Microtek Inverters ?

Here we are going to discuss about the Pc Rebooting problem in Microtek home inverters. Both pure sine wave inverters and square wave inverters has this issue.

we are not talking about Normal Microtek computer UPS, which gives 15 mins backup for your computer. we are talking about normal microtek home inverter  ranging from 600 VA to 1500 VA with external battery.

Many people complain us, that their computer reboots suddenly during power failures. This is actually not a problem in inverters, this is lack of knowledge about inverters.

If you were going to connect your computer to your Home Inverter  without normal computer ups (15mins back up UPS) , all you have to do is Change the ‘input voltage selection button to 180 – 260v


On the back side of your Microtek Home Inverter, two sliding switches are there. One for Charging current selection and another one for input voltage selection.

In Microtek inverters, the  change over time is very little in ‘180-260v’ mode , in other brand inverters they call this as “UPS mode” .In this mode the computer won’t restarts on power failure.

In the another mode (100 to 300 v) the change over time is higher than the previous mode. In other brand inverters they call this as ‘wide UPS mode’. This mode is not recommended for computers. This mode saves your battery power and ensures long life.

Disadvantages in UPS mode

In ‘180-260v’ mode , if the power from your grid is not normal ( low voltage or high voltage) then the inverter automatically goes to battery power and if this occurs frequently, then your battery life will be reduced significantly.

  • arun

    i have purchase a microtek inverter 850va and exide inva tubular -it 500-150ah,what should be the charging mode selection in inverter 14.4 or 13.8

    • admin

      Dear Arun,
      Congrats, You have purchased a perfect combination of quality products.
      Standard charging mode is good for battery and it extends battery life, But when you suffer more than 8hrs power cut per day, it’s better you change your charging mode to “Fast”.

      Deep discharge of batteries also reduce battery life, so Fast charging mode is better for areas with frequent and long power cuts.

  • Surya

    hi, i have purchased Microtek 24X7 DG900 inverter with Exide Invatubulat IT500 battery. I intended to buy pure sine wave inverter. But the dealer cheated me saying this is sine wave inverter and better than 875 VA SWE2 inverter. First of all is that true? Next, while i was checking inverter, i switched the tv on & off. At this time 3 tubelights & 3 fans were also on. Later on mains, i found that the tv screen was stretching a side. I changed the tv to a different location, but the problem still exist. I placed a different tv in the previous location but it was working fine.

    I am not able to understand is it because of the square wave output or is it expected? How is TPZi output different from Square wave output? Or is it the same?

    • admin

      Dear Surya,
      TPZi is nothing but square wave. Sine wave inverters are safe to operate any type of appliances but square wave inverters have some limitations. At the same time square wave inverters has it’s own advantages.

      Most stabilizers won’t wont work with microtek square wave inverters since its out voltage touches 290 v sometimes. Don’t place your inverter close to any electronic appliances as it would cause some disturbance. If you want to use LED TV and Laptop chargers with inverter, we recommend pure sine wave inverter. Thank you

  • Joy


    I have a Mictotek computer ups which gives 15 minutes back up, now recently I have purchased a Su-kam 850 VA pure sine wave home ups, with external battery.

    But the output of the Su-kam 850 VA Home ups is not matching with the input of the microtek inverter, this happens both in UPS and W- UPS mode. When ever I take the output of Home ups to Input of Computer ups and switch on the PC, there is a tick, tock, tick tock sound from the Computer ups; it seems that their cycles are not matching, even though both are pure sine wave’s.

    If the output of Home ups was compatible with the computer ups then I can keep the Home ups in w-ups mode , and not have to worry about computer rebooting , as the lag in Home ups back will be compensated by the computer ups . Then when the Home ups takes over, then computer ups will dis- engage from Battery mode.

    I cannot always keep the Sukam in UPS mode as the power from the Grid is fluctuating and so in ups mode, Home ups goes into back up mode frequently and battery discharges.

    I want to keep Sukam Home ups in w-ups mode so that battery charges most of the time, but in this mode there is delay in back up which causes computer to reboot.

    To avoid this I have placed Mictotek Computer ups 15 min back up with my computer which has instant switch over, so this will take over during the delay period and prevent re starting.

    later su kam will take over and I will get longer back up from external battery, but the Computer ups is not accepting the Output of the Su kam , the computer ups gives this tick tick tick sound as soon as Su kam out put in given to its input , although everything else is ok , meaning computer does not restart and everything else works as expected.

    But why this tick tick sound from the computer ups , are their cycles, frequencies not matching , this sound is very annoying, so I cannot make the Computer ups to take Su kam ‘s output.

    what can be the cause , how can I rectify it?

    Thanks , please reply soon.


    Note: when Home ups is not in Back up mode then this configuration has no problem, which is expected.

    When home ups ( Su kam ) is in Back up mode , but computer is not on , then too there is no problem , no tick tock noise , as soon as I start my PC then the tick tock noise from the computer ups starts.what is happening?

    • Joy

      Dear Admin ( Continued from my last post )

      My Computer UPS model is Microtek HGE600AZ, is this Pure sine wave or not? I just searched the net and realized that small line interactive UPS’ are not pure sine waves’so do you think that this could be causing the problem, mismatch in their cycles. Please sort this for me

      1) Do I have to buy a pure sine wave line interactive UPS ( Pure sine wave computer UPS which gives 15-20 Min. back up), if I want to use Sukam home ups in W-UPS mode, without rebooting?

      Microtek UPS model: HGE600AZ
      Sukam Home UPS Model – Shiny 850 VA Pure Sine wave.

      Thank You

      • admin

        Dear Joy,
        Sukam Shiny series inverters are Pure sine wave inverters, there is no doubt about it. but most computer ups available in market are modified sinewave and stepped sine wave inverters, they are not suitable for long run.

        We recommend to check your wiring for Home UPS, some electricians ignore ‘body earth’ and ‘neutral input’ in inverters, it may cause problems in some cases.

        If you continue to hear some weird sound from your computer UPS, it’s better not to connect it to Sukam Home UPS until the problem diagnosed.

  • Saravan

    I have purchased Base Tall Tubular 150 Ah battery (Model: BT500) + Microtek SEBz 850 VA. Is it a pure sine wave? Is my purchase a good combination? Will it yield good output for longer period?

    • admin

      Dear Saravan,
      Microtek SEBz 850 VA is Pure sine wave inverter and Battery you have bought suits it. Perfect! Just maintain the battery water level perfect.

  • Joy

    Dear Admin

    Thank you for the quick response, please tell me how to check the wiring.

    Any 3 pin socket should have the center big outlet as earth right? So if there is no earthing in the house initially, then there will be no earthing to the Home UPS?So I may have to earth the Home UPS separately.

    Second how to check if there is neutral input to the inverter?
    Also can you confirm if my Microtek HGE600AZ is pure sine wave or not?

    Can a non Pure Sine Wave Computer UPS be compatible with pure sine wave Home UPS ? I guess it should be compatible as grid supply is pure Sine Wave and computer UPS works fine on grid supply.

    I really want to run my home UPS in W-UPS mode without rebooting.

  • Joy

    Dear Admin

    Strange to see no response even after 48 hours.

    • admin

      Dear Joy,
      Microtek HGE600AZ is not a pure sine wave inverter, but its compatible with sukam shiny puresinewave inverter.

      Pure sine wave inverter gives pure current as grid power. Please hire a electrician to check your wiring.

      Sorry for late delayed reply.

      • Joy

        Dear Admin

        Today Sukam Service man came and checked the wiring, etc , Wiring is fine , neutral and earth are fine.

        The problem has been identified with the relay of the Microtek computer UPS, during switch over from battery mode to Mains ( in this case inverter power is acting as main power), the Computer UPS relay switch trips , i.e keeps switching from battery to mains this causes the computer UPS to make this clicking noise.

        so if the problem is with the relay of the computer UPS,what do you suggest can be done.

        My computer UPS is in warranty period.

        • admin

          Dear Joy,
          We have seen so many cases like this. Some computer UPS don’t accept the wave form of Square wave Home UPS, But in rare case, some computer ups frequently trips with pure sine wave Home UPS systems. One possible reason would be the high voltage output of Home UPS systems.

          out put voltage of Square wave inverter when battery fully charged would be about 280 v.
          Out put voltage of Pure sine wave inverter with full charged battery would be above 250 v, So some computer UPS switch to battery mode when the input voltage exceeds 240 v, they switch back to mains mode when there is a little drop in input voltage.

          If Your computer UPS functions normal without any clilk clik sound when connected to Grid Power, then there would be no problem with it.

          Simple solution for your problem,
          Place your Home Inverter at easily accessible height, Remove your Computer UPS and connect your computer to Home Inverter power, Before switch on your PC, Put the Home inverter on UPS Mode, after completing your work on PC, switch back your Home Inverter to Wide input Mode.

          Thank you

          • Joy

            But after I switch to wide UPS mode and then there is power failure then my computer will reboot, and
            if I was in between something then I will loose important data , so it is very risky to run computer directly with inverter in W- UPS mode without computer UPS, because as mentioned , suddenly power failure can occur and then computer will reboot.

            I would like to mention that my Computer UPS when directly connected to Grid supply,also most of the times does make the click click , when the output of the computer UPS is off.

            I have to press the Output switch to on position to stop the click click ,so my computer UPS may not be totally error free.

  • Joy

    Dear Admin,( continued from last post )

    It is worth mentioning that from the beginning( Before I had bought the su-kam Home UPS) I have noticed one thing,regarding my Computer Microtek UPS.
    Suppose I am working on on my computer and then there is power failure , now the Computer UPS goes onto back up mode, which is fine , so hurriedly I finish my work , and switch off the UPS. This is what normally all us do.Now we are waiting from the electricity to come back on.

    Now when the electricity does come back here my computer UPS starts doing this click click very rapidly and continues, unless I switch the output of the computer UPS on, after the computer UPS is on then click click stops .

    I hope this info, well help in better diagnosis of my situation.
    As a layman I am thinking are some relay switches of my computerUPS is loose or what.

    what do you think? I am sure this discussion will really add value to this blog and help many people .

    • admin

      Dear Joy,
      Please get your microtek computer ups serviced @ microtek authorized service center.

  • Vishal


    I have microtek 850EB home inverter with a new microtek battery 150AH..but recently have noticed , when the electricity is there the inverter back up is on.I dont know if its beacuse of voltage fluctuations or some issue with the inverter. Have tried switching off inverter to save battery but it doesn’t charges when done so.

    Please suggest.

    • admin

      Dear Vishal,
      Please call a electrician to check your inverter’s input connections and fuse at the back side.

  • Sohan Singh

    Hello Admin,

    I have purchased Luminous 600 VA Sine wave UPS/Inverter 2 days ago from local shop, but when I checked its manufacturing date was of Feb 2010. I want to know:-
    1. Whether it will work fine as it has 2 years old manufacturing date .
    2. Will I get guarantee/ warrantee for 2 years.
    3. What problems/issues I can face due to old manufacturing date.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • admin

      Dear Sohan Singh,
      The should have noted the manufacturing date at the time of purchase.

      It’s ok. The warranty begins from the date of purchase only. The serial number in the inverter is very important when claiming the warranty.

      Don’t worry. You can call Microtek customer care and confirm the warranty of your device. They will ask for your serial number and tell you whether the inverter is newly billed or used one.

  • Kiran

    I am experiencing same problem has mentioned above. I have mikrotek home ups of 850va, my computer used to restart when there is power failure. I called service man and explained him the problem. He said to buy rebooting device which costs 600rs and it will fix the problem. But after reading your post I changed switch from 100v-300v position to 180-260 position and switched off the main supply to ups, there was no rebooting of computer while switch over from power to ups. But the new problem is in 180v-260v position inverter doesnot accept input main supply power, even if I switch on mains supply it works on ups ( shows ups on instead of mains on and charging). I pressed the reset button, but no use. please help me.

    • admin

      Dear Kiran,
      I think, the voltage from grid is lower than 180v or above 260v. Please check the voltage from grid with simple multimeter device or call a electrician.

      watch it for at-least 5 mins, Some times the inverter switch back to mains power after 2 – 3 mins.

  • Anurag Bhatia

    Dear admin,

    I have Microtek 24×7 DG 650 inverter. I am having very hard time with low voltage at nights. Since I am using it just in single room based setup, backup is very good (6hrs+ with 200W cooler & fan). Sometimes I just switch off main power supply to get good voltage power from inverter.

    If I turn the button to 180-260V mode as you suggest – I get get good voltage output but inverter goes on backup.

    My question is – during such mode, will inverter charge or won’t charge at all? If running inverter on such mode is OK rather then switching off main supply occasionally?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • admin

      Dear Anurag Bhatia,
      If voltage from grid drops below 180 v, the inverter will draw power from battery and charging from low voltage current is not possible in 180-260v mode (UPS Mode).

      If Voltage from grid is normal (above 180 and below 260) the inverter will charge the battery flawlessly on UPS mode(180-260v). I think you have low voltage problem, please check the voltage from grid.

  • Ammen

    Dear Admin
    In reference to your above reply to Anurag, supposing if the voltage dips below 180v from the grid, can we connect a automatic or manual power correcter/stabilizer (same like we use for refrigerators and AC) to the invertor input (between AC output – invertor input) to maintain ideal voltage ie. between 180v-260v ? If that could be done then the stabilizer won’t let the voltage dip below 180v or rise above 260v and we can use the Invertor in ‘UPS mode’ normally without hindrance of voltage fluctuations from the grid and the invertor would not switch to back up when there is low/high voltage. Please suggest. Thanks.

    • admin

      Dear Ammen,
      We install voltage stabilizer in some rare cases upon customer request where the grid voltage always trips below 180v.

      But we don’t use stabilizer with 500 or 600 VA rating (refrigerator stabilizer), We use 4 KVA stabilizer (1.5ton A/C Stabilizer) for 600 VA to 1500 VA inverters. Separate wiring for inverter line should be done carefully.

  • Ammen

    Dear Admin,
    Thanks for you prompt reply. I appreciate your great efforts in guiding and educating people regarding complex technical issues and at the same time helping them choosing VFM products. You are doing a brilliant job !

    Well I have a spare AC stabilizer of 4 KVA can I use it between inverter and AC main supply ?
    By the way, when you stated in your reply “Separate wiring for inverter line should be done carefully”. Can you kindly elaborate on it. Do you mean that a DEDICATED 4 kva stabilizer for inverter should be wired separately and carefully between AC output line and inverter input line ?

    • admin

      Dear Ammen,
      As i already said, you can use your 4kva stabilizer to solve low voltage problem in inverters while operating in UPS mode.

      Seperate wiring means, a wiring with no load more than than the VA rating of inverter.

      Goahead! Thanks for your sweet words!

      • admin

        Dear Ammen,
        I forget to mention one information regarding installing voltage stabilizers for inverter.

        Normal stabilizers will boost the output voltage, if voltage from grid is above 150v.

        If voltage from grid drops terribly below 150v, then the Normal 4kva stabilizer will shutdown the output.

        Incase you face worst low voltage problem from grid, better you opt for V-guard ‘Double Booster Stabilizer’ which can operate at 80V range.

        Hope this info help you installing Stabilizer for inverter to solve low voltage problem. 🙂

        Thank you

  • Ammen

    Dear Admin

    Thanks for your valued comments and detailed explanation of the important factors which are really vital to know before installation. Voltage problems are everywhere in India I am sure this will give permanent solution to many inverter users.
    You suggestion of V-guard would be a wow option as it can operate at a highly low voltage. I am relaxed as for now I can make full utility of my inverter and use my pc in ups mode 🙂 Thanks again !

    • admin

      Dear Ammen,
      Thanks for your Positive Comments!

  • nikhil sehgal

    i am using Microtek 850EB model & for my computer i succesfully select input voltage range range to 180-260V,But problem is which “High Charging voltage STD” i should follow?

    There is on more sliding switch “High Charging voltage STD”
    adjacent with “input voltage range” switch.
    where should i slide(set) switch to upper side or to lower side.
    Hoping for the response.

  • Anurag Bhatia

    Dear admin,

    I am happy to inform that voltage problem here is resolved with a new transformer across street.

    I just wanted to check about UPS mode option. I have a Intex UPS also apart from Microtik inveter as I mentioned. Since Microtik inverter gives TPZi wave, while Intex UPS gives Sinwave, would you recommend using UPS between computer (switch, modem and laptop) and Inverter power?

    Main Power >> Inveter >> UPS (600vA) >> Laptop/Modem/Switch/Phone charger

    Or may be TPZi is just OK and I should rather remove UPS completely from setup since on “UPS mode” my modem works well and there is no reboot issue.

    Appreciate your time.

    Thanks again.

  • Anurag Bhatia


    I just read specification of both UPS and Inveter in detail.

    Inverter: Microtek 650vA with TPZi wave output

    UPS: Intex ups with “simulated sinwave” output

    Again, same questions:

    1.Is it good idea to use UPS between Inverter and chargers (laptop charger, modem, switch etc)?

    2.Isn’t TPZi and Simulated Sinwave same? So likely no difference with UPS?

    3.When ups is below inverter and getting input from inverter, will it still give simulated sinwave or simply TPZi as inputed from inverter?

    Please advise.


    • admin

      Dear Anurag Bhatia,
      Actually, stepped sine wave or simulated sinewave current is better than TPZI trapezoidal wave form.

      But, there is no use when you draw power to your stepped sine wave inverter from TPZI waveform inverter.

      Try to exchange your square wave inverter for Pure sine wave inverter.

  • Hitesh

    Dear Admin,
    Your website helped me a lot, i now have Exide IT500 (coz of your suggestion) and Sukam Shiny 850 VA. please help me with my further queries

    Q1–can i install it by myself or should i call an electrician.

    Q2–there is a huge service documentation (regarding specific Gravity) on the warranty card of the battery, my question is who do it ? my dealer is saying “there is no need of maintenance,just check your water levels”

    Q3–do the inverter too and the battery require some kind of scheduled maintenance except filling of battery water.
    as i bought both of them from separate dealers so nobody is helping me.

    Q4–I want to run 1 CPU ( Normal SMPS) and 1 LCD+ 1 Gaming Rig CPU
    after this, how many fans and cfl (20 watt) can i run safely.

    Q5–can overload on inverter results in blown fuse (Sukam Manual) if yes , why they give light indicator for overload.

    Thanks in Advance for the wonderful work you are doing..God bless you

    • admin

      Dear Hitesh,
      You have done a wonderful job. No need for any confusion on installing the inverter.

      First of all, Please hire a electrician to install the inverter. He will do a small separate wiring for Inverter, don’t try yourself unless you are well trained in electric field.

      As you are planning to connect your PC to inverter, make sure the inverter is on narrow voltage mode (UPS mode).

      Normally one cpu(dual core, core2duo or core i3,i4 etc.) + 20 inch lcd monitor would consume 110 watts

      If your PC is equipped with powerful gaming graphic card, then it would consume double the power than normal PC.

      For 850 VA Inverter you can connect load up to 550 watts. Calculate yourself that how many gadgets you can connect to your inverter simultaneously.

      Maintaining IT500 battery is not a big deal, warranty cards often create panic to users, don’t care too much on that. You just need to top up the battery with good quality branded distilled water once in 6 months. That’s it.

      • Hitesh

        Thank you so very much,
        One more issue, i brought a Plastic Trolly too but i m going to replace it with a Steel one, will the steel will be ok the the battery ?

        • admin

          Dear Hitesh,
          NO issues with Steel Trolley, go for it.

          (proper insulation should be done in battery terminals and back of inverter.)

  • Hitesh

    Sorry to bother you sir, but this time i have some serious concerns …
    Installed my Sukam Shiny 850 VA to IT 500 Today by a electrician
    Result- Inverter Failed. Got it replaced driving 15 kms all the way
    (Shopkeeper said it is 1 in 1000 case)

    Installed a new device again today itself costing a 200/- work of extra labour
    Result- All things are working smooth and fine as expected but the fan is on always on mode. the battery charge signal is glowing continuously ( Means full charge accor to Sukam Manual)
    Yet the freaking fan is on, whatever the condition it is ON(i can’t stop it)…
    Noise is not a problem for me, but for what i think, it will end up in causing fan damage. Talked to CC Sukam they told me “The fan is supposed to run to cool the transformers only when it is active during charging/ discharging and blah blah and register a complain”

    Now what should i do..return it to shopkeeper again?. Register complain….should i get it replaced by another model or series…
    Is sukam making shitty inverters ?

    • admin

      Dear Hitesh,
      I am sorry that you are unlucky,

      Don’t register complaint with sukam as it is brand new and unused, Just go for replacement from the seller. The fan should not run continuously, there must be some control issues in inverter.

      Sukam Shiny is not that much worse as you think, Just get your inverter replaced once again.

      If you want to go for another brand, Microtek UPS ebz 850 VA would be the right choice.

  • Hitesh

    Replaced…working fine in UPS mode…so far. Lets hope the setup will work fine from now….Ufff

  • bobby

    hello sir, if i run my pc in normal mode with my home ups.the only problem is rebooting or will it damage my computer .my pc is gaming pc.and i have cooller master smps.

    • admin

      Dear Bobby,
      Do not let your PC restart during power cut, it will lead to hard disk corruption.

      Use UPS mode(narrow voltage mode), if you connect PC to your Home inverter.

    • Hitesh

      Bobby, and for all who are into gaming rigs,
      I have Seasonic 550Watt and guess what, doesn’t restart on Wide-UPS mode, Amazing gr8 Silent cool PSU, i have sine wave inverter but it also works on Square wave silently. you will not believe that it also worked for me when i was having very low voltage once and that day, nothing was starting…GO for SEASONIC <3

  • admin

    Dear Hitesh,
    Good Luck !

  • dhinakaran

    Dear Admin,
    microtek 850sebz model inverter support 200ah battery?and your advice for maximum ah battery for microtek 850sebz inverter

    • admin

      Dear Dhinakaran,
      With 850 VA inverter, a 200 AH battery needs 12 hours continuous charge to get fully charged. If your area has only 3 to 4 hours power cut, you can go for 200 AH battery with 850 VA inverter. But it is completely unnecessary, a 165 ah battery would do the same job for you with 850 VA inverter.

  • raja

    SUKAM SHiny 850VA or Microtek sine wave 850VA which is best?

    • admin

      Dear Raja,
      Both inverters are receiving good feedback’s from market.

  • raja

    can you tell me about the market Feedback of Su-Kam Shiny 650V inverter? I am going to purchase the machine next week.

  • raja

    Which Battery will be best Suited for SU-Kam Shiny 650Va inverter?

  • ITI

    Can you tell me about Warranty terms/rules of Exide IT500?

  • rameez

    sir my dealer has cheated me and has given me dg 900 by saying it is a pure sine wave inverter and i though have exide it 500, it vould work better…

    • admin

      Dear Rameez,
      Microtek 24×7 DG series inverters are square wave model

      Microtek 24×7 SW series inverters are Pure sine wave model

  • rameez

    microtek inverter 24*7 DG 900 i hav not yet installed it what should i do…

  • rameez

    thanks regards…

  • rameez

    today i have changed my inverter and bought 875va sw e2 inverter and it 500 super exide battery my dealer told me to go for it 500 super battery it has 200ah,but later i came to know that it iz i asked you that it is a perfect match or not?though i went for it500 150ah.And i wanna know that it 500 super is more realiable then it 500 or not coz super cost me 14950 .i suffer 10 to 8 hrs power cut,
    so kindly help me out of this querry az soon as possible,
    i shall be highly obliged.

  • rameez

    last but not the least my inverter dealer told me that sine wave inverter has very less life period is that true, you should go for sqaure wave inverter it is more reliable.knowing the fact from him i still purchase 875sw e2 inverter…..

  • Anil

    Dear Sir,

    I have purchased microtech SW E2 875VA pure sine wave inverter. Everything is OK, but there is a noise, when the inverter is on battery mode and the cherging time. When battery is charged the noise goes off.
    Is it normal ?
    In Luminus sine wave inveter, there is no noise like this.
    Deelar says that it is due to sine wave.Please tell me is it OK ?



    • admin

      Dear Anil,
      Some buzz noise from inverter is normal, no need to panic.

  • jeyakumar


    i just buy 2.2kva inverter and i used 150ah for36v.
    there no problem in backup time.

    but problem is i am using in computer centre.
    if supply drawn 1sec changeover time is takes place.

    i also tried the voltage is not working

    what can i do for this problem.
    waiting for reply.


    • admin

      Dear Jeykumar,
      Please mention the make and model of your inverter. Choosing narrow voltage mode can make some difference, not sure your inverter has such facility.

  • jeya kumar

    microtek 2.2kva pure sinewave inverter 36 volt system.
    this is model and make of inverter,,,

    • admin

      Dear Jeya Kumar,
      On the back side of your inverter you will find a slide switch, move it upwards (180 to 260v) before you switch on any computer in your browsing center, when you finished all your work, move the switch downwards (wide voltage mode) when you close your shop, otherwise your inverter may not charge the battery if low voltage occurs during night time.

      Unlike other models, your Microtek Soho sinewave 2.2kva inverter have no high charging mode switch on on its back panel. so, no confusion, the only slide switch present at the back panel is input voltage selection switch. Keep it always on 180-260 (narrow) mode to run computers without rebooting.

      Now, Your computers will work fine without rebooting during power cuts.

  • Mohammed Obaid

    Hi Admin,

    I have a Microtek EB2000 Inverter. It is set to 180to260v.
    My PC connection is as follows.
    Mains>>Microtek Inverter>>15 Min backup computer UPS>>Computer.

    Problem: Upon power failure on Mains, my computer restarts (This happens most of the times but not every time).
    I have removed the 15 min UPS and connected the PC directly to Inverter and the problem remains same.
    ** Inverter and Batteries are NEW, fully charged.

    If I connect the 15 minute UPS directly to mains and not the Inverter output, PC doesn’t restart on mains power failure. This makes me assume that the 15 Min UPS is functioning good.

    Why does my PC restart when I have two 150AH batteries (fully charged), switch set to 180v-260v and also I have a 15 min UPS in between inverter and PC. Please help. this is really urgent.

    • admin

      Dear Mohammed,
      Did you connect multiple computers with 2kva inverter ? If so, try to reduce some load on inverter and watch whether the pc restarts.

  • Mohammed Obaid

    Hi Admin,

    Thanks for the response ADMIN.

    I have connected ten 15 inch CRT monitors (only monitors) and one computer (CPU+15″ LCD) to the inverter. If every CRT consumes 100W and Computer 300. The total will be 1300W consumption. Also, the restart doesnt happen EVERY time. Its random. At times PC restarts and at times it doesnt 🙁 **** When PC restarts, all 10 monitors restart too (displays goes off for a second, monitor makes ON OFF click noise and display comes back)

    ** I have changed the switch to 100-300V and then back to 180-260v. Doing so, the PC and Monitors are not restarting on Mains power failure. However, PC now restarts when electricity on MAINS come back. Any idea what can be done to fix this restart problem when mains electricity comes back. Suggestions and advice are highly appreciated.

    • admin

      Dear Mohammed,
      CRT monitors will consume 300% more power when it starts ( more than its power consumption rating), so, your calculations won’t work for this problem.

      Reducing the load or upgrading CRT monitors to LCD would be the possible solution for your problem.

  • Mohammed Obaid

    Thanks Admin,

    After I changed the switch to (180-260)on inverter, my PC doesn’t restart on main power failure. Inverter is now working fine as ONLINE inverter.

    The problem is when the Main (Grid) electricity returns.
    As soon as the Mains get electricity, the inverter will switch from BATTERY to MAINS (correct?). That is when my PC restarts now. Inspite I have a 15 min backup UPS.

    Why does my PC restart when inverter switches from BATTERY to MAINS? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks for your responses earlier.

  • Deepak

    Hello Admin,
    I have pure sive wave inverter from Microtech, even keeping the switch as recommended by specification (to 100 to300 v range), My pc still reboots at a power failure, while it doesn’t reboot when power comes back? what i can tweak to fix issue? is there any part which should be changed?

    • admin

      Dear Deepak,
      You should keep the inverter in 180-260 V mode for PC.

  • jeya kumar

    for 6 computers which one Rating is better 1500EB or 2000EB.

  • Punit

    Dear Friends,
    Kindly i want to buy Online UPS so kindly help to to buy..

    I want to run around 15 Computers & I need min 2hrs backup.
    plz suggest me the best UPS….I need online UPS….

    How many K need to run 15 Computers for 2hrs backup???

    • admin

      Dear Punit,
      Provide the configuration of your computers, so that we can calculate the total watts required.

  • Rohit

    Hi Admin,

    I have purchased a sukam 850va smiley series. It’s running very nice so far. Normally after one hour power cut in my area my sukam 850va inverter starts charging and the graphical symbol glows intermitently for two to three minutes always and when the graphical symbol glows continuously it is fully charged. My query is yesterday there is power cut in my area and after one hour when the power came my inverter graphical symbol glows intermitently for two to three minutes and then stopped glowing. But after two minutes again the graphical symbol started glowing intermitently for two minutes and then after two minutes it glows continuously. Is it normal?

    • admin

      Dear Rohit,
      This is normal when it happens rarely, if you see this happening more often and some low back up problem too, then your battery and inverter should be checked by qualified technician.

  • Rohit

    Hi admin, I am Rohit. Thanx for ur comment for my smiley 850 va ups. Again i have another comment that five to ten minutes of power cut does not does not have any problem. And also there is no low back up problem.

  • Rohit

    Dear sir, I just want to that microtek ups 24*7 900va vs microtek sebz 850 va or sukam smiley 850 va. Which is the best of all these three in quality and performance.

  • Rohit

    Dear sir, I just want to microtek ups 24*7 sw 900va vs microtek sebz 850 va or sukam smiley 850 va. Which is the best of all these three in quality and performance. All pure sine wave models I forgot to mention about microtek ups 24×7 Sw 900 va. I forgot to mention the word SW. Thanks for ur earlier comment which helped me.

    • admin

      Dear Rohit,

      Both Microtek UPS SEBz850 and Sukam Shiny are Good performers and affordable low cost Pure sine wave inverters.

      24×4 900va could be our second preference.

  • Rohit

    Hello Sir, After your suggestion I purchased microtek ups 24*7 900 va. But I have a query that sometimes in ups mode the light flickers for sometimes and then stops without giving exessive load.This do not happen always. Plz solve this issue.

    • admin

      Dear Rohit,
      Tube lights should not flicker with inverter current, you need to check all your wiring.

      Tube lights should be tested with directly plugging in to inverter’s output, if it doesn’t flick when connecting directly to the inverter output, then you should check your home inverter wiring once again for any faults.

      If tube light flickers even when connecting to inverter output directly, then you should call your inverter dealer to solve the problem or for replacement.

      (this test should be carried out in battery mode, not in mains mode)

      (Put your inverter in wide voltage mode before testing)

  • Rohit

    Thanks sir, for your valuable comment. But the query I have written above I am talking about cfl lights not tubelights. The cfl light flickers for two to three minutes and then stops. Plz help.

    • admin

      Dear Rohit,
      Confirm your Inverter Model,

      Microtek UPS 24×7 DG 900 (or) UPS 24×7 SW 900

  • Rohit

    Hello sir, my model is microtek ups 24*7 dg 900 va

  • Rohit

    Hello sir, my inverter model is microtek ups 24*7 dg 900va series.

    • admin

      Dear Rohit,
      The model your have purchased is ‘square wave inverter’,

      in square wave inverter the ouput voltage touches 290 volts sometimes, so CFL would flicker due to this high voltage.

  • Rohit

    Hello Sir,
    I wanted to purchase Microtel Ups 24×7 Sw 900va series but due to its unavailablity I had to to purchase this model. Moreover I have seen many square wave models and in those models the light does not flick.Please give your valuable comment.

    • admin

      Dear Rohit,
      Just check the output voltage with simple multimeter, I’m sure it would cross 280 volts in battery mode. But high voltage is not alone a problem for CFl flickering, the inverter should be inspected by a good technician.

      Better you could call your dealer who sold this unit to you or raise a complaint in Microtek Helpline with your warranty book on hand.

  • Rohit

    Hello sir, sorry to disturb u again but my query is only when i give some load i.e. one 21 inch crt tv and three cfl lamps the light flickers very little. Is this normal?

    • admin

      Dear Rohit,
      21 inch TV could be the culprit, most 21 inch CRT TV’s need 3 times more current during starting time, than it’s current rating mentioned in its product specification.

      So, CFL flickering is normal in such conditions.

  • Rohit

    Hello sir, u mentioned that the culprit is the 21 inch crt tv for the cfl lights flickering at its starting time but I noticed until my tv is switched off the cfl lights goes on flickering continuously or even when I switch on one ceiling fan by turning off the tv and run the fan with full speed the light goes on flickering continuously. I have a 200 ah battery. So my query is only when some load is given the light goes on flickering plz help me what to do. I have used invertes before and did not face such problem.

    • admin

      Dear Rohit,
      Your inverter need to be checked by microtek service personnel, Register your complaint to microtek service center, they will visit you for inspection.

      Get your warranty card and note down the serial number (with bar coding sticker on last page) before you call them, Phone is right there at last page of your manual.

  • hs


    I bought microtek ups 875Va swe2 and set it on 180-260v mode as you have mentioned

    The problem is, my computer still reboots when there is power failure… but when I manually switch off the power, the computer doesnot reboots

    Can you please guide what can be the issue..

  • rohit_dbr

    Hello Admin,

    I have a 200 ah lead acid flat plate battery and Microtek 900 Va dg series inverter ups but yesterday there was eight hours power cut during night. Only three ceiling were running but after two hours forty minutes there was a beep sound from the inverter and it stopped working. I did not even gave full load. Why did this happen? I went to the shopkeeper and they told this is normal after three hours because ceiling fans consume much load. Please comment.

    • admin

      Dear Rohit,
      Is your battery fully charged before the power cut?

      Try ‘High charge ‘ mode at the inverter back panel.

  • s k

    Thanks for this nice article, i am having slightly different issue.
    My Inverter’s Input Voltage is set to “180 – 260v” which is UPS mode and it works fine , computer does not restarts at all, but power from my grid is not normal(190V – 245V), when i switch on the Electric pump/Geyser the voltage drops and Inverter comes On-Line for 1 Second then again Inverter Goes Off-Line for 1 second this happens all the time while Electric pump/Geyser is running and this makes loud noises like switching relays constantly on and off (i.e. switching input power supply of Inverter On and Off constantly every 1 second).

    How can i overcome this issue? I also have APC 650VA UPS which i am not using.

    Will it work if i connect my APC UPS only for computer and set the Inverter’s Input Voltage to “100 – 300v” which is NON-UPS Mode ?

    I remember doing this but i, APC UPS doesnt recognizes when the Inverter comes On-Line, i guess it has something to do with Sine Wave or something like that.

    The thing is APC UPS’s battery is dead so i would like to make sure , this scenario will work before buying new Battery for APC UPS.

    Hope to hear back from you. Thanks

    • Admin

      Dear SK,
      This is not a problem with inverter, it seems like a problem with your local grid power supply.

      Call a wire man from EB and ask him to test the wire terminals at the Current Post, and ask him to clean up the terminals thoroughly, hope this will solve the problem.

      • s k

        Thanks for your quick reply.
        Any idea , why does it only happen when increase in load like when running Water Pump/Geyser ?

        And Voltage drops is very common in the evening so again, in the evening the Inverter starts acting crazy.


        • Admin

          Dear SK,
          It seems like a low voltage problem

          Installing a double booster or triple booster stabilizers before Home UPS will solve the problem of weird behavior of inverter in evening time.

  • Naved Barmare

    Hello admin,
    I have a microtek ups model 850sebz and i want to know that the invertor has 2 type of charging on back panel ‘high charging and std charging’ which charging is better for my battery life. i have a ‘Luminous battery LT 500N 150ah’ and i have computer also plz guide. and plz explain what is high charging and std charging.

  • Admin

    Dear Govindarajan,
    If your inverter is functioning in High charge mode, try to switch it to normal charging mode.

    Now monitor the inverter.

    If it still charges the battery continuously, you should call microtek service (toll free) and register your complaint.

    If the service engineer could not find the solution, better ask him to change the PCB (printed circuit board) , it would cost you only Rs.1200/- (including all service charge)

    If your inverter charges the battery continuously in this manner, it would kill your battery prematurely.

    Take immediate action, save your battery.

  • Admin

    Dear Ratnesh,
    Have you tried ‘UPS’ Mode?

  • Admin

    May problem is with your voltage from grid.

    Check for low voltage.

  • Admin

    Dear MuthuKumar,
    If you suffer low voltage problem, Installing a double booster stabilizer before your inverter might help you solve the problem.

    Or use your inverter in ‘wide voltage mode’ (normal mode) and install a separate computer UPS for your desktop PC, cost of Computer UPS is around Rs.1500 (online) which is cheaper than double booster stabilizer.

  • Admin

    Dear Sumit,
    If it happens again, ask the engineer to replace the PCB (the whole circuit board) it cost only Rs.1200/-

    Don’t accept any other solution.

  • slingshot2013

    Hello admin I recently purchased the microteck ups eb 2000 va for my solar panels on the back of my inverter should I leave the switches on std or on high what would u recommend and thank u

  • Admin

    Dear Vijay Gupta,
    You should call support from your inverter manufacturer.

  • Nilabja Sarkar

    Dear Sir
    After 11 years of superb service yesterday night my Microtek Inverter 850EB started with a long beep after the power supply resumed (after a power cut) it did not cut the power supply though but then i checked the front panel it showed Fuse Blown indicator Red. I turned it off and checked the fuse at the rear and found the fuse blown. I changed the 10 A fuse but it immediately blew up again. So i called up the Microtek service guys. They were prompt enough to take the call and reached my place. The said they would repair it onsite (as there seems no major problem) but to their astonishment they found everything perfect. But the fuse kept blowing.
    The inverter is running fine in mains mode with the inverter in off position and in inverter mode in case of a power failure. But as soon as we power it on when mains supply is available the fuse blows.
    They have taken away the board but what could be the probable reason.???