Su-Kam’s New Solar Compatible Tubular Battery – Review

Sukam has recently launched a new Tubular Battery Model ‘Warrior++’ 150Ah. Sukam already has another tubular battery model with the name ‘Warrior’.

This ‘Warrior++’ tubular battery model carries 48 month long warranty.

(This New Model ‘Warrior++ ‘should not be confused with the old model)

Sukam Warrior ++ Tubular

Sukam solar compatible Tubular Battery – Warrior ++

Yet another Tubular Battery in the market?

I know you might be thinking that, “Yet another tubular battery” in the market. But I don’t think so.

One thing that surprised me is the new label “Solar Compatible Battery” seen in the box and C20 Rating chart printed in the battery.

They also recommend this battery for their Hybrid Solar Inverter model “Brainy Eco” which is a Home solar UPS model.

Usually, for solar applications, we need tubular batteries with high discharge rating like C10. For solar applications, most solar installers would recommend C10 batteries specially made for solar applications.

But the Tubular Batteries which we buy for normal Home use are C20 rated batteries. That doesn’t mean that we should not use C20 rated batteries for Solar application.

Tough tubular battery models like Exide IT500 super can be used for solar applications. At the same time, using Entry level tubular batteries for solar applications is strictly not recommended.

Why it is not recommended to use Normal Tubular batteries for Solar application?

Solar panels will not generate constant current all day, it may go up and down according to the weather conditions. This intermittent power generation and unstable situation will pose a challenge to the battery connected in the off grid solar power system.

Most Entry level Tubular batteries designed for Home UPS systems will fail to perform well if connected with solar panels.

Even the battery manufacturing giant Exide is using

High pressure casting,

High quality alloy,

Micro porous separators and

Perfectly made ceramic vent caps

For their Solar C10 rated batteries which are approved for solar applications.

Why Sukam Tubular ‘Warrior++’ is a Two in One battery?

As I already said, only batteries that are made with very high quality components will survive for long period if used for solar applications.

In this model, Sukam gives 48 month long warranty and also they approve this model to use with solar panels.

This shows the confidence of the company in this particular model.

This battery is a good choice for normal home ups systems as well as Hybrid Solar Home Ups systems.

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