Sukam Trojan Inverter Battery – Price and Review

India’s leading power back-up solutions provider ‘SU-KAM’ has unveiled ‘Sukam Trojan Inverter Battery’ model ‘INV 150’ in tie-up with ‘Trojan Battery Company’, a famous brand in USA and Europe.

About Trojan Battery Company

‘Trojan’ is an 85 year old company Head Quartered in Santa Fe California, with lots of experience in manufacturing word class deep cycle batteries for various applications.

Trojan batteries are famous for Golf cart, Fork Lifting machines, JCB’s and other heavy arduous applications. More than 90% of Golf carts in US are equipped with Trojan batteries for its reliability, performance and longevity.

Not only in Europe and America, Trojan is available worldwide and it is known for its state of the art Technology in battery manufacturing.

Trojan Batteries are available in 120 countries.

Why SU-KAM – Trojan tie up?

Sukam is already manufacturing deep cycle batteries in a large scale, then why this tie-up?

This question may rise in your mind when you get to know about this new venture of Su-kam.

Su-kam is known for its product innovation, the company is the first to introduce DSP (digital signal processing) technology and MOSFET technology in Home UPS systems in India.

Su-kam always want to bring some world class technology to Indian Market, the company has done it several times with its UPS systems and Solar Products which we are enjoying now.

Being a fast growing company, su kam has lot to learn with an 85 year old company like ‘Trojan’.

As a first step to upgrade its battery manufacturing technology and to compete with battery manufacturing giant ‘Exide’, sukam has made a tie-up with Trojan Battery.


Features of SU-KAM Trojan Inverter Battery – INV 150

Sukam Trojan Inverter battery is available in 150 ah capacity

The battery design and colour resembles the original Trojan battery models available worldwide.

This battery has passed severe BCI and IEC test standards.

Very less frequent distilled water top-ups compared to tubular battery.

Unlike other bulgy deep cycle batteries, Sukam Trojan INV150 Battery is small and compact, fits in to any small space. 351x181x 283mm (LxWxH)

Price is cheaper when compared to battery service life.

Little Monster – Smaller in size, bigger in performance

Light weight – Just 39 KG, compared to 52KG of Exide Mega Inva 150ah.

Best in class high charge accepting ability, no other flat plate battery could match it, thanks to Trojan’s T2 Technology

Long Warranty – 3 years

Sukam Trojan inv150 has 3 years replacement warranty + 12 months prorate warranty which best in class warranty for flat plate deep cycle battery available in the market.

Life Expectancy

Its long warranty itself is the witness for its longevity.

This battery would last long for 4 to 5 years comfortably, which is almost equal to the expensive Exide IT500 tall tubular battery.

Of course, the battery has the same 36+12 months warranty just like Exide IT500.

But we do not want to compare this battery with Exide IT500,

Exide IT500 specs says that the battery would last long for 1250 charge cycles @ 80% depth of discharge, but Sukam Trojan inv 150 specs shows that it would last long for 800 cyles @ 80% depth of discharge.

This battery could be compared with Exide Mega Inva 150 ah and Exide Inva smart 150 ah battery models. They too have 3 years full replacement warranty.

But Sukam Trojan INV150 has extra 12 months prorate warranty.

Prorate warranty is not useful in case of battery failure during prorate warranty period, they will give you some discount on new battery purchase. But this 12 months prorate warranty shows the manufacturer’s confidence on the battery’s reliability and longevity.

Is Flat Plate battery inferior to Tubular?

Not exactly,

Especially this statement does not applicable to Sukam Trojan Inv 150 inverter battery which is built with word class technology.

Normally, the performance and life expectancy of an inverter battery is decided by


Active material



Life cycle

This battery has patented Alpha Plus paste which ensures sustained performance and longer battery life.

Specialized technology used in this battery holds the active material for longer time and reduces shedding, which results in longer battery life, that’s why they are offering such a long warranty for this battery



Grid Design of INV 150 – Inverter Battery

You might have seen some drop in performance in most flat plate batteries during heavy load; this is due to the inability of withholding higher current during heavy load

But sukam Trojan Inv 150 is equipped with very thick grids as shown in the picture, which ensures heavy load handling capacity.

In our point our point of view, this is not just a Flat Plate Battery, it outperforms so many Tubular battery models in the market.


Is this battery applicable only for Home UPS / inverters?

NO, unlike other flat plate batteries in the market, this ‘Inv150’ is not limited to home inverter use,

This battery can be used for Home UPS, Solar applications, and wind turbines and for heavy industrial applications.

Pricing and Availability

Su-Kam Trojan – INV 150 – Inverter battery costs around Rs.11700/- to dealers. Retail Price may be little higher than this dealer pricing.

Anyhow, this battery is affordable for Home Users who loves world class products for trouble-free long-term performance.

Potential competitor for this battery – Exide Mega Inva and Inva Smart 150 ah Cost around Rs.13500/-

This battery is now available in Delhi and Chandigarh, very soon we can expect it in every part of India.

Those who want to inquire about this battery can contact Sukam Distributor in Delhi and Ambala – Mr.Karthik 9811897315


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