Price trend of Luminous UPS and Exide Battery in Punjab


Hi admin,

I live in Ludhiana, punjab which is known for powercuts of 3-4 hours daily.

I m planning to buy luminous sine wave 1500va inverter along with 2 exide IT500 or Inva master Tall tubular 150 ah IM10000 BATTERIES.

The inverter will run alongside a generator in summers and independently in winters. The price being quoted are

Exide Inva Master


Price of Luminous Sine wave inverter 1500 va = Rs.6000/-

Price of Exide Inva Master Tall tubular 150 AH battery (model: IM10000) = Rs.11000/-

Exide Inva Tubular (150 AH Tall) model: IT500 = Rs. 13900/-


Which one will u recommend?


Rishi Sharma



Dear Rishi,

Luminous sine wave double battery inverter is a good product, and I’m sure it will suffice your requirement.

You didn’t mention the model; Luminous has retired all its old model inverters and introduced new models. Even though the old models perform well, we recommend purchasing new model Luminous inverter

Luminous Eco Volt 1500 VA is a good choice!

Price quoted by your dealer is reasonable and it is a fair deal.


About Battery selection,

Exide Inva master Tall tubular 150 ah is new arrival, affordable and good enough to handle any kind of rough situation.

Exide IT500 is the best seller and most reliable battery model available in the market. But the price is little bit on the higher side and not budget friendly battery.

But the price of inverter batteries in Punjab is pretty low compared to most other parts of India.

If you have no budget constrain, just go for IT500.

Inva Master Tall Tubular is also so rigid and good performing battery, better than most other leading Tall tubular battery models from rival brands.

Hope this Helps!


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