Base Tuff & Nebula Tall Tubular Battery Models and Prices

‘Base’ Batteries are known for its rugged design and prolonged performance. ‘BASE’ company has 25 years’ experience in battery manufacturing.

‘Base’ has named its Tubular Battery for Inverter application as ‘BT series’ (Base Tuff). The company also has another model called ‘Nebula Tall Tubular Batteries’.

Base Tuff tall tubular” has 30 months full replacement warranty and “Nebula” has 48-60 months full replacement warranty on selected models. (I didn’t mention about prorate warranty as it is not a big deal)

Base Battery models – Some clarification

As ‘Base’ has very wide range of models for inverter application, normal consumers would get easily confused to select a right model that suits their requirement and budget.

So, we want to make it clear for our readers. Here we try to list out the Tall Tubular and Regular Tubular battery models available in ‘Base’.

Particularly, Here we deal with Two famous Models from Base – ‘Nebula’ and ‘Base Tuff’

Nebula Tall Tubular battery models and warranty chart

Base nebula tall tubular

Model AH @ C20 Full Replacement Warranty Official Price
BN 1500 115 48 months (48+12*) Rs.15520
BN 3500 135 48months (48+12*) Rs.17440
BN 5000 150 48 months (48+12*) Rs.19350
BN 8000 180 48 months (48+12*) Rs.21130
BN+ 11500 115 60 months flat Rs.15170
BN+ 13500 135 60 months flat Rs.18430
BN+ 15000 150 60 months flat Rs.20270
BN+ 18000 180 60 months flat Rs.21497

48+12 months warranty means – 48 months full replacement warranty (You get a new battery replacement for free) – plus 12 months warranty indicates Prorata warranty.

Prorate warranty means; you will get some discount on new battery purchase (probably 25%).

So, we can consider only replacement warranty as a genuine warranty.

Note: Store prices will be 12 to 15 % less than the official guideline prices announced by the company. So, note the prices listed above and calculate the correct price yourself.


‘Base Tuff’ Tubular Battery – TALL Models

base tuff tall tubular

Base has only two TALL models in its ‘BT series’ (Base Tuff), they are


Model Ah @c 20 Full Replacement Warranty Official Price
BT 2000 200 ah 30 months (30+6*) Rs.18280
BT 500 150 ah 30 months (30+6*) Rs.15370

Note: Again, don’t panic on seeing the official prices listed above, you could get up to 15% discount from the official price list.


‘Base Tuff’ Tubular battery – Regular size Models

base tuff regular tubular

Model Ah @ C 20 Full ReplacementWarranty Official Price
BT 14000 140 ah 24 months (24 + 24*) Rs.13680
BT 16000 160 ah 24 months (24 + 24*) Rs.14600
BT 18000 180 ah 24 months (24 + 24*) Rs.17050
BT 400 135 ah 18 months (18+18*) Rs.11900

24 months full replacement warranty + 24 months Prorata warranty

If your battery fails during Prorata warranty period, the company won’t offer you brand new battery replacement, rather than company offer you some discount on new battery purchase (probably 25%)

Prices listed above are official price list from the company, don’t afraid, you could get discount up to 15% or more from the above listed prices.

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Bargain and get the best deal!

If you have any doubts, feel free to post in comment box, Existing users of this models could share experience by posting it in comment box, it would be helpful to other users.

  • Chandu

    Dear admin,
    Why are you not responding to question on Ask Admin section ?

    • admin

      Dear Chadhu,
      We try to answer each and every query, sorry for the delay!

  • Sudh

    I got quotation of Luminous 875VA (sine wave)+ Base tuff 135Ah, price quoted 18,400.00 is it worth?

    After bargaining he is ready to give just Rs. 500 minus.

    17900 (inverter+battery)
    Total – Rs.19300/-

    Please tell me how low I can bargain for honest deal.
    Please reply

    • admin

      Dear Sudh,

      Here i give some guide line price for the products you preferred

      Luminous 875 VA Sine wave inverter – Rs.5500/-

      Base Tuff 135 ah Regular Tubular model Battery – Rs. 10700/-

      – Rs.750/-

      – Rs.1000/-
      Total – 17950/-

      Your dealers Price quote for the same configuration – Rs.19300/-

      Difference amount – Rs.1350/-


      This is cheating, he is trying to convince you by reducing the installation charges.


      • Mahima

        For 10 hr backup with load of 2 fans and 4 cfl, which AH battery is suitable and also which one to choose from Base tuff/ Base tuff tall/ Base nebula.
        I have a mictotek inverter

        • admin

          Dear Mahima,
          We recommend Base Tuff BT 500 (150 ah) Tall tubular battery

          • Mahima

            Thanks for the suggestion but which one to choose from exide mega 1500 and base tuff BT500.

          • admin

            Dear Mahima,
            Exide mega Inva is also a good choice for inverter, it has three years full warranty.

            Life expectancy: 4 years +

            Non-tubular battery with very thick positive plates.

      • sudh

        Thank u so much for your suggestion. I tried to bargain based on your price ..He said the transportation and dealer to dealer changing increases the price. I am from Mangalore and finally he agreed for 18800/- , but I ended in giving round figure 19000/- for his neat work and timing response.

        • Admin

          Thanks for sharing your experience with our visitors.

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    I live in lucknow and want to purchase best battery can u provide me some dealers contact number……