PCB Replacement for Old HomeUPS/inverter – 5 Benefits

# I Own Microtek UPS SEBz (3 year old) – But not getting good backup – My new battery also requires water toppings frequently – Why?

You inverter is three year old. There might be some problem in the circuit board.

Microtek has upgraded all its components in the PCB of UPS SEBz model in recent years, the new PCB is now more advanced than before.

We strongly recommend to change the PCB in your inverter. (PCB means Printed circuit board)

It’s a simple process that needs hardly 20 mins to complete.

A new PCB-Printed circuit board (full set) for Microtek UPS SEBz 850 va would cost around Rs.1200 (including service charge),

All you need is to call your nearest microtek dealer, and ask him for PCB replacement.

Dealer might confuse you with different reasons for low back up, slow battery charging, overcharging and overload problem in your old inverter, just ignore it and ask him to send microtek service engineer to your home for PCB replacement.

home ups PCB

# Is this applicable only for microtek Inverters or shall I try it with my old sukam inverter?

This is applicable for all branded inverters

Inverter should be at least 3 year old

If your inverter is few months old and not stable, you could try replacing PCB.

By replacing the PCB in your home ups, you could get the following benefits

1. Solution to low battery backup problem

2. Better charging current and quick recharge of battery during intermittent power shedding.

3. No frequent distilled waters toppings required for battery. Correct cutoff voltage for low and high battery charge status.

4. Better load bearing capacity in battery mode.

5. Better battery life assured.

Give it a try, just Rs.1200

That’s it!


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