Top 5 Inverters Trending in India – Most Searched

Preparing a Top 3 chart in UPS and Batteries is always challenging, but now it is now little bit easy with the help of ‘Google Trends’.

Google trends – It is an amazing facility, through which we can track the popularity of a particular ‘search term’ for a certain period.

Comparing the popularity of Leading UPS manufacturers using Google Trends

Now with the Help of Google Trends, we decided to track down and compare the popularity of leading UPS manufacturing companies in India.


Top 5 inverters trending in India

Top 5 Inverter Companies Trending in India – The Most searched in Google

  1. Luminous Inverter
  2. MICROTEK Inverter
  3. Exide Inverter
  4. SuKam Inverter
  5. Amaron Inverter

1. Luminous Inverter


Luminous continues to rule the Home UPS market and the data shows that it takes a clear lead in 2016. So, Luminous is the most searched inverter in India (2014 to 2016).

This company’s flagship inverter model is “Luminous Zelio”

2. Microtek Inverter


Microtek comes second to Luminous. By the end of 2015, Microtek Inverter holds the No.1 position for few months, but Luminous takes it back in 2016. Aggressive marketing and wide service network throughout the country helps Microtek to hold its position tight.

3. Exide Inverter


Battery manufacturing giant Exide is strongly making its way into UPS market, now holds the third position in most searched inverter in internet.

Though Exide is very popular in battery segment, the company is just five year old in making inverters. Now Exide is gaining popularity in Home UPS segment, the chart shows the popularity of Exide Inverters in India.

Making use of its phenomenal battery dealer network, Exide is easily pushing its inverters into the market.

4. Su-Kam Inverter


Sukam, one of the leading UPS manufacturers in India, holds the fourth position in most searched inverter in India.

They continuously upgrade their products and release new models every year.

5. Amaron Inverter


Amaron Home UPS is getting popular in last two years. Amaron is popular in battery segment and they are using their battery dealer network to promote their Home UPS.

Surprisingly, Amaron beats APC Inverter and holds the fifth position in the list of “most searched inverters in India”

Google Trends – Top 5 Inverters in India – Embeded Graph

How it works?

We used specific search terms (Example. “Luminous Inverter”, “sukam Inverter” etc) to exactly find out how popular they are in Home UPS field.

Using specific search term is necessary to get the right data, for example, you should use the Search term ‘Exide Inverter’ instead of ‘Exide’. If you use the search term ‘Exide’ to compare the popularity of Exide Inverter with Luminous Inverter, you would end up with different data that includes the search score for the term “Exide Batteries”, which will show a big difference.

We carefully did this comparison and we also want to tell you that this ranking is purely based on the data we get from Google Trends.

Once again we confirm that this ranking is not related to the actual sales volume of the companies listed in this post, it may be different. This data only reflects the popularity of UPS brands in internet search for last two years in India.



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