V-Guard Pure Sine Wave Inverter Models available in Market


V-Guard, an Indian company which doesn’t needs any introduction. V-Guard has entered in to UPS Inverter market recently.

The Company has introduced both Sine wave and Square wave Models in Market. Sine wave models are safeto operate all type of loads, it’s superior to square wave inverters, ask your dealer for sine wave inverters.

V-guard square wave models are named as “pseudo sine wave” or Digital inverters; this is nothing but SQUARE WAVE inverters. Be cautious in buying inverters.

Some Facts about Square wave

A snap shot from V-guard site

square wave

Pure Sine wave Models are named as “DU Series”inverters.

Range of Pure Sine wave inverter models

1. DU 600/600 PLUS – 600 VA Inverter

2. DU 800/800 PLUS – 800 VA Inverter

3. DU 1400/1400 PLUS – 1400 VA Inverter

DU 600is suitable for small family with 3-4 members. Compatible with PC, Fan, Tube Lights, CFl

DU800is best for Normal home use. Compatible with kitchen mixers, RO water purifiers, ½ hp water pumps.

DU 1400 is for Power Users or joint family with more than 10 members. This inverter needs two batteries to operate.


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