True Power Square wave Inverter Model: Z series

true power square wave

True Power Square wave Inverter is a Low cost solution for Power Cuts. The wave form of this inverter is Quasi Sine Wave, this wave form is nothing but Square wave.

Those who want cost effective solution for Power outages may opt this Inverter. This inverter can operate 1 TV, 2 Fan and 3 CFL lamps at a time. With 100 Ah battery this inverter could run for 2.5 hrs. on full load.

Model: Z123

Make: True power

Wave form: Square wave inverter

Some Features of True Power Z123 Inverter

Automatically adjust charging voltage for aging batteries to avoid damage to the battery.

No load shutdown. If there is no load for 8 hrs. continuously, the inverter automatically shuts down to save battery power.

Battery Deep discharge protection.

Low noise compared to other branded square wave inverters.

Compatible with Computers. Fast switch over in UPS mode.


We do not recommend our readers to use computer with this inverter for long time. This inverter is suitable for Ceiling fans, Tube lights and CFL lamps.

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