V-Guard Pseudo Sine Wave Inverter Models available in Market


V-Guard, the leading company in stabilizer manufacturing in India has introduced two variants of Inverters in Indian market.

One is pure sine wave and another one is Pseudo sine wave. As we have already told in our previous articles, pure sine waveis the safest wave form for any type of appliances we use in our daily life.


Pseudo sine wave is nothing but Square wave.

Square wave inverters are low cost and affordable. Compatible with ceiling fans, cfl’s, and tube lights. But not safe for sensitive appliances laptop chargers, LED TV’s and any other induction loads.

But Leading inverter manufacturers like su-kam, v-guard are claiming that their square wave inverters are safe for LED TV’s and other sensitive electronic appliances, but we don’t recommend square wave inverters for PC, Laptops chargers, LED TV’s, washing machines and some sensitive gadgets.

I didn’t mean to say square wave Inverter is useless. I am sure that square wave inverters will fulfill the expectation of budget conscious people who can’t afford more money for pure sine wave inverter.

Tube lights, Ceiling fans and CFL lamps will work perfectly with square wave inverter. I think these three are the most used electrical appliances by common man.

V-Guard Square wave inverter models available in Market

1. Ei Power 600/600 plus – 600 VA Inverter

2. Ei Power 800/800 plus – 800 VA Inverter

Ei Power 600 is suitable for small family. This inverter is suitable for two bedroom flats.

Ei Power 800 is good for Normal use. Can operate Kitchen Mixer, TV, Ceiling Fan, Tube and CFL


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