Two New Inverter Models from Exide – an overview

After a long gap, the battery manufacturing giant Exide has unveiled two new inverter models in its Home UPS series.

So, to avoid the confusion, Exide has renamed its existing successful pure sinewave inverter model as

“Exide Premium Pure Sine Wave UPS” (inverter with LCD display)


Two New Models

Exide has launched two new inverter models for Home use,

Here we go,

1. Exide Xtatic Home UPS system (pure sine wave)

2. Exide Eco Home UPS system (Quasi Sine Wave)

Exide Xtatic Home UPS


One of the models newly launched is ‘Exide Xtatic’, which is pure sine wave inverter, ideal for home use.

Actually this one is a low cost pure sine wave inverter from Exide.

This inverter has no LCD display

But in terms of technology, it somewhat fulfills the need of an end user. It is equipped with ASIC technology, which adjusts the battery charge current according to the battery condition. This results in better battery life.

It also has a battery electrolyte level indicator, which helps us to maintain the battery regularly by water toppings.

Exide Xtatic Home UPS is a good choice for home use with sensitive electronic gadgets like LCD, LED TV’s, Laptops and computers.

But still Exide Premium Sine wave UPS wins the race with some minimal differences.

Exide ECO Home UPS system

exide Eco inverter

Few years back Exide has started manufacturing Home UPS systems in India, since the very beginning Exide has manufactured only high quality Pure sine wave inverter models.

Besides the heavy competition in market, Exide did not compromise with the quality and did not want to manufacture square wave inverters, which is low cost alternative for pure sine wave inverters.

But now it seems like Exide has decided to compete with Microtek, luminous and Sukam in the low cost square wave inverter market.

Yes, Exide has now unveiled a Quasi Sine Wave inverter model called Exide ECO

What is Quasi Sine Wave? Is it equal to Pure sine wave?

Quasi Sine wave is a current wave form which is more or less equal to Square wave current.

It cannot be compared with Pure sine wave.

We do not recommend using square wave inverters for sensitive electronic gadgets. Example: LCD, LED, Laptops, Desktops, water pumps, Mobile charging etc.

Exide ECO inverter is a good low cost inverter for normal home use (for non-sensitive gadgets).

If you want power backup only for few tube lights and ceiling fans, you could choose Exide Eco Home UPS.

Available VA Ranges

Exide Xtatic and Exide ECO Home UPS systems are available in three different variants.

1. 650 VA (max load-450 watts)

2. 850 VA (max load-580 watts)

3. 1450 VA (max load-1000 watts)

650 VA and 850 VA are single battery systems and 1450 VA variant is double battery system, which means, it needs minimum two 12 v batteries to operate.

How to Choose the best suitable variant?
If you want to use kitchen mixer with your inverter, we recommend buying 850 VA or 1450 VA inverter.

If you want your Fan and tube lights to run without any irritating humming noise, better you choose pure sine wave inverter model.


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