MNRE approved solar panel companies in India – For Subsidy

People may heard about MNRE (Ministry of new and renewable energy)

Under ‘JAWAHARLAL NEHRU NATIONAL SOLAR MISSION’, from 15 march 2012, our government has announced a 40% subsidy (previously it was 30%) for small solar panel installations. These subsidies are disbursed through NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development).

Additionally it also offers loan for small solar panel installations  (with subsidy). Only a small share is to be borne by the borrower. The loan period will be 5 years.

But all these benefits from government will be available only if we buy solar panels and other components from the MNRE approved manufacturers.

This is to make sure the quality of solar panels to abide with BIS standards.

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On 14.06.2013, MNRE has released a list of 33 companies that are approved for this subsidy scheme.

Each company in this list has a nationwide dealer network; MNRE also provides the list of dealers separately in a PDF document. That is a very large list that cannot be published in a sing le post.

So, here we furnish the list of 33 Manufacturers approved by MNRE for subsidy scheme.

If you want to apply for 40% subsidy for your solar panel installation in your home, make sure that you are buying solar products from one of these manufacturers.

List of Solar Panel Manufacturers approved by MNRE for Capital Subsidy Scheme (14.06.2013)

1 Agni Power & Electronics Pvt Ltd, Kolkata

2 Ammini Solar Pvt Ltd,Kerala

3 Andromeda Energy Technologies Pvt Ltd

4 BEL, Banglore

5 Communications and Systems Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon

6 Emmvee Toughened Glass and Photovoltaics Private Limited,Banglore

7 Environ Energy – Tech Service Ltd. ,Kolkata

8 Chloride Power Systems & Solutions Limited (Exide Industries Limited), Kolkata

9 Gautam Polymers Group,New Delhi

10 Hilite Enterprises, Lucknow

11 Jaiswal Battery Service, Lucknow

12 Kirti Solar, Kolkata

13 Maharishi Solar Technology Pvt ltd, New Delhi

14 Kotak Urja Pvt ltd., Bangalore

15 Orb energy, Banglore 16 REIL, Jaipur

17 Ritika Systems Pvt.Ltd.,NOIDA

18 Sanarti Incorporated , New Delhi

19 SELCO Solar Pvt Ltd., banglore

20 Sigma Steel & Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata

21 Su Solartech Systems (P) Ltd. Chandigarh

22 Sun Energy Systems, Anand, Gujarat


24 Coenergy Energy Systems (India) Pvt LTd

25 TATA Power Solar System Ltd., Bangalore

26 Thrive Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

27 Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd. , Kolkata 28 Vimal Electronics, Gandhi Nagar

29 Jain Irrigation System Ltd.,Jalgaon 30 MIC Electronics Ltd. , Hyderabad

31 Easy Photovoltech pvt Ltd, Ghaziabad

32 SG Enterprises, Ranchi

33. Pearl Enterprises, Pune

NOTE: This information is got from MNRE website on 14.06.2013, there might be some updates available there. So please check the MNRE official website for more detail on this.


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