Mahindra Powerol Inverter Battery–Pros and Cons

Mahindra has recently started its journey in power backup solutions market in India. The Company has introduced its lead acid battery models specially designed for use with Home UPS/inverter systems.

Normally the other companies in the same market has a very wide range of models to choose between, but Mahindra produce produce only limited range of batteries.

NO Tubular Batteries Available!

People who wants trouble-free long-life batteries would obviously opt for tubular models. But Mahindra has no tubular model batteries for now, may be they have planned for one in future.

At Present Mahindra Powerol has Semi Tubular model batteries which is available in six different ‘AH’ rating.

Powerol battery

Mahindra Powerol Inverter Battery Models

Model AH rating
MPF 88 88
MPF 110 110
MPF 120 120
MPF 135 135
MPF 150 150
MPF 190 190

The Battery has 2 years Full warranty, in case of any battery failure problem you can contact the Mahindra Powerol Toll Free Number: 1800 41 91 999 (free call)


Mahindra battery has good finishing  with jaw dropping appearance.

Good quality Battery Plates.

Less water loss and no need for frequent water toppings.

Ceramic Vent Plugs Provided  – Safe to Place in Living Room.


Non availability of Tubular Models

High price at some dealer outlets

Not available through Online

Limited VA ranges only available. NO 80ah, 165ah and 200ah available.

Only two years warranty. (Exide mega has 3 years warranty)

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