True Power Pure Sine wave Inverter Model available In Market


True Power, a Delhi based ISO 9001:2000 certified company has introduced various models of inverters for home and small industrial use. The company’s most popular Pure sine wave inverter for home use is “Saphire Sine Wave UPS”

Saphire True power inverter Pure sine wave model is 850 VA / 12 v (single battery)

This model is available only in 850 VA range



Inverter features

This True Power Saphire inverter charges the the battery at very fast rate @ 15 amp on 220 v mains. This prevents the battery from deep discharge. Microtek 850 va Pure sine wave inverter  charges the battery only @ 9 amp on 220 v mains. ( Lead acid batteries should not be charged above 15 % of its Ampere Hour Rating)

This TPSW 850VA/12V inverter recharges the battery which accidently goes under 5v dc due to some power outage. No other leading brand inverters have this feature.

This inveter can handle the load of kitchen mixers, tube lights, Fans, CFL lamps, PC, Laptops and LED TV’s.


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