10 Points to say ‘NO’ for cheap inverters!

How Cheap Inverters Spoil Your Battery?

‘Cheap Inverters’ – I mean low cost, local made inverters/UPS.

Assume that you have Branded Exide battery and Low cost Local made Inverter combination for your home power back-up, we always insist our readers to invest on branded inverters instead of cheap local brands. Here we are going to list out all the problems you could face if you have the above configuration.

Reliable Inverter brands available in India are very limited and the numbers not even cross the single digit in count. Just Imagine how big the numbers of counterfeit products and cheap low quality products with outdated technology in manufacturing UPS / inverters.


10 Points to consider before you choose Local made cheap inverters!

Local made cheap inverters does not have smartly programmed microchip to control the charge current at various stages of battery charging, they simply supply same amperage and voltage right from the beginning to end of the charging schedule. Sometimes it seems like the inverter charges the battery very fast, but it definitely kills the battery in long run with its high charging current and overcharging.

Cheap inverter sometimes fails to cut off the charging current even after the battery attains the full charge level, this may lead to battery explosion or failure.

Unlike branded inverters, local inverters does not have short circuit protection, over charge protection, reverse polarity protection and MCB switch to safeguard the electronic gadgets connected to it.

Premature Battery failure due to bad control in battery charging.

High maintenance cost.

Frequent failures of components inside the inverter make it unfit for long term use.

No availability of service at your doorstep.

More Prone to failure on occurrence of lightning attack or high voltage from grid.

Switchover time greatly varies and not reliable like branded inverters, this causes rebooting in computers and Smart TV’s attached to it. Simply not suitable for computers.

Kills your cell phone battery with its worst waveform of current (even it is labeled as Pure sine wave).

Top 5 Home UPS/inverter Brands in India

  • Microtek
  • Sukam
  • Luminous
  • APC
  • Mahindra Powerol

  • Manohar


    My requirement is three tube lights + three fans + a laptop. Which invertor/battery combination suits my requirement?

    Thanks in advance,

    • admin

      Dear Manohar,
      An 850 VA pure sine inverter and 150 ah battery would be a good combination to handle your load preference.

      We recommend

      Sukam 850 va shiny model inverter(pure sine wave) with Sukam 150 ah Big Tall tubular battery (inquire about this combination to your nearest sukam dealer.

      Sukam dealer locator

      We recommend this combination too

      Microtek Pure sine wave Inverter model UPS SEBz850 VA – Rs.5000/-

      Exide Invertor Plus semi tubular model 150 ah – Rs.11,000 to 11,500/-

  • Manohar

    Thanks for the quick response. You mentioned in the other threads that Exide battery is better. Do you think Sukam battery is also good and how many years of life expected out of this battery?


  • Manohar

    Thank you very much. “Reasons to Choose Sukam Tall Tubular Battery & Inverter” is really helpful.


  • chels

    Dear Sir,

    For a 2 hr power requirement, with a APC inverter 650 , can you pls suggest a suitable battery
    1. APC 120 ah battery,
    2. or Exide IT400
    3. or Amaron CR1500

    My primary requirement is safety and health. as i have little child at home. i prefer a battery which is non polluting and environment friendly.


    • admin

      Dear Chels,
      We recommend

      Exide IT 400 Inva Tubular Tall Battery


      Exide Mega Inva 100 ah is also a good performer and most suitable for 650 va inverter.