SF Sonic Home UPS/inverter – Review

SF sonic is an Exide company, manufacturing wide range of batteries for different applications.

SF Sonic has launched its Home UPS recently with better features compared to some other inverters in the market.

After receiving some request from our readers, we decided to review SF Sonic Home UPS,

Here we go!

Sf Sonic Home UPS is available in 3 common variants

650 VA

850 VA

1450 VA

Among these three variants, 650VA and 850VA are 12v systems (single battery inverter)

1450 va is 24v system, need two batteries to operate.


Features in SF sonic UPS

DSP based (digital signal processor) pure sine wave inverter.

Equipped with ASIC technology – Better battery charge management technology gives better life to battery.

Built with PWM (pulse width modulation) charging system which gives quick charging and avoid frequent water loss.

In UPS mode the change over time is 8 msec, which is very useful to connect desktop PC and no more reboots during power cut.

Manual By-pass switch provided at the back panel is useful during battery maintenance.

LCD Display

This is very useful feature in SF sonic UPS, which we cannot find in leading inverters in the market.

The LCD shows the

Battery voltage

AC mains input voltage

Connected load in percentage

With this LCD panel we can manage the inverter better during heavy power cut conditions, the inverter shows the amount of load connected to inverter in battery mode, so that we could limit of usage during prolonged power shedding.

We could also track the low voltage from grid with this LCD panel.

With battery voltage in LCD, we could roughly calculate the remaining back up hours.

Two Modes for Battery charging

SF sonic inverter has two options for charging the battery, Normal mode and High charge mode.

Normal mode charges the battery with 9A current and High charge mode charges the battery with 13A current.

13 Amp High charge current is useful to quick charge the battery during intermittent power cut situation.

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