Microtek 600VA UPS Price

Microtek is the largest inverter selling company in India, not only India; it also exports Inverters to African countries.

People always very keen to know the price details of electronic gadgets online. But the Price details you find on internet may vary from your local stores, so it’s wise not to rely on internet alone for knowing the price of the electronic items you buy.

So, I didn’t mean to say “all prices you see on internet are false or inaccurate “. Some of them may be very useful for readers when buying goods online, but not all.

Why do prices on websites vary very much?

That’s because of tax issues. The VAT may vary from state to state in India and the transport charge also plays a vital role in price increase.

How reliable is the Price List in this Site?

We don’t post any prices without doing a market research. We just ask quotation from top dealers in city and talk to them directly and ask for best price again, finally we post it in our site.

Prices may vary in small towns compared to cities.

Price List

Microtek 600 VA square wave inverter Price – Rs. 3500 /- to 3800/-

Microtek 600 VA Pure sinewave inverter price – Rs 3800/- to 4000/-

(600VA inverter is sufficient for family with four members. Compatible with Computers, Not recommended for mixie or grinder)

(Prices for inverters only – Battery should be purchased separately and electrician and wiring charge should be added)


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