What is Hybrid Solar Inverter?

A Home Inverter with inbuilt solar charge controller is normally named as Hybrid solar inverter.

With this type of inverter, we can charge our Battery with both grid power and solar power. Not simultaneously, but priority will be given to solar power by default, we can override the settings manually. This inverter automatically uses grid power to charge our battery when sunlight is not available or very cloudy atmosphere.

Shall I use the Hybrid Solar UPS when battery is being charged by solar panels?

Some visitors would ask whether they could use the current from solar panels for utility while the battery is being charged by solar panels.

Yes you could.

If your solar panels are generating 400 watts per hour, then you should limit your usage below 300 watts per hour to keep the system running.

If you continue using above 400 watts, your battery will go down, and your inverter will switch back to grid power instantly. If power cut occurs during this moment, then you might end up in unavailability of current supply from both grid and solar until the battery reaches certain limit of charge status or the grid power supply gets restored.

Why this model is different from solar inverters common in USA and Australia

Hybrid solar inverter is now getting famous in India; this hybrid solar inverter type is very rare in Australia or USA where home solar power generation is very common more than in India.

Their solar inverters don’t have inbuilt chargers, they only convert the DC power from battery bank into AC current for utility. Battery bank is charged by separate solar charge controller which regulates the power from solar PV modules and maintains the battery charge status at optimum level.

Hybrid solar inverters available in India are most sophisticated than normal power inverters used in USA.

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