Advantages of Tubular Batteries


Tubular batteries are better than normal batteries; I hope
you people know this fact. Then what’s the big deal?

I don’t want to confuse you by pouring more and more technical details on you. I just give some
precise points and you decide whether you are going to buy it or not.


1. Tubular batteries last longer for 5 to 15 years under proper maintenance condition.

2. Highly reliable compared to normal flat plate batteries.

3. The spine of Tubular Batteries are made using High pressure HADI casting method which ensures long life even under heavy temperature and rough usage.

4. Perform consistently under any conditions hence suitable for sensitive and heavy applications.

5. Faster charging is one the notable feature in Tubular batteries.

6. Low maintenance – No need to top-up with distilled water frequently.

7. Long Standby life compared to flat pasted plate batteries.

8. Recommended for UPS inverters

  • Neeraj Kumar

    Very good information Admin. Thanks.

  • Sunil

    Dear admin
    I am looking out to purchase tubular battery 150ah for home purpose, I checked with battery manufacturer who gave me this specificayion about there battery environment friendly (heated battery) and rest about its size and weight. When asked about type if its gravity, low pressure or high pressure tyep casting to which they replyed both high pressure and low pressure, I am not a technical person to judge his comment regarding using noth type of casting in vattery. Kindly guide me, which obe should I go for to buy