Buying UPS Inverter Battery – 5 things to consider

batteriesWhen you purchase UPS inverter for your House or small office needs, you would be purchasing two items separately, one is Inverter and another one is Battery. Choosing a right battery is equally important as choosing inverter. In other words, Battery is the heart of UPS system, if you attach a non-branded low cost battery with High-end branded inverter, then you might be risking your Branded inverters life.


1) Non-branded batteries may fail at any time even within the warranty period.

2) Non-branded batteries may give low or excessive voltage to inverters; it may burnout your ups system.

3) Equipped with low-quality battery plates.

4) Low-cost batteries won’t give long backup during power failure. The AH rating in the battery may be Fake.

High maintenance cost

5) These batteries need extreme care maintenance. Distilled water top-up should be done frequently, if you fail to top-up the battery with distilled water then immediately the battery’s back up time will reduce drastically.

How it identify Non-branded batteries?

Somebody ask me “what do you mean by Branded Batteries?”

They assume themselves that Branded battery means “EXIDE”.

Of course EXIDE is the largest battery selling company in India, at the same time we should not ignore the fact that there is more number of genuine battery manufacturing companies in the market. I will list out some of leading battery manufacturing companies in upcoming posts.

In general, Batteries with ISO certification are reliable. In addition, largest selling batteries like EXIDE are more reliable.

  • arun

    I bought Microtek SEBz 8v0VA + Exide IT500 inva tubular battery + plastic trolley. The price was 4800 + 12400 + 600. Totally whole set cost me Rs. 17,800. Installation charges Rs. 800 extra. So I finally it cost me Rs. 18,600.
    Is the price okay in Dehradun region?

    In my region power cut is around 3-4 hrs. My requirement is 3 tubelight, 2 fan, 1 CFL & TV/computer.
    Is my choice of inverter and battery is correct?

    • admin

      Dear Arun,
      Thanks for sharing the prices.

      You load preference, inverter rating and battery rating are matching perfectly. Try to avoid CRT monitors and TV’s, use lcd’s and LED’s to get long back up.

  • Dharshan

    Dear expert i am using 800va APC inverter and 100ah BASE tubular this combination of inverter and battery good for home use with 2 fans,a desktop computer with TFT monitor,5 CFL,and a TV…..another important question is whether BASE is a standard battery or a dummy piece, because i have already replaced the battery which was under warranty.i am not satisfied with the backup.

    • admin

      Dear darshan, 100 ah battery is not sufficient for your load preference, a 150 ah battery will give a better back up, hope this could be the problem and not the battery brand.

  • Razeen

    Hi sir,me having 850v inverter & going to buy the battery. What is the difference between exide tubular battery 150ah & exide invertor plus 1500 battery.I hope you vl reply for my mesge

    • admin

      Dear Razeen,
      Exide Mega Inva and Exide Invertor Plus, both batteries are semi tubular models specially designed for inverter application.

      Exide Mega Inva 150 ah – 3 years full replacement warranty and 4 years Life expectancy

      Exide Invertor Plus 150 ah – 2 years full replacement warranty and 3 years life expectancy.

      One year extra life expectancy and little more reliability is the difference between these two models.

  • kishn.chand

    Hi Sir,

    Thanks for your valuable information.
    Please help me for buying inverter and battery.I visited the various company websites and found below tublar batteries:

    EXIDE :
    Stanred(SR) 500+ 150ah 36 mnth warranty
    StanTabular(ST) 550 150ah 48 mnth warranty
    StanTabular(ST) 550 165ah 48 mnth warranty

    SBT1500 12 150AH 36 mnth warranty


    ILT180 150AH 30 month warranty
    LT500 150AH 30 month warranty
    ILTT18048 150AH 48 month warranty
    LFTT500 150AH 30 month warranty

    I have below questions:
    1)Please suggest me some of the above battery compatible with 800va or 850va inverter.
    2)Are these batteries available on stores as of now I havnt seen their names in your or any other website.
    3)Please suggest me some latest pure sine wave inverter model of Microteck/luminous/sukam which is compatible with above batteries.How can I know about latest model prices.


    • admin

      Dear Krishna,
      We recommend you to visit your near by battery authorized dealer outlets instead of visiting battery company official websites. Not all models are available in normal battery centers, they stock only fast moving models.

      So that we recommend some particular models which are more reliable and available at all normal battery power centers.

      For 800/850VA inverter,

      Exide Inva Tubular ‘IT500’, Sukam Big tubular 150 ah, Luminous LT500 …..all these models are good performers. Among this, Exide IT500 is expensive and best seller in in its class.

      We normally recommend IT500 for it’s performance and reliability even under worst power cut situations.

      At initial inquiry, dealers would quote Rs.16500 for Exide IT500 Inva tubular battery, but you could bargain and get it for 14k or below.

      • kishn.chand

        Thanks a lot for your suggestion…
        Can you please suggest some good inverters out of below list or if you have any other inverter option:

        UPS SEBz-850VA (SineWave)
        UPS SWE² – 875VA (SineWave)
        UPS 24×7 – SW900 (SineWave)

        UPS Sine ion 875VA

        Smiley Sine Wave UPS- 850VA/12V
        Shiny 850 VA
        Falcon 800VA


        • admin

          Dear Krish,
          We pick the best out your listed models here,

          UPS SEBz-850 (pure sine wave)

          Ion sine wave 875va

          shiny 850va pure sine wave

  • Vinay Joshi

    Dear Admin,

    I have a Microtek UPSE2 875 inverter purchased 3 yrs ago with X Cell Battery 12/150AH. The battery has now gone dead I guess.
    Per your previous comment I am planning to purchase “Exide Inva Tubular ‘IT500′”.

    I have a couple of queries.
    1) I can get it for Rs. 14200 online from however not very sure about its reliability. Do you have any idea about its veracity?

    2) Yet to approach any dealer yet (I am in Pune), do you feel I can get a better deal.

    Thanks and waiting for your reply..
    Vinay Joshi

    • admin

      Dear Vinay,
      Price is too high …. you need to exchange your old battery and after exchange you need to pay Rs.14200.

      Battery price without exchange for pune is Rs.16700 ……..oh my god, that is too much!

      You can get IT500 for Rs.13,500 to 13,800 @ any authorized dealer outlet in pune. ( no exchange needed)

      Try this Exide dealer locator to find exide dealers in Pune, call them and ask them for price quote! Tell them that you got guideline price from, I’m sure they will offer you IT500 for 13.5k

      • Vinay Joshi

        Dear Admin – Thanks for your valuable input.
        As per your advice, I called up dealers and best price I could get was Rs. 13500 (with exchange) for Exide Inva Tubular IT 500.

        However, I was able to get a battery guy to check my existing battery. He did say that I will have to get a new battery and he suggested to go for ‘INDO tower tubular IT 500 plus’ 165mh battery. It would cost me Rs 8800 (with exchange) and 2.5 yrs exchange warranty and 2.5 yrs pro rated warranty.

        Price difference is around Rs. 5000 so I am in dilemma. INDO is Pune based ISO certified company. Link for details on above battery is given below.

        So request you to provide your valuable suggestions.

        Vinay Joshi

        • admin

          Dear Vinay,
          If you want to cut the cost, it is better to go for

          Exide Invertor Plus 150 ah(semi tubular) – Rs 11000 to 11500/- (without exchange) (2years full replacement warranty.)

          Exide semi tubular is better than other brands tubular battery, this is our experience.

          Or Try Sukam Big tubular 150 and 180 ah or Luminous LT500.


          We don’t want to make any negative comments on Indo batteries.

          Finally one word,
          “You Get What You Pay For”

  • sundaramurthy

    what are the methods to check the tubular battery’s

  • Madhavan

    Dear Admin,
    I am planning to purchase inverter and battery for my home.My requirement is 4 lights,2 fans,TV and 1 mixie.
    Could you please suggest me what power inverter and battery I should pick?
    Also please let me know which company inverter and battery and also its price.


    • admin

      Dear Madhavan,
      We recommend an 850 VA pure sine wave inverter with 150 ah battery for your load requirement.

      Microtek sine wave UPS SEBz850VA – Rs.5000 to 5300/-

      Exide Invertor Plus 150 ah invertor plus model battery – Rs.11250 to 11500/-

      If you are flexible with budget consider this option,

      Exide IT500 model 150 ah Tall tubular battery – Rs.13500 to 14500/- (3 years full warranty + 1 year prorata waranty) (Best seller in its class)

  • Girish

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning to buy UPS for home. I am interested in APC and Luminous, preferably APC. Please help me in finding the right one.
    APC BI850SINE UPS – INVERTER and Okaya battery with trolley@ 15500/- is what am offered.
    Luminous Ion I think with Luminous battery and trolley, offered at 14300/-.
    Please suggest me the best and it would be greatful.

  • Prabhat Kumar

    Hi admin,
    I want to buy 1000va Microtek inverter. which battery is suitable for this inverter. A dealer said me that 1000 va inverter will reduce battery life of 150 Ah battery and he recommends to buy 180 Ah battery. One more thing I want to ask I have confusion in 3 brands Exide Mega Inva, Tata Green and Mahindra Powerol batteries. Which one is most suitable for me.

    • admin

      Dear Prabhat kumar,
      We do not recommend 1000 va inverter in 12v (single battery) model.

      We recommend Sukam shiny 850 va inverter – Rs.5500/- (almost equal to 1000 va)


      Exide Mega Inva 150 ah with three years full warranty(life expectancy more than 4 years) – Rs.12800 to 13200/-

  • shyam___p

    Pl clarify which is more economical in the long run: exide IT500 or exide inverter plus 150 Ah?

    • admin

      Exide Mega Inva is more economical in long run, as it has three years full warranty.

      Though it is not a tubular, it has extra thick positive plates, hence the life expectancy is more than 4 years.

  • Narotham A. Reddy


    I have a 800VA Luminous UPS Inverter with 120 AH Amaron Inverter Flat Battery running good since 2 years but recently its started chocking up. Its not giving back up for more than 30 mins. I want to know if I should change the battery to Tubular or continue using Flat Inverter battery.

    My requirement:

    1—- LED Computer Screen, Laptop, VOIP and Wi-Fi Router.
    2—- Ceiling Fans.
    1—- Table Fan.
    2—- Tube Lights.

    Please suggest.

    Narotham A. Reddy

    • admin

      Dear Narotham A. Reddy,
      I suspect that your battery is on its last legs, better you change your battery.

      We recommend
      Exide 135 Inverter Plus battery model FEI0-IN1350PLUS with 2 years full warranty – Life expectancy 3 years+

      Exide Mega Inva 100 Ah model FEI0-MEGA1000 with 3 years full warranty – Life expectancy 4 years+

      Both these models are not tubular, but perform well even under arduous situation.

      If you want to go tubular, we would recommend the best seller Exide Invatubular IT 500 (150 ah battery), but the cost would be higher than the above two models.

  • Admin

    Dear Tushar,
    We recommend Su-kam Online UPS for your Hospital project

    Su-kam “Trusty MX series” online UPS models suits your requirement.

    It has 6 KVA and 10 KVA models, available in both single phase and three phase variants.

    For battery, we recommend

    Exide Power safe SMF 150 ah batteries (Model:EP150-12)

    20 Nos of 12 v batteries will be required to operate this Online UPS

  • karthick

    Exide it 750 battery & exide 850 inverter is right combo?

  • Admin

    Dear Sreejith,
    As 2KVA inverters are aggressive in charging, we would like to recommend

    Exide Inva Master short tubular 80 ah battery (INVAMASTER 3000 – 80 AH)
    Exide Inva smart FIS0 -IS880 (88ah) battery

    Better choice !

  • Amit


    Wish to select a Pure Sine Wave Home inverter which should have provision to connect one battery and also two batteries in parallel.

    Initially, buy a single battery. Later, If power requirement is not met, I will another battery just to increase the backup time instead of load.

    1. Can I connect second battery in parallel mode in inverter with single battery?

    2. Will charging be done sufficient for two battery ?

    3. Does AH rating of battery has anything to be done regarding charging speed of battery?

    4. I have sort listed Luminous Pure Sine inverts (in priority):
    a. Tez 900 VA
    b. Rapid Charge 1500
    c. Zelio
    d. Eco Series

    5. Regarding battery I am confused. Pls, suggest Exide and Luminous batteries, preferably Luminous as my city doesn’t have dealer of Exide battery.

    Pls, suggest, pairs of “inverter & battery models” for long duration power cuts.

    Thanks and regards-

    • Admin

      Dear Amit,
      Adding second battery as parallel in 12 v Inverter
      will add some additional capacity to it, but the charging time increases significantly.

      Better you go for 24 V double battery inverter, so that you could enjoy the full benefits of having two batteries.

      We recommend

      Luminous Eco volt Pure sine wave 1500 VA inverter
      Two – Luminous ILTT 18048 – 150 AH batteries

  • Admin

    Dear Amit,
    99% of 1500 va inverter models available in market are 24
    volt systems, which means they need two 12v batteries to function.

    You can choose sukam Falcon plus1050 va pure sinewave model, which would give u the benefits of 1500 va inverter.

    You can operate 0.5hp water pump with 1050 va single batttery pure sinewave inverter.

    150 ah tall tubular battery will suffice your requirement.

  • Admin

    Dear Amit,
    You cannot operate a 1500VA 24Vollt inverter with single 12V battery

    0.5 horsepower is 372.83 watts

    You could operate a half HP water pump with 850 VA single battery inverter comfortably.

    Some times, in some specific motor models, the surge current is so high, which trips the inverter in rare case.

    No problem, 850 VA is enough!

    We strongly recommend Pure sinewave inverters for motors.

  • Hi Admin,

    I recently bought the following inverter and battery as per my local dealer’s recommendation:
    Microtek 875VA SWe2 (Pure Sinewave)
    Su-kam Bazooka Super 150AH Tubular battery

    I want to ask:

    1. Is this combo a reliable one for my home office (only 1 computer workstation, router, speakers and 1 LED light)?

    2. I don’t have a dedicated space to install my inverter, so I’ll have to install it in my home office (about 12 feet by 12 feet room with windows). Is it safe to install this battery in the room work in? how well should I ventilate the room?

    3. How safe are tubular batteries in comparison to sealed maintenance free? I am a little concern about any leaks or worst any explosions (may be I am over thinking this)

    I will be very grateful to your reply,